Ono Sokki Co., Ltd. and its domestic subsidiary (hereinafter "the Company") recognize that we are obligated to appropriately handle and safeguard personally identifiable information (hereinafter "personal information); we endeavor to protect such personal information according to the following policy.

1. Appropriate uses of personal information

When the Company acquires personal information, we will inform or disclose the purpose of use to the customer, and handle the personal information in accordance with that purpose. We do not use personal information for any reasons beyond the stated purpose of use without the customer's consent.

2. Nondisclosure of personal information to third parties

With the exceptions of joint use for group business operations and outsourcing, The Company will not disclose personal information without the customer's consent. However, this does not apply where necessary for adherence to laws and ordinances, protection of human life and property, and cooperation with government institutions such as the police and courts.

3. Responding to inquiries regarding personal information

The Company will respond to inquiries from customers concerning personal information within a designated point of contact.

4. Safe management of personal information

The Company will take necessary security measures to prevent loss, tampering or unauthorized disclosure of personal information in its possession.

5. Staff and employee training

The Company will conduct training and awareness programs so that our staff and employees will understand the importance of handling personal information properly.

6. Compliance with laws and regulations relating to personal information

The Company handles personal information in accordance with the laws and regulations that relate to personal information.

7. Continuous improvement of personal information protection practices

Continuous improvement of personal information protection practices The Company will continuously review and improve upon efforts to protect personal information.

Please refer to Guideline for Personal Information Protection on website.