Provide essential measurement and testing environments needed for the transformation in automotive development including electrification and MBD.
Contribute to improve the efficiency of automotive development by promoting bench testing and improving its operation rates.

Laboratory Automation

We provide the software necessary for bench measurements such as condition monitoring,
data collection, test automation, and control of various equipment. We also support a variety of work scenarios to improve system availability and provide applications that support remote work.

Measurement control system


Automotive Test System

It contributes to improving development efficiency by performing system verification of HV units and NVH evaluation of electric units on the bench. We have a lineup of equipment that can be evaluated, from single units to vehicles.

Vehicle test bench




Automotive Measurement and Analysis Tools

There is a lineup of measurement tools necessary for elucidating sounds and vibrations phenomena and analyzing energy flow. We not only help with measurement, but also contribute to reducing noise, improving riding comfort, and improving electricity consumption and fuel efficiency.

Sound and Vibration Analysis system

Combustion Analysis System

GPS Speedometer

Sensors / Measurement Equipment