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Instruction manual and outer dimensions files are provided in PDF format.
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  • The dimensions are subject to change without prior notice. (The dimensions in the newest brochure may differ from those on our website). Please make sure that you download the appropriate models.
  • Download time may differ depending on the file size and Internet connection speed. As a rough guide, we have provided a file size of each PDF file. File sizes are displayed on the right side of the PDF file name column in the table.
  • Some of the different models share the same outer dimension file if their external dimensions are exactly the same.
  • Some outer dimensions are displayed with options, such as SS series Torque Detector attached with MP-981 revolution detector.
  • We apply our company tolerance policy as mentioned below, when the dimensional tolerance is not provided.


Nominal dimension (L : mm) Dimensional deviation (mm)
Under 30 ± 1.0
30 -120 ± 1.5
120 -315 ± 2.0
315-500 ± 3.0
00-1000 ± 5.0
Over 1000 ± (5.0 + L × 0.2 %)