The trouble of rotation machinery is caused most frequently by unbalanced phenomenon of rotating shaft. However, balancing correction on-site is not easy because the conventional vector calculation method with drawing needs quite some time.

The DS-227A is effective way for on-site balancing correction, which software can make complicated calculation and displays the result. Anyone can do the work easily in a short time.

The parameter of initial unbalance, phase, trial weight, trial data, correction weight and position, confirmation data can be stored as text file. The 1st order vibration will become large when the unbalanced phenomenon is caused. Furthermore, varying rotation speed with unbalance is very dangerous because of generated resonance.


Balancing mode: 1-plane 1-condition/1-plane 2-condition/2-plane 2-condition
(Rotational 1-speed/Rotational 2-speed)
Applicable rotation speed 100 to 48,000 r/min
Corrected position Correction weight’s position is displayed at divided angle format
Applicable equipment:

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