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Replaced by Sound and Vibration Analysis system O-Solution DS-5000 (Click here)

Data Station

DS-3000 series

Sound and Vibration Real-time Analysis System


DS 3000 series Sound and Vibration Real-time Analysis System can perform real-time analysis of noise and vibration generated from products in various industries such as vehicles, railroads, home appliances and environmental equipment including wind power generators.


"Immediate reference of the required analysis screen" and "easy checking of the measurement conditions", such quick and easy responses are one of the most important needs for on-site measurement.


The DS-3000 series exactly satisfies the needs of on-site measurement with the system that has both the hardware at overwhelming processing speed and the software with easy handling.


The DS-3000 series Data Station is a PC-based FFT Analyzer with high functions and high performance. This FFT Analyzer has two times or more of real-time analysis capability compared to the existing model the DS-2000 series, having the high-speed calculation performance, reliability, and user-friendliness based on our accumulated experience.

Supporting USB 3.0 enables fast data transmission by connecting a commercial cable for USB 3.0. Available up to 32 channels of simultaneous recording in audible frequency (20 kHz), with a dynamic range 110 dB max. (40 kHz unit only).

There are two types, 40 kHz unit and 100 kHz unit. The former one excels at measurement of acoustics and vibration, the latter is good at ultrasonic wave and frequency characteristic measurement.

In addition to multi-channel simultaneous measurement with a wideband frequency range, various acoustics· vibration analysis software can be used with the DS-3000 series. Wide variety of application of the DS-3000 series makes a great contribution to the problem solution at your measurement site.


Major features

1. Speedy!

Fast real-time processing & multi-channel recording with USB 3.0

· Supported up to 64-ch of data recording at 20 kHz range (audio frequency band)

· USB cable connection available

· Supported both USB3.0 and 2.0, you can automatically distinguish by the indicator on the front panel.

2. Easy

Software designed placed a high value on on-site measurement

· You can immediately check the measurement waveform.

· Measurement conditions can be changed while checking the screen.

· Commonly-used setup items can be placed as tabs on the window.


3. Flexible

Up to 128-ch measurement system by "FRAMELIMK 2"



FRAME LINK2 can temporarily build up a multi-channel measurement system by connecting units of the DS-3000 series with exclusive cables and box. Up to four units (128 channels) can be connected.




FRAME LINK can temporarily build up a multi-channel measurement system by connecting units of the DS-3000 series with exclusive cables. Up to two units can be connected. Not only connecting two DS-3200 series each other, but also connecting the DS-3200 series and the DS-3100 series (previous model). Data transmission can be operated via USB 3.0.



4. Reliable

Simultaneous processing of
real-time analysis and recording

Recording of backup data automatically while performing real-time analysis

--- The following options are required.---

For FFT Analysis : DS-0321A + DS-0350

For Octave Analysis : DS-0323 + DS-0350

For Tracking Analysis : DS-0321A + DS-0322 + DS-0350

DS-0321A  : FFT Analysis
DS-0322    : Tracking Analysis
DS-0350    : Recording
DS-0323    : 1/1·1/3 Real-time Octave Analysis


This stylish measurement instrument satisfies the measurement needs on site

DS-3000 Esufeel


USB3.0 Interface

Greatly improves transmission speed and accessibility


Front panel

LED color tells the type of the connecting USB, USB 2.0 or USB 3.0.

Rear panel

USB 3.0 connector is mounted on.

Signal level LED

A line-type LED is adopted to enhance both visibility and aesthetic functionality.



BNC connector

The interval between connectors has been expanded, and JPJ connectors can be attached to all channels.


Large protector

This protector spaciously encloses the chassis and protects the unit from unexpected contingencies in the field. Easy to carry design is also advantageous.



Unit connection function : FRAME LINK2 /FRAME LINK



”FRAME LINK 2”?Eprovides flexible building of multi-channel measurement system only by connecting units of the DS-3000 series via cables and Unit connection box (DS-0394), unit connection USB HUb (DS-0393).
Up to 4 units of the DS-3000 series are able to be connected (max. 128-ch).
The function has been greatly improved compared with FRAME LINK (existing model).
* DS-3100 not supported


■The following options are required.
·Unit connection interface : DS-0392A
·Unit connection box : DS-0394
·Software (FFT Analysis Function) : DS-0321A * It does not operate with license of DS-0321 only.
·Unit connection interface cable : AX-9035 (0.75 m) /9036 (2 m)
*Interface cables with different lengths cannot be used together.




FRAME LINK can temporarily build up a multi-channel measurement system by connecting units of the
DS-3000 series with exclusive cables. Up to two units can be connected.
Not only connecting two DS-3200 series each other, but also connecting the DS-3200 series and the DS-3100 series (previous model).
Data transmission can be operated via USB 3.0.

■The following options are required.
·Unit connection interface : DS-0392 (For DS-3200), DS-0391 (For DS-3100)
·Unit connection interface cable : AX-9035 (0.75 m) *AX-9036 (2 m) cannot be used.


*Unit connection function (FRAME LINK / FRAME LINK2) supports only 40 kHz unit of the DS-3000 series.

Software(Standard function)

Easy to use "Self-made"window <Custom Window>

· Commonly-used measurement setup items can be placed as tabs on the window selected from the configuration window. It enables quick checking or changing of measurement conditions.


· Up to three tabs can be made depending on a measurement object or user. Just selecting a tab makes easy and quick measurement on site.


· “Hide?Eor “Show?Eof a custom window can be selected.

Click to enlarge

Easy to see <Graph Window>

Various types of measurement waveform, such as time waveform, frequency spectrum are displayed on this area. Multiple window display up to 60 screens (8 x 8) available

Click to enlarge

Flexible graph layout <Graph layout select button>

Layout of multiple display graph is easily set on the screen.

Click to enlarge

Easy average processing of tracking data<File averaging function>

This function averages the tracking analysis result for each file.
For example, the average value for data measured five times is automatically calculated.

Equation operation function

You can perform the channel to channel operation of the measured data. Numerical formula can be setup freely.

It also can perform composition of tri-axial acceleration data, and multi-channel sound level averaging with ease.

Click to enlarge

Mouse gesture function





This function enables various operations including enlargement of X-scale and adjustment of Y-scale only with a mouse. The band or gain you want to measure can be enlarged or reduced the size with ease and intuitive action.

Data transfer to the OS-2000 series with a single-button operation

  • · Data recorded on the DS-3000 series Data Station can be immediately transferred to the OS-2000 series
      with a single-button operation, which facilitates detailed analysis and data comparison.

* All the orf data or records are transferred even in the case of continuous recording.
* Offline data of the DS-3000 series can be transferred to the OS-2000 series.
* DS-0350(recording function) is required.
* DS-3000 series software version :2.2.6 or later
* OS-2000 series software version: 2.7.0 or later

Optional Software(DS-3000 series)



This software resolves time-axis waveform into each frequency, and observes the level of each component.

This software helps to observe the resonance frequency and observe the frequency component of sound with more attention.


rotation-tracking diagram

Campbell plot

3D array display

Color map

Measurement setting window


When analyzing sound and vibration generated from various rotating objects, it is important to know at which rotating speed they will increase.
By recording rotation speed information (pulse signal) and signal of sound and vibration simultaneously, you can analyze the level of each component on the rotation speed basis.


1/3Octave Analysis(DS-0322)

1/3Octave Analysis(DS-0323)

1/6Octave Analysis(DS-0324)


"One octave" represents a doubled frequency, and the sound in the upper band is "a sound that sounds twice as high." The human ear has a logarithmic characteristic with respect to frequency, and the Octave Analysis is compatible with the characteristics of this ear.
Generally speaking, 1 / 3 Octave Analysis with 1 octave divided into 3 is often used for sound analysis.



The DS-0325A Tripartite graph function enables you to read out three amplitude values (acceleration: m/s2, velocity: m/s, and displacement: m ) of the specified frequency at the same time in real time.




The DS-0342 measures the transfer function (frequency response function) of control circuits and mechanical structures with high accuracy.

Optional Software: O series

DAT browser TRC browser DAT browser TRC browser


Various choices for acoustics/vibration applications.

(Click the image below to see the each software information.)



Overview Specification

  DS-0362/0364 (for 40 kHz unit) DS-0366 (for 100 kHz unit)
Number of input channels DS-0362 : 2 ch
DS-0364 : 4 ch
2 ch
Input connector BNC (C02 type)
Input impedance 1 MΩ ±0.5 % 100 pF or less
Input format Single-ended Isolated single-ended
Input coupling DC or AC (-3dB, 0.55 Hz or less)
Isolation -Insulation of each channel (continuous)
Dielectric strength voltage between inputs and input/output: 50 Vrms
Sensor power current +24 V/4 mA
Cable disconnection detecting function Detects cable disconnection when using CCLD
TEDS (* Note) IEEE1451.4 (Ver. 0.9, Ver.1.0) accelerometer, microphone

IEEE1451.4 (Ver.1.0) power sensor

Sound filter A and C frequency weightings
IEC 61672-1:2002 Class1
ANSI S1.4-1983 TYPE1
JIS C1509-1:2005 Class1
Input voltage range -40 to +20 dBVrms (7-range, 10 dB-step)
Absolute maximum input voltage AC 70 Vrms, for one minute (50 Hz) AC 50 Vrms, for one minute (50 Hz)
Residual offset voltage -20 to 20 dBVr range:-60 dB F.S.
-40 to -30 dBVr range:-40 dB F.S.
0 to 20 dBVr range:-60 dB F.S.
-40 to -10 dBVr range:-45 dB F.S.
Input level monitor

Lights up in red LED at excessive input.

Lights up in red for 95 % or more of a range F.S.

Frequency range DC to 40 kHz DC to 100 kHz
A/D convertor 24 bitΔΣ type 16 bit
Dynamic range 110 dB or more (40 kHz range, 0 dBVr range, analysis for 2048 points) 90 dB or more (at -10 to 20 dBVrms range)
70 dB or more (at -40 to -20 dBVrms range)
Amplitude flatness ±0.3 dB or less
Full scale accuracy ±0.1 dB or less (at 1 kHz) ±0.05 dB or less (at 1 kHz)
Amplitude linearity ±0.0015 % (with respect to F.S.) ±0.015 % (with respect to F.S.)
Channel-to-channel Cross-talk -100 dB or less (at 1 kHz)
Channel-to-channel gain accuracy ±0.3 dB or less (in the same range) ±0.05 dB or less (DC to 20 kHz)
±0.1 dB or less (20 kHz to 100 kHz, in the same range)
Channel-to-channel phase accuracy ±0.4° or less (up to 20 kHz)
±0.8° or less (20 kHz to 40 kHz)
 *Will be separately defined when unit connection by FRAME LINK. when unit connection
±0.3° or less (DC to 20 kHz)
±0.7° or less (20 kHz to 100 kHz, in the same range)
Digital filter   FFT aliasing filter
· Base-band: 10th order ellipse
· Zoom: 6th order eclipse

  Real-time octave band filter
 · 6 order butterworth : IEC61260-1995 Class1

Monitor output Output as the standardized signal by input voltage range.
When an acoustic filter is used, the output is the signal which passed through the filter.
Monitor output terminal φ3.5 stereo mini jack φ3.5 monaural mini jack (×2)
Monitor output voltage 1 Vrms F.S. ±1.0 % with respect to input range (with 1 MΩ load) 1 Vrms F.S.±1. 0% with respect to input range (with 1 MΩ load, at 1 kHz)
Output impedance Approx. 33 Ω
Outer dimensions 257 mm (W)×28 mm (H)×180 mm (D)
Power supply voltage Rated DC 15 V (10.5 to 16.5 V)
Supplied from a main unit
Operating temperature range 0 to 40 °C (with no condensation)
Storage temperature range 10 to 60 °C (with no condensation)
Weight 0.9 kg or less
CE marking Applicable

* DS-0362 can be used with the DS-0364 in the same system.
* DS-0362/0364 cannot be used with the DS-0366 in the same system.
* DS-0364 can be connected to up to 8 units (32 channels).
* DS-0366 can be connected to up to 2 units (4 channels).
* Software for DS-3000 series (model name: DS-03xx) can be used for both 40 kHz and 100 kHz units.
* Software for DS-2000A series (model name: DS-02xxA) can be used for only 40 kHz units. (cannot be used for 100 kHz units.)

* Note: If a TEDS supported sensor made by other companies is used, TEDS information may not be read depending on the type of a TEDS tip included in a sensor.

             1. If you are considering the purchase of a TEDS sensor made by other companies, please consult to the manufacturer or dealer of the TEDS sensor,
             and perform the operation check.

             2. When you want to use a TEDS sensor you already have with the TEDS supported measurement instruments made by Ono Sokki,
             please perform the operation check with a demonstration product of Ono Sokki.
            (Please consult your nearest distributor or Ono Sokki sales office nearby.)


Operating Environment

Interface DS-3200
Required to be equipped with USB3.0 interface and two or more of USB ports. (communication and license key)
* USB2.0 can also be used. (USB3.0 is faster than USB2.0.)
OS (Operating System) Microsoft® Windows® 10 version 21H1 SAC Pro(64-bit)
Other editions such as Enterprise, Education, Enterprise 2019 LTSC, etc. need to be discussed individually.
Recommended specification CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 or more
Memory : 4 GB
* When FFT-A analysis mode of FFT Analysis function(DS-0321A) is used
CPU : Intel® Core™ i7 or more
Memory : 8 GB
OS : 64-bit
Hard disk : 1 GB or more free space
Display : 1920×1080
Optical drive that can read DVD-R and CD-R when installing and updating.
Minimum specification CPU : Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2 GHz
Memory : 2 GB
Hard disk : 1 GB or more free space
Display : 1280×1024
Optical drive that can read DVD-R and CD-R when installing and updating.

*Please note that the DS-3000 series do not work properly when compatible mode or Microsoft® Virtual PC etc. is used on the OS other than the above.
*This system may not operate properly due to the physical shape and the influence of other installed software and peripheral devices etc.
  even if the PC that meets the requirements of the operating environment is used.
* The DS-3000 series operates on Windows® 7 64-bit by means of a compatibility mode with 32-bit (WOW64).
*When using in the environment with FFT-A analysis mode / 64CH or more, select a PC with CPU performance of Intel® Core ™ i7-7500U processor or higher.

Product list


Model name Product name
DS-3200 Main unit
DS-3202 2ch 40 kHz main unit
DS-3204 4ch 40 kHz main unit
DS-0362 2ch 40 kHz input unit (for channel addition)
DS-0364 4ch 40 kHz input unit (for channel addition)
DS-0371 1ch signal output module for 40 kHz unit (built-in)
DS-0372 2ch 40 kHz signal output unit
DS-0366 2ch 100 kHz band input unit
DS-0373 1ch 100 kHz band signal output unit
DS-0374 Addition function option (built-in the DS-0373)
DS-0392A Unit connection interface(for DS-3200)
DS-0393 Unit connection USB Hub (for FRAME LINK2)
DS-0394 Unit connection box (for FRAME LINK2)
DS-0395 Remote controller (cable length: 2 m)
AX-9035 Cable for unit connecting interface (0.75 m)
AX-9036 Cable for unit connecting interface (2 m)
AX-9041 USB cable (2 m)
CC-0025 Soft carrying case (up to 3 stages)
CC-0026 Hard carrying case (up to 3 stages) * Inside dimension of PC storage part: 273 x 335 x 55 mm
PS-P20017D Large size AC adapter

*100 kHz-unit and 40 kHz-unit cannot be assembled in a same system.
* Unit connection is not available for 100 kHz unit.
*The maximum system configuration; DS-3100+(DS-0366AE+(DS-0373AE(input 4ch, output 2ch)
*The DS-0377 cannot be added to a system without the DS-0366.
*The DS-0374 can be used only with the DS-0373, and is built into the main unit.
*FAN is installed to the rear of the unit in the system of 5 or more units in 40 kHz unit system (including a main unit) .
*FAN is installed to the rear of the unit in the system of 4 or more units in 100 kHz unit system (including a main unit) .
*Large size AC adapter is required when 5 or more units are assembled.
*Hardware can be added after delivered as an option. (Additional fee is required for the modification. Please contact your nearest distributor.)

ONO-LINK3 cable· unit connecting interface (exclusive for the DS-3100)

Model name Product name
DS-0396 ONO-LINK 3  (for desktop PC, PCI Express)
DS-0397 ONO-LINK 3  (for notebook PC, PC card)
DS-0398 ONO-LINK 3  (for notebook PC, Express card)
DS-0399 ONO-LINK 3  (for desktop/notebook PC, USB)
AX-9031 I/F cable for ONO-LINK 3 (1.5 m)
AX-9032 I/F cable for ONO-LINK 3 (3 m)
AX-9033 I/F cable for ONO-LINK 3 (10 m)


* DS-0321 (L) or DS-0323(L) is required to use DS-0322 (Tracking analysis function).

* File export function (DS-0251A) is included in DS-0350 (Recording function).

* The number of channels available is limited when the DS-0324(1/N Real-time Octave Analysis Function) is used online.
  The two channels of left side are available when the DS-0364 (4ch input unit) is used.

Software for professional use

Model name Product name
DS-0225A 3D Sound Intensity Analysis Software
DS-0227A Field Balancing Function

 *The software for the DS-2000A series can be used with the DS-3000 series hardware.

Related System

DS-3000 series Combustion Analysis System

This software calculates various combustion parameters using cylinder pressure signal of the engine in combustion state; pressure increase rate, heat generation rate, polytropic index which analysis is based on the crank angle, indicated mean effective pressure, combustion period angle, etc. The combustion parameters of reciprocating type gasoline engine, diesel engine can be measured. Various data processing suitable for engine conformance test are covered such as calculation of the indicated mean effective pressure, knock detection as well as the engine start/stop test. Compact and lightweight body allows to be used either portable use or on-vehicle use.

See more information to click here

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