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Multi-Channel Data Station
DS-2000 Series
Windows 7 64-bit version

Photo (DS-2000 series Multi-channel Data Station)

The DS-2000 Series is a B5-paper-size signal analysis system that weighs as little as 2.5 kg and has achieved the top level of downsizing and lightening among its counterparts in the same class.
It analyzes data accurately and securely through 24-bit A/D conversion over a 100-dB dynamic range, primarily in the application fields of sound and vibration. As a PC-based measurement system, it plays the dual role of data recording and analysis, and readily supports the creation of reports on measured data.

In addition to being lightweight and small in size, this new type of data station offers excellent performance, functionality, and scalability, and as a result can be used easily in the field to perform highly accurate analyses.


  • The top level of downsizing and lightening (weight: 2.5 kg, B5 size) among other instruments of the same class has been attained.

Ono Sokki's continued pursuit of both performance and portability has realized a powerful but light (2.5 kg) and compact (B5: 7" x 10") instrument. It enables precise measurements at the site without requiring a large system back in the lab.

  • The throughput disk function enables the direct recording of waveform data onto hard disk for subsequent offline analysis.

The throughput disk function(*) captures raw data and stores it directly on the hard disk of the PC. You don't need a separate device for data recording any more. The file export function(*) enables export of data in a variety of formats like WAV, DADiSP, etc. The off-line analysis software allows analysis of the captured data on a PC without connecting the DS series hardware. The data can be processed with several applications simultaneously on a PC.

*: optional

  • The adopted stack structure supports expansion to a maximum of 32 channels.

Up to 11 units including 9 input units can be combined together to build an instrument with a maximum of 32 input channels. Each unit is just 3 cm high. If you buy it in a simple configuration today, you can upgrade it later according to your need.

  • Twenty-four-bit A/D conversion has been adopted, enabling a dynamic range of 100 dB to be achieved.

The 24-bit A/D converters used in the DS-2000 enable higly accurate and secured measurements. A wide dynamic range of 100 dB is guaranteed.

  • Measured data can be compiled into reports easily.

The data captured or analyzed can be output in a variety of formats like MATLAB, UFF, TXT, etc, enabling further processing using commercially available software.



Operating environment OS: Windows 2000, XP, VISTA
Connection with PC: PCI BUS, PCMCIA (Card Bus)
Number of channels 2 to 32
Input terminal BNC (with or without constant current supply), CCLD (TEDS) (* Note)
Current supply for sensors 2 or 4 mA
Input voltage range -40 to 20 dBVr (in 10-dB steps)
Frequency range DC to 40kHz
A/D conversion 24 bits
Dynamic range 100 dB
Power supply voltage 100 to 240 VAC (used with an AC adapter or a AC power supply unit)
Power consumption 15 to 80 VA
Cooling method Air cooling without blower (up to 8 channels)
Operating temperature 0 to +40°C
Outer dimensions 257mm (W) x 74 to 344mm (H) x 182mm (D)
Weight 2.5kg (2- or 4-ch configuration)

* Note: If a TEDS supported sensor made by other companies is used, TEDS information may not be read depending on the type of a TEDS tip included in a sensor.

1. If you are considering the purchase of a TEDS sensor made by other companies, please consult to the manufacturer or dealer of the TEDS sensor, and perform the operation check.

2. When you want to use a TEDS sensor you already have with the TEDS supported measurement instruments made by Ono Sokki, please perform the operation check with a demonstration product of Ono Sokki. (Please consult your nearest distributor or Ono Sokki sales office nearby.)



<Hardware Option>

Model Description
DS-2100 Main Unit
DS-2102A (discontinued) 2-ch Basic Unit (2-channel basic set)
DS-2104A 4-ch Basic Unit (4 channel basic set)
DS-0262A 2-ch General Purpose Input Unit (for expansion)
DS-0264A 4-ch General Purpose Input Unit (for expansion)
DS-0271A 1-ch Signal Output Module (built in the main unit)
DS-0272A 2-ch Signal Output Unit
DS-0285 (discontinued) Sound Intensity Microphone Input Unit
DS-0286 (discontinued) 2-ch General Purpose Microphone Input Unit (for 2-channel bias type microphones)
DS-0287 (discontinued) 4-ch General Purpose Microphone Input Unit (for 4-channel bias type microphones)
DS-0290 AC Power Supply Unit (required for a configuration of 10 channels or more)
DS-0291A DC Power Supply Unit (in case of 24 VDC)
DS-0292 (discontinued) Internal Battery Unit (for 8 channels of less)
DS-0296A ONO-LINK II (interface for PC with PCI bus)
DS-0297A ONO-LINK II <Card> (interface for PC with PCMCIA Card Bus)
DS-0299 ONO-LINK 2 (USB)


<Software Option>

Model Description
DS-0221A General-purpose FFT Analysis
DS-0222A Tracking Analysis
DS-0223A Real-time 1/1- and 1/3 Octave Analysis
DS-0224A Real-time 1/N Octave Analysis
DS-0225 (discontinued) 3D Sound Intensity Analysis
DS-0226 (discontinued) Sound Intensity Analysis
DS-0227A Field Balancing
DS-0230 (discontinued) Time-frequency Analysis
DS-0231 (discontinued) Sound Power Measurement (Sound Pressure Method)
DS-0243A Octave Tracking Analysis
DS-0244A Campbell Plot Function
DS-0250A Throughput Disk Function
DS-0251 (discontinued) File Export Function

Revised: 2016/03/14

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