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Flexible data-edit from huge amount of data



OS-2000 series have been received well as time-series data analysis software which can perform flexible data-edit from huge amount of time-series data. The OS-2000 series can handle original format of other company's recorder and general-purpose formats of CSV and WAVE. In addition, simultaneous display, layout and overlapping can be performed smoothly without restrictions by the kind of data format or the number of sampling frequency.

Simultaneous display of different data formats, freely layout and overlapping

Waveform of different sampling frequency can be displayed simultaneously.

The lower waveform in the right figure is sampling frequency ten times higher than the upper waveform.

As well as simultaneous display of entire waveform and enlarged waveform, wide ranges of editing function are also provided including cutting out.

You can optionally divide waveform and remove unnecessary time data.

Capable of direct reading in original data format of various measurement devices


Binary data of each device made by TEAC, HIOKI or YOKOGAWA can be read directly without data conversion to text format.
The OS-2000 series are expected to further practical use on various measurement scenes in combination with such measurement devices. (Please click a banner to open each company's website.)

TEAC HIOKI E.E. Corporation Yokogawa Electric Corporation Yokogawa Electric Corporation

* Applicable models are as follows


File format
Extension / applicable model

*In case of the TAFFmat format, a .dat file created simultaneously is required.

TEAC: AQ-VU file
*The image size is the same as the one output by the AQ-VU viewer software.

([DR-C, DR-F/M, DS]series, GX-1, LX-10/20 ,LX-110/120, es8, WX-7000series, VR-24)

(Please refer to the each manufacturer's website, etc. for more details.)

(Please refer to the each manufacturer's website, etc. for more details.)

*Files created by the real-time save function and external sampling data are excluded.

(MR8880, MR8875, MR8870, MR8847, MR8847A, MR8827, MR8741,/MR8740, 8870, 8861-50/8860-50, 8861/8860, 8855, 8847, 8842/8841, 8835-01, 8826, 8808,/8807)

(Please refer to the each manufacturer's website, etc. for more details.)

* Works for files of up to 2 GB of data.
* Sampling frequency is 20 MHz or less.
* In the case of the WVF format, a .hdr file created simultaneously is required. Either WVF or WDF format data are created depending on the model.
* SL1000 file is read at the highest sampling rate.

([DL750 , DL850, DL850E, DL9000, DL7400, DL1700, DL1700E, DL1600]series ,WE7000, SL1400, SL1000, DLM2000, DLM4000)
(Please refer to the each manufacturer’s website, etc. for more details.)

Meidensha MEIDACS file
    *Applicable to the high measurement or continuous
    measurement data measured by ver.3.0 or later.
    *Average measurement data file cannot be read.
    MEIDACS-DY (6100P/6200P/6300P/6400P/6500P/6600P) series
IPG Automotive ERG file
    *ERG file is applicable to Type 2


    Simulation Software
    (CarMaker/ TruckMaker/ MotorcycleMaker)

• ASCII file
• WAVE file
• MOVIE file
• EXCEL file
• MDF file
• UFF file
• DS/CF file
• DS-0328 file
• ORF file
• AU-4100A file
• VARTS-Ⅱ file
• FAMS file
• KY-1000 file
• MCU file
• WS-5160 file
• TEAC Corporation TAFFmat file
• TEAC Corporation AQ-VU file
• HIOKI E.E. Corporation MEMORY HiCORDER file
• Meidensha Corporation MEIDACS file
• Yokogawa Electric Corporation WVF/WDF file
• IPG Automotive ERG file


Signal processing Waveform analysis Data editing Custom
• Simple operation
• Moving average
• Event counter
• Search value extraction
• Time axis calculus
• Level adjustment
• F/V converter
• Inter-channel calculation
• Resampling
• Hilbert transform
• Taper processing
• FIR filter
• IIR filter
• Effective value calculation
• Fluctuation sound simulator
• Basic statics analysis
• 2 variable analysis
• Frequency analysis
• Standard frequency analysis

• Standard frequency analysis EX

• Cross frequency analysis
• Cross frequency analysis EX

• Constant width tracking analysis

• Time frequency analysis
• 1/N octave analysis
• Sound quality evaluation
• Speech intelligibility
• Fluctuation sound analysis
• Channel setting
• Signal type setting
• Merged file generation tool
• File merge tool
• Waveform generator tool
• Statistical processing
• OC-1300 controller
• Playback (OSRECO)
• Recording (OSRECO)
• Signal calibration
• Graphic equalizer
• Parametric equalizer
• Non-time series graph
• Synchronizer

• Recording condition setting

• Meter
• Continuous automatic analysis
• Combustion anaysis monitor
• Video monitor


• AVI file
• CSV file
• MDF file
• ORF file
• UFF file
• WAVE file
• TDMS file



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