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Sound & Vibration

Sound & Vibration

Model No. Product Product
MB-2200M10 Ultraminiature Microphone yes
MI-1235 1/2-inch Microphone/ Preamplifier yes
MI-1271M12 TEDS Microphone yes
MI-1271 1/2-inch Microphone/ Preamplifier yes
MI-1433 1/2-inch Microphone/ Preamplifier yes
MI Series 1/2-inch Measurement Microphone yes
MI-6420 3D Type Sound Intensity Probe  
NP-2000 Series Accelerometer yes*2
NP-3000 Series Accelerometer yes*2
VX-1100 Vibration Calibrator yes*2
SR-2210 Dual Channel Sensor Amplifier    
PS-1300 3-ch Sensor Amplifier  
CH-6130/6140 Charge Converter yes*2
MI-1531 1/4-inch Measurement Microphone yes yes
MI-3140 1/4-inch Microphone Preamplifier yes yes
MI-3111 1/2-inch Microphone Preamplifier yes yes
MI-3310 1/2-inch Microphone Preamplifier yes yes
LA-4441 Precision integrating sound level meter (Class 1) yes yes
LA-1411/1441 Integrating sound level meter (Class 2) yes yes
LA-7500 Class 1 Sound Level Meter High Performance type yes
LA-7200 Class 2 Sound Level Meter High Performance type yes
GK-4110G10 Impulse Hammer (Large type)   yes
GK-2110 Impulse Hammer (Ultra compact type)   yes
SC-2500/2120A Sound calibrator   yes
NP-7310 High sensitivity tri-axial Accelerometer with Built-in Preamplifier
(tri-axial ultra compact type)
yes*2 yes
GK-3100 Impulse Hammer (General purpose usage)   yes
DR-7100 Portable data recorder yes yes
LV-1800 Laser Doppler Vibrometer yes yes
VC-2200/3200 Vibration Comparator yes yes
MI-8100 Directional Microphone   yes
MI-5420 Sound Source Visualization Probe Microphone   yes
CH-1200A Charge Amplifier   yes
LV-7000 series Laser Doppler Velocity Meter no no
*1 See catalog "LA-5570/5560/2560 "
*2 See catalog "NP Series "
*3 See catalog "MI Series "
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