Corporate Data

Company Name Ono Sokki Co., Ltd. 
Location Head Office: 3-9-3 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama 222-8507, Japan
Representative Person President and Representative Director: Yuji OKOSHI
Founded January 20, 1954
Corporate Purpose 1) Manufacture and sales of electronic measuring instruments
2) Manufacture and sales of applied electronic equipment
3) Manufacture and sales of electronic control systems and related equipment
4) Sales of software for information processing systems related to the above equipment, and provision of engineering service
5) All work related to the above areas
Capital JPY 7,134,200,000
Stock Traded Listed on the Standard Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange
Fiscal Term December 31
Net Sales JPY 10,928,000,000 (FY2022)
Executive Officers
Board of Directors    
President and Representative Director   Yuji OKOSHI
Director   Hitoshi HAMADA
Director   Isao KASAI
Director   Hideaki KOIKE
Director   Norimasa IIDA
(Outside Director)
Director   Iwao KIMURA
(Outside Director)
Statutory Auditors    
Standing Statutory Auditor   Takao KANEKO
(Outside Auditor)
Statutory Auditor   Yasunori FUJI
(Outside Auditor)
Statutory Auditor   Kikurou TUTIYA
(Outside Auditor)
Director and Managing Executive Officer   Hitoshi HAMADA
Director and Executive Officer   Isao KASAI
Director and Executive Officer   Hideaki KOIKE
Officer   Naoki TAKIZAWA
Officer   Takahiro ANCHI
Officer   Tsuyoki MAEYAMA
Officer   Hikaru TUKAKOSHI
Officer   Yushi IWATANI
Officer   Kenichi KOMABA
Officer   Hidetoshi HIDAKA
Officer   Hiroyuki IIZUKA
Officer   Akiko HATA
Officer   Shou MATSUMOTO
Number of Employees
596 (as of December, 2023)

Head Office
Yokohama Technical Center
Utsunomiya Technical & Product Center

Ono Sokki Group [Domestic Subsidiaries]
Ono Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Sound One Co., Ltd.

[Overseas Subsidiaries]
Ono Sokki Technology Inc. (U.S.A)
Ono Sokki (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Ono Sokki India Pvt. Ltd. (Haryana, India)
Ono Sokki Shanghai Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, PRC)