This product has been discontinued. DS-0324 will be the successor

This software can analyze and display the signal power of noise and vibration as 1/6, 1/12, 124 real-time octave band. Simultaneous analysis from 0.701Hz to 17.20kHz (1/24 octave) can be performed. Also the DS-0224A can measure the following four values simultaneously; maximum value, minimum value, power average value and power sum value.

*DS-0223 1/1, 1/3 real-time octave analysis software is required.

Analyzed signal: pink noise

Data display (1/6 real-time octave analysis)

1/6 real-time octave analysis


Data display (1/24 real-time octave analysis)

1/24 real-time octave analysis


Applications for Tracking Analysis

(1) Analysis for noise characteristics in automobile passenger compartment
(2) Analysis for sound pressure characteristics of acoustic products
(3) Compressor noise testing
(4) Noise testing of outdoor air conditioners
(5) Low-frequency sound analysis
(6) Measurement for environmental noise and vibration
(7) Measurement for traffic noise
(8) Handheld tool vibration measurement


Frequency Range 0.732 Hz to 21.36 kHz(1/6 octave)
0.711 Hz to 20.75 kHz(1/12 octave)
0.701 Hz to 17.20 kHz(1/24 octave)
Applicable channel 2 channels in unit: Each channel can be selectable.
4 channels in unit: Only the odd-numbered channel can be selectable.

(ex. Channel 1, 3, 5, 7 can be available when 4 channels + 4 channels in unit.)

However, the data which is recorded with throughput disc function does not have the above restriction. (Sampling frequency and number of channels are restricted.)

Requirements of PC Pentium II 400 MHz, Memory 128 MB, HDD 6 GB or more

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