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In Campbell plot, the vertical axis represents frequency, the horizontal axis represents rpm, and the inclined axis represents rpm order, with the size of circles representing amplitudes. The order, rpm and frequency of large amplitude are recognized at one glance. The DS-0244A can make Campbell plot being based on the result of tracking analysis which has performed by the DS-0222A Series. Saving 3D mapping analyzed by the DS-0222A Sereis enables to open its file and make Campbell plot.

Screen data (Campbell plot)



Applications for Tracking Analysis

(1) Analysis for noise characteristics in automobile passenger compartment
(2) Analysis for sound pressure characteristics of acoustic products
(3) Compressor noise testing
(4) Noise testing of outdoor air conditioners
(5) Low-frequency sound analysis
(6) Measurement for environmental noise and vibration
(7) Measurement for traffic noise
(8) Handheld tool vibration measurement


Applicable channel Record simultaneously 1 ch to arbitrary number of implemented channels
 (example: Record 1ch to 4 ch / implements 8 ch)
PC environment Pentium II 400 MHz, 128 MB or more memory / 6 GB or more HDD is required.

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