FFT Analyzer (standalone)/ FFT Comparator

A Portable FFT analyzer that can be operated without a PC. Easy to use with only the hard keys and/or touch panel operation. At the various measurement site such as development, quality control fields, and pass/fail judgment on the production line, you can select the best measurement solution.

FFT Analyzer (with PC)

A PC-type FFT analyzer with high performance and advanced functions that can analyze vibration and sound in real-time, and measure the transfer function (frequency response function) of control circuits and mechanical structure with high accuracy.


Software that analyzes signal processing such as FFT and 1/N octave with an FFT analyzer.

Portable Data Recorder For Acoustics & Vibration

A portable recorder that can record time-series data of sound and vibration on site quickly, reliably with ease and high accuracy.

Combustion Analysis System

A system that calculates and analyzes engine combustion parameters at high speed based on data such as internal cylinder pressure, ignition/injection timing signals, and engine/fuel specifications.

Time-series Data Analysis Software

Software that allows you to freely edit and analyze large amount of time-series data. It can be easily handled from general-purpose formats such as CSV and WAVE formats to data formats of various recorders. It supports a wide range of sampling frequencies, thus you can simultaneously compare and analyze various data such as temperature, torque, rotation speed, sound, and vibration.

Multi-functioned graph creating sofware

Software for creating various graphs and reports such as multi-axis graphs, 3D/4D graphs, and color maps. You can layout axis freely on a graph by dragging mouse and create graphs that are difficult to create in Excel.