TS-8700 Torque Station Pro is torque measurement system for motor basic property with high precision and high response.
In combination with the motor torque detector MT series with the TH series torque detector, it is possible to perform high-precision, high-response motor torque measurement with up to 5.12 kHz sampling and ± 0.1 % of accuracy.
In addition, the high rigidity compact torque detector RH series (10 N・m/ 20 N・m) can be mounted on the MT series. It has achieved more highly accurate measurement with ±0.05 %/F.S.
This system is ideal for measuring torque fluctuations of motors on-board such as EPS motors.

  • Switching function of motor torque detector is built-in.
  • 2 channels as standard, up to 4 channels as options
  • Link function with OC-1300 series, OS-2000 series to help effective data processing from measurement to data organization
  • Various types of detectors (MT series) for the TS-8700 are available to support various motor characteristic measurement
  • Selectable from three series according to the purpose; for high speed rotation motor, large capacity motor, and torque ripple/cogging torque. There are three types including general, high performance and high precision, and 58 models in total.
  • High precision/ high response
  • When combined with the MT detector with the TH type torque detector, the torque measurement accuracy is ± 0.1% and the maximum sampling frequency is 5.12 kHz.
    In addition, a new compact high-rigidity torque detector RH type can be mounted. The RH type torque detector (10 Nm / 20 Nm) is a torque detector that achieves high accuracy (± 0.05% F.S.) and high rigidity (4.5 times that of our existing models). It enables to measure torque fluctuations of motors in a higher frequency range with higher accuracy.

  • Temperature measurement*, temperature trigger measurement*
  • 8ch temperature measurement with a T-type thermocouple, and temperature trigger function are optionally supported. They allow starting measurement automatically after warm-up operation.

  • Rotation angle measurement*, rotation angle sampling*
  • >Rotation angle and angle sampling are measured by using the pulses from encoder built-in a target motor. When an encoder is optionally added to the MT-82 T/M (except certain models) detector for cogging torque/torque ripple measurement, rotation angle and angle sampling can be measured in units of 0.1°.

  • Link function to OC-1300 series Graph creation software, and OS-2000 series Time series data analysis software
  • Data of measurement result can be transferred to OC-1300 series and OS-2000 series immediately by link function. You can transfer data of measurement results by the link button.
    •Efficient and speedy report creation by using a template of OC-1300 series, such as a calibration certificate or others.
    •Data evaluation in same time axis by OS-2000 series
    The torque data measured by TS-8700 and the sound/vibration data recorded by DS-3000 can be evaluated in the same time axis on the OS-2000 series with this link function.
    •Further analysis including FFT analysis can be performed as a secondary processing with the OS-2000 series.

  • Link function to DS-3000 series
  • Using this function, you can make measurement start/stop the DS-3000 synchronizing with those timing of TS-8700.
    (Using EXT SEQUENCE2 as a DS synchronization signal can reduce the influence of the delay in recording start due to communication, compared to Link measurement on a LAN connection.)

  • Data communication with a power meter made by other company*
  • The measurement data of the following four specified power meters made by other companies can be saved digitally via LAN connection.

    • WT1800E, WT300E (WTViewerEfree*1Ver1.42 or later used) : made by YOKOGAWA ELECTRIC
    • PW3390, PW3337 (PW Communicator*2Ver1.7.0 or later used) :Made by HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION

    *:Optionally available
    *1:WTViewerEfree is registered trademark of YOKOGAWA ELECTRIC.
    *2:PW Communicator is a registered trademark of HIOKI.E.E CORPORATION.

  • Freely selectable system component
  • You can select devices according to the torque capacity to be tested or setting place. (Desktop type, Floor type stand with caster, XYZ stage, slide base, V block, L bracket etc.)
    *Device to be selected may be limited depending on models or torque capacity. Please consult your nearest distributor or Ono Sokki sales office.

  • System of Link function to DS series (Data Station) •OS-2000 series (Time-series data analysis) •OC-1300 (Graph creation)

Data example


Graph display of motor characteristics

Calculation display of efficiency
(Required current voltage detector separately)

Graph display of motor characteristic

Can be used in a software for word processing or spreadsheet

Graph display of motor characteristic


Measurement data of torque ripple

Graph display of motor characteristic

Measurement data of Revolution-Torque characteristics

Graph display of motor characteristic

Application example

Measuring torque characteristic of DC motor


· The above example shows how to measure and display as graphs the characteristics of DC motor of torque, rotational speed, current, voltage. The efficiency performed by internal calculation also can be displayed.

· The MT-0710 series voltage/current detector (sold separately) is required.




System configuration

System configuration



Measurement prodedure(Movie)

Measurement procedure of MT-8000 series/TS-8700

Measurement procedure of MT-8000 series/TS-8700



Overview specification

Measurement target DC motor, AC motor (excluding stepping motor)
Measurement parameter Torque, rotation, voltage signal input data, temperature*,rotation angle*,power meter digital input*
Torque input Use signals form Ono Sokki’s exclusive detector (MD/SS,TH/RH/TQ*) , external torque analog input*
Revolution input Use signals form Ono Sokki’s MP-981 or RP series detectors
Analog input 0 to ±10 V DC, 16 channels, 16 bit A/D   Connection cable: customer prepared
Temperature input Type T thermocouple*    T-type thermocouple: customer prepared
Measurement accuracy
Torque** ±0.05 %/F.S.(RH *,TQ *)
±0.1 %/F.S.(TH-1000/2000 *)
±0.2 %/F.S.(MD/SS、TH-3000/H)
Revolution speed** MT-84M/T/R series, MT-85M/T/R series ±0.02 %/F.S. ±1 count
MT-82T (excluding MT-82T15, MT-82T25 ±0.06 r/min
MT-82M, MT-82T15, MT-82T25,MT-82R15,MT-82R25 ±0.02 r/min
Analog Linearity : ±0.1 %/F.S. Or less(1 second average), temperature drift:±0.01 %/F.S./°C
Temperature Conversion accuracy : within ±[0.5 % of span + 0.5 °C {thermosensitive element accuracy}]
Temperature drift : ±0.2 % or less of span to the change of 10 °C

*: Option
**: After N-0 compensation. 1-second averaged value
•Excluding the influence of fluctuation component comes from equipment component and resonance component including the measurement data-target


Computing equation Four arithmetic expression (The operation items can be defined by input signals and existing calculatd data.)
Measurement condition setting

Setting of torque detector, revolution detector

Control method Revolution/torque
Measurement mode: Automatic/manual
Can be saved with a file name.
Measurement function ◎Fixed value
measurement time 2 to 28,800 seconds
Number of data • SS/MD:512/1024/2048/4096/8192/angle Sample
• TH :2048/4096/8192/16384/32768/Sample
• TH high response (available when TS-0871 option installed)
• RH/TQ (available when TS-0882 option installed)
• EXT TRQ IN (available when TS-0873 option installed)
(Angle Sample: available only when manual operation (N) ,
and the measurement time is limited to 60 seconds or 120 seconds.)
◎Sweep measurement measurement time Depending on the number of data.
512 : 2 to 1000 seconds
1024 : 4 to 1000 seconds
Number of data • SS/MD : 512 / 1024
• TH : 2048 / 4096
• TH high response (available when TS-0871 option installed) : 10240 / 20480
• RH/TQ (available when TS-0882 option installed) : 10240 / 20480
• EXT TRQ IN (available when TS-0873 option installed) : 512 / 1024
◎Step measurement Number of steps 2 to 128
Calculated automatically from the upper/lower limit torque or upper/ lower limit rotation speed and step width.
Step time 5 to 100 seconds
◎Pattern measurement Number of patterns 1 to 128
Number of repeat times 1 to 10
Shift time 1 to 100 seconds
Monitor display Numeric value display : Max. 100 items can be displayed simultaneously
Trend display:Time axis display
Graph display

Display by specifying X-axis, Y-axis from the measured data

Graph enlargement/reduction, specifying line color/line width, comment input, text display and text saving on the graph, cursor/peak search function, overlay display function, max. 16 files
Table display List display of measured value, data edition function
Comparator Upper/lower limit of selected items can be specified, max. 4 points to max. 6 items, display and output of judgment result
I/F for MT series detector 2 channels, (4 channels as an option)
Saving measurement results Data saved in an exclusive format or text format
Operating environment of a PC

PC specification that TS-8700 software can be operated on
•CPU Intel®™ Core®i5 or higher (recommended)
•4 GB or more of free memory (recommended)
•HDD/SSD 256 GB or more (recommended)
•Optical drive: Optical drive that can read CD-R for installation or update
•OS:Microsoft®Windows®10 Pro (64-bit) •English or Japanese version • Version 1803 or later

•Display: 1366 x 768 (full wide XGA) or more
•LAN port: Ethernet 100BASE-TX
* Not all the PC satisfying the above specifications are guaranteed to operate. Please supply a PC to check the operation.
Power requirement AC100 to 240 V± 10 %, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Approx.200 VA (AC100 V) or less
Isolation resistance 10 MΩ or more (rated voltage DC 500 V)
Withstand voltage AC 1500 V for 1 minutes
Temperature/humidity Operating temperature range: + 5 to + 35 °C
Operating humidity range: + 30 to + 80 % RH (with no condensation)
Storage temperature range: − 10 to + 55 °C
Storage humidity range: + 30 to + 80 % RH (with no condensation)
Altitude condition etc.

Pollution degree: 2

Installation category: Category 2, indoor use
Max. altitude: 2000 m
With no condensation
Without no corrosive gas
Outer dimensions 420 (W) x 149 (H) x 450 (D) mm or less
Weight Approx. 15 kg
Conforming standard
CE marking Low voltage Directive:2014/35/EU EN61010-1
EMC Directive:2014/30/EU EN61326-1 class 1 Industrial environment
RoHS Directive:2011/65/EU EN IEC 63000
FCC CRF47 Part15 Subpart B class A
MT8M: CE not supported
MT-0100 series, MT-071 series: RoHS not supported
Accessory AC power cord, application CD-ROM, LAN cable (2m)

*MT series detector and detection stand for motor etc are required separately.

* Adjustment fee is separately required for matching to the MT series detector.


TH highly responsive sampling Adds the highly responsive sampling function of the TH detector (supports 5120 Hz)
Analog/pulse output Adds torque/rotation speed analog output, and rotation speed pulse output function.
External torque/analog input Required when the torque control is used in the analog output of the torque detector.
Additional detector interface Connects four or more MT series torque detectors
Interface for BA-910A Required when the BA-910 type power amplifier is used.
Temperature measurement/temperature trigger

Required for temperature measurement.

• Eight connectors (male) for sensor side are provided as standard.
Angle measurement/angle sampling Adds the angle sampling function of external encoders
•Cable side connector (R03-PB8M) is provided as standard.
Link to DS-3000 Links to DS-3000 series made by Ono Sokki
Power meter digital communication Connects to power meter made by other company via LAN, and loads the measurement values digitally.
Additional TQ/RH detector It can connect the TQ/RH series torque detectors.

Last update : 2023/05/08