Software operating environment (Windows)

The list shows the version of Windows 10 on which the operation of our software products have been confirmed.
The listed software products are compatible with Widows 10 Pro SAC Edition.
Please contact us about the other edition such as Enterprise, Education, Enterprise 2019 LTSC.

* For the compatible OS, please check the specification and operating environment on each product.

* Note that the Hardware will not operate normally, if you start the OS ( operating system) on the OS that is not specified by Ono Sokki using the compatibility mode, Microsoft® Virtual PC, etc.

* Even when a personal computer meets the conditions for the operation environment, this system may not operate normally due to the physical shape or influence of other software installed or peripheral devices

* Some restrictions may be applied due to the end of the OS support period.


Last update 16/3/2022

Chargeable Installer

Model Product name Windows10 Remarks
BF-3200 series 4ch Beamforming Sound Source Visualization System 21H1 BF-3200/BF-0310
DS-0328 Combustion Analysis software 21H1 DS-0328/DS-0328T/DS-0329
DS-2000A series software Analysis software 1709 (Exclusive)
GN-1100 series Noise Testing Software 21H2 GN-1100/GN-0130
LC-8000 series software GPS Speedometer 21H1 LC-8120/LC-8220 他
OS-2000 series Time-series Data Analysis Software 21H1 OS-2700/OS-2710/OS-2720/OS-2740/OS-2760/OS-2770
OS-5100 series Sound and Vibration Analysis System 21H2 OS-5100/OS-0510/OS-0512/OS-0521/OS-0522/OS-0523/OS-0524/OS-0525/OS-0526/OS-0527
TS-8700 series Torque Station Pro 21H2 TS-8700

Free Installer/ Download

Model Product name Windows10 Remarks
DS-3000 series software Sound and Vibration Real-time Analysis System 21H1 DS-0321A/DS-0322/DS-0323/DS-0324/DS-0325A/DS-0342/DS-0350
OC-1300 series Multi-function graph creating software 21H1 OC-1310/OS-1320/OS-1330/OS-1340

Discontinued products

Model Product name Windows10 Remarks
DS-2000A Analysis software 1709 (General)
DS-0221A / DS-0222A /DS-0223A /DS-0224A / DS-0243A / DS-0244A /DS-0250A /DS-0251A (Discontinued 2018)