• We have positioned the preservation of the environment as a top-priority management issue and actively contribute ourselves to the development of the society giving sufficient consideration to environmental conservation and resource protection in any field of our business activity.

    1. Considering always the environmental influence which is caused by the production and service of data processing equipment, tachometer/speedometer, digital gauge, torque meter, several measuring instrument for automotive industry which are our business activities, we contribute the society in the field of the measuring instrument of acoustic/vibration and proceed the protection against the environmental pollution.
    2. We actively commit ourselves to resource saving, energy saving, recycling and reduction of waste materials.
    3. We are compliant to environmental regulation and agreements which we consented to.
    4. We commit ourselves to production and technical development considering less environmental burden.
    5. We set environment-oriented aims and goals and implement environmental conservation activity by assessing impacts on environment by our corporate activity. We review the aims and goals on regular basis and revise if necessary.
    6. In order to increase positive environmental effects, we will make improvements in our business activity on an ongoing basis.
    7. We set up environmental control committee, implement environmental check up and revise environmental management system continuously.
    8. We familiarize all employees with our environmental policy and work for awareness-raising activities on environment.
    9. We contribute ourselves to regional community through environmental conservation activities.


    Environmental Aims (2008-2012)

      Items Aims
    1. Products Develop and provide eco-oriented products.
    2. Energy saving Act for themes of energy saving to set up on a constant basis.
    3. Activities and operations
    (positive environmental aspect)
    Make improvement on our business operation from the view point of environment.


    Four “R”s

    Refuse Cut off redundancy
    Reduce Reduce waste
    Reuse Reuse what is still usable
    Recycle Reuse as a resource


    Jan. 1995 Obtained certification of quality system, ISO 9002 at Utsunomiya factory.
    Mar. 1996 Obtained certification of quality system, ISO 9001 including development and design at Technical Center, Head Office.
    Sep. 1997 Became the first government-designated manufacturer of sound level meter in Japan
    Oct. 1997 Obtained certification of ISO 14001, which is the standard of environmental management.