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Portable FFT Analyzer


4ch 8ch High Performance & All in One





The CF-3650 (4ch)/3850 (8ch) is an all-in-one type portable FFT analyzer with touch panel computer utilizing simultaneous analysis and recording. The light weight and all-in-one configuration makes using the unit on site easy and efficient. The ease of portability and setup makes CF-3650/CF-3850 provides more efficient measurement and analysis achieving high accuracy in noise and vibration.

The CF-3650/CF-3850 features a variety of measurement applications such as natural frequency measurement by frequency response function, tracking analysis for evaluating the dynamic characteristics of rotating machines and engines, real-time octave analysis which is effective for acoustical analysis and throughput disk function enabling direct recording of waveform data to the built-in hard disk drive of CF-3650/CF-3850 directly.

In addition, 1/N real-time octave, octave tracking and field balancing analyses can be performed by installing optional software. Also, by using installed secondary processing software such as OC-1300 Graph creating software and commercially available software, you can make presentable report easily with the measured and analyzed data.


Easy Setup


The ease of portability and setup makes the CF-3650/CF-3850 ideal for work on the jobsite


Simply plug the CF-3650/CF-3850 in and connect the sensors and it is ready to take measurements. The light weight all-in-one structure makes using the unit at a jobsite easy and efficient. A battery backup ensures the data will never be lost in the event of a power loss.

Direct Interface


15-inch color touch panel monitor providing direct operation


The CF-3650/CF-3850 comes equipped with a 15-inch color touch panel monitor providing direct, intuitive operation and eliminates the need of a keyboard and mouse.

Various Analysis


Combined with application software, the CF-3650/CF-3850 provides a wide array of analysis tools.


  • Noise and vibration measurements

  • Tracking analysis provides the capability to evaluate rotating machines and engine dynamic characteristics.

  • With real-time octave analysis, acoustical analysis is provided.

  • Throughput disk function writes waveform data directly onto the built-in hard disk.

  • /N real-time octave, octave tracking, and field balancing analyses are available by adding optional software.


Digital Recording

Wide 100 dB dynamic range with 24-bit A/D

CF-3650/CF-3850 series can perform on-site recording of waveform simultaneously up to 8ch with 24 bit A/D. As well as off-line analysis of the recorded data, advanced and various analyses are possible such as multi-frequency range analysis and fluctuation sound analysis via PC analysis software or OS series.

*8ch recording: CF-3850 series only

Smart Report

Easy data processing and efficient report creation. The OS-2000 series and OC-1300 series expand the networks and possibilities for future.


The time-axis data (dat. txt.) or recorded data (ORF) of the CF-3650/CF-3850 can be freely edited and analyzed by the OS-2000 series time-series data analysis software. Moreover, the OC-1300 series multi-functioned graph creating software enables efficient report creation with various graphs using the analysis result of CF-3650/3850 or OS-2000 series.


Frequency response function measurement

CF-3650T, CF-3650R
CF-3850T, CF-3850R

Resonance may cause not only chattering vibration in robots and machine tools but also vibration and noise in automobiles and home appliances. The most popular method for analyzing resonance is measurement of the frequency response function of the object, using an impulse hammer. Excitation by an impulse hammer is the ideal choice of the on-site measurement for trouble shooting because it reduces measurement time without the need to mount the object on an exciter. It enables simultaneous processing of up to 8ch*, 40 kHz range and 6,400 points of frequency analysis.

*8ch processing: CF-3850 series only

Tracking analysis

CF-3650T, CF-3850T

Rotating machinery such as engines, compressors and turbines etc. must cover wide range of rotating speed from very low to high speed. The most important issue is resonance caused by the rotating speed of the machinery, in which the rotation frequency is the same as the natural frequency of the rotating machinery’s components (e.g. axles, gears and brackets.). In case of torsion vibration in large power generators and the like, resonance can cause serious accidents, creating vibration excitation energy that exceeds the tolerance of the machinery, destroying it. Rotation tracking analysis is the effective method to identify the rotating speed at which resonance occurs in rotating equipment, and which components and orders (multipliers) of the rotating speed generate noise or vibration.

Throughput disk function

CF-3650T, CF-3650R
CF-3850T, CF-3850R

The ability to directly store the original signal waveform to the HDD of CF eliminates the needs to save to a data collector then retrieve it. This also allows you to store the data in non-degrading digital status. Use the data recorded via the throughput disk function to analyze it on the CF as well as the offline analysis at the PC on which DS or DS installed. By changing the measurement and analysis conditions allows for flexible analysis.

*8ch recording: CF-3850 series only

Note: Please consult us for details of regarding the licensed version of DS-0221LA, DS-0222LA, DS-0223LA, and other software.

Maximum recording time

Frequency range CF-3650 series (4ch) CF-3850 series (8 ch)
40 kHz 87 minutes 43 minutes
20 kHz 175 minutes 87 minutes

*Recording time at AD conversion with 16-bit data only.

File export function


Converts files saved by the throughput disk function in ORF format into WAV, TXT, DADiSP, MATLAB, UFF and other formats, and export them to other applications for secondary analysis.

Real-time octave analysis

CF-3650R, CF-3850R


In order to solve the noise problem, the frequency analysis is required. And octave analysis has long been used for frequency analysis. An octave is a frequency with ratio of 1:2 to the frequency that is, double the frequency. The human ear senses sounds in geometric progressions to the frequency. A series of octave bands based on 1 kHz has been standardized, and the acoustic pressure level of each band. The octave band based on 1 kHz is called the 1/1 octave band, while the bands formed by dividing into third are called the 1/3 octave bands. CF performs real time octave analysis for 4 channels simultaneously.

1/N Real-time octave analysis (option)

DS-0224: Option

This software can analyze and display the signal power of noise and vibration as 1/6, 1/12, 1/24 real-time octave band. Simultaneous analysis up to 2ch from 0.701 Hz to 17.20 kHz (1/24 octave) can be performed. Also the DS-0224A can measure the following four values simultaneously; maximum value, minimum value, power average value and power sum value.

1/6 octave bands Ch1 to ch4 (CF-3650)
Ch1 to ch8( CF-3850)
1/12, 1/24 octave bands Ch1 and ch2 (CF-3650)
Ch1, ch2, ch5 and ch6 (CF-3850)

* DS-0223WA 1/1 and 1/3 real-time octave analysis software is required in the use of DS-0224A.


Octave tracking analysis (option)

DS-0243: Option


This octave tracking analysis software can analyze level trend of every band for the rotating speed by input of rotation information and retrieving of each fixed rotation as real time octave analysis data. Note: DS-0223WA Real time 1/1 and 1/3 octave analysis software is required.

* DS-0223 1/1 and 1/3 real-time octave analysis software is required in the use of DS-0243.


Field balancing software (option)

DS-0227: Option


The trouble of rotation machinery is caused most frequently by Imbalanced phenomenon of rotating shaft. So the balancing correction is required, but the conventional vector calculation method with drawing takes some time and it makes on-site field balancing difficult. The DS-0227A measures the unbalancing phenomenon easily and efficiently by calculating and displaying the results of 1-plane 1-condition, 1-plane 2-condition and 2-plane 2-condition.

Specification of the Portable FFT Analyzer CF-3650/CF-3850

Input section

Number of input channels 4-ch (CF-3650)
8-ch (CF-3850)
Connector BNC (CO2)
Impedance 1 MΩ ± 0.5%, 100 pF or less
Format Single ended
Coupling DC or AC (-3 dB 0.55 Hz or less)
Current supply for sensor 2 mA/4 mA
Acoustic filter A/C-weighted (standard)
・IEC 61672-1:2002 class1
・ANSI S1.4-1983 TYPE1
・JIS C1509-1:2005 Class1
Voltage range -40 to 20 dB Vrms (every 10 dB steps, 7 ranges)
Absolute maximum voltage AC 70 Vrms for one minutes (50 Hz)
Residual offset -60 dB F.S. or less (after calibration, 0 dB Vrms range)
Frequency range DC to 40 kHz
Sampling frequency 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 51.2 kHz, 64 kHz, 96 kHz, 102.4 kHz
Frequency accuracy ±50 ppm or less
AD converter 24-bit (ΔΣ type)
Dynamic range 110 dB or more
(when analyzed at 40 kHz range, 0 dB Vrms range, 2048 points)
Harmonic distortion -90 dB or less (when input at 1 kHz, 0 dB Vrms range, 1 V0-p)
Aliasing -100 dB or less
Amplitude flatness ±0.3 dB or less
Full scale accuracy ±0.1 dB or less (when 1 kHz input)
Amplitude linearity 0.0015 % (to F.S.)
Cross talk between channels -100 dB or less (when 1 kHz input)
Gain accuracy between channels ±0.3 dB or less (in the same range)
Phase accuracy between channels ±0.4° or less (DC to 20 kHz), ±0.8° or less (20 kHz to 40 kHz)
External sample input 1 ch, AC/DC selectable, ±12V, input impedance 100 kΩ, 0 to 300 kHz (with out-of-band filter) 0.5 to 1024 P/R, The clock divider function is available. Use the internal clock divider function when exceeding 4 kHz of the frequency.
External trigger input 1 ch, AC/DC selectable, ±12V, input impedance 100 kΩ, 0 to 300 kHz (with out-of-band filter)

Output Terminal for Input Signal Monitoring section

Terminal for Input signal monitor 3.5 Φstereo jack:
CF-3650:for ch1/2, ch3/4
CF-3850:for ch5/6, ch7/8
1 Vrms F.S. ±1.0% (when 1 kHz, 1MΩ loaded)

Panel LED section

Power ON Green
Low battery Red
External trigger Green
External sampling Green

Touch panel computer section

CPU Intel® AtomTM N270 1.6 GHz
Memory 1 GB
HDD 160 GB (with a green access lamp)
Network 10 BASE/100 BASE-TX/1000 BASE-T X1
LCD 15-inch, 1024 x 768 dots XGA with brightness adjustment
Touch panel Resistance file method (Windows multi-touch function is not available.)
USB I/F USB 2.0 (High Speed) ×2
OS Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32-bit

General specification

Power requirement Approx. 16 VDC
Operating temperature/humidity range +5 to +40 °C (humidity: 20 to 80 % RH, with no condensation)
Storage temperature range -10 to +55 °C (including lithium ion secondary battery)
(humidity: 20 to 80 % RH, with no condensation)
CE marking EN61010-1: 2010 (3rd), EN61326-1
Cooling fan Not provided (natural air cooling)
Countermeasure against instantaneous power failure Equipped with lithium-ion secondary battery
Internal battery-charging circuit Provided
Backup time for instantaneous power failure 30 minutes max.
Power consumption CF-3650:Approx. 110 VA (100 VAC, AC adapter is used.)
CF-3850:Approx. 130 VA (100 VAC, AC adapter is used.)
Outer dimensions CF-3650:410(W)×314(H)×150(D) mm, not including protruded section
CF-3850:410(W)×314(H)×180(D) mm, not including protruded section)
Weight CF-3650:Approx. 10 kg
CF-3850:Approx. 11.5 kg
Accessories AC adapter, Power cable for AC adapter, remote controller (with cable), front panel protection cover, lithium ion secondary battery cell (treatment against instantaneous power failure), instruction manual

Output section (CF-0375 option)

Number of channels 1
Terminal BNC
Impedance 50 Ω±10 %
Voltage amplitude ±10 mV to ±10 V
Offset voltage ±10 V
Maximum output current 10 mA
Frequency range 0 to 40 kHz
Conversion rate 32, 44.1, 48, 51.2, 102.4 kHz
D/A converter 24-bit (ΔΣ type)
Signal type Sine, swept sine, pseudo random, random, impulse, time record data
THD Sine wave (when at 1 kHz, 1 Vo-p) -75 dB or less
Applicable FFT analysis length 64 to 16384 (power-of-two)
Zoom analysis Applicable
Voltage amplitude accuracy ±0.2 dB or less (when at 1 kHz, 1 Vo-p, 1 MΩ load)
Frequency accuracy ±50 ppm or less
Digital filter (smoothing filter) 10th order ellipse (base band), 6th order ellipse (zoom)
Digital filter (Octave band filter) 6th order Butterworth (1/1, 1/3 octave)
Pink filter Analog filter-3 dB/OCT. ±1.0 dB (prescribed at 20Hz to 20kHz)
Burst function Provided (continuous/single-shot: 1 ms to 32 s / Number of burst cycles: 1 to 32767)
Taper function Provided (1 ms to 32 s), invalid when the burst function is ON.


Instruction manual 1
AC adapter 1
Power cable for AC adapter 1
Front panel protection cover 1
Windows® 7 license 1 (DVD-ROM)
Lithium ion secondary battery cell 1 (treatment against instantaneous power failure)

AC adapter

Rated input voltage 100 to 240 VAC
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Output voltage 15 VDC
Output current 4 A
Safety standard CE/UL/TUV/PSE

Remote controller (DS-0395 option)

Operating switch 5 (START/STOP/F1/F2/F3)
・F1 to F3 are use-defined switches.
LED Green LED x 5 (displaying the status), red LED x 1 (displaying A/D over)
Connection cable 2 m
External dimension 45 (W) x 25 (H) x 117 (D) mm (not including protruded section)

Basic configurations

CF-3650T & CF-3850T Tracking

Configuration examples

Main unit (CF-3650 or CF-3850)
FFT Analysis Software
Throughput Disk Function/ File Export Function
Accessories (AC adapter, battery pack, front panel protection cover, instruction manual)
Tracking Analysis Software
CF-3650R & CF-3850R Realtime-Octave

Configuration examples

Main unit (CF-3650 or CF-3850)
FFT Analysis Software
Throughput Disk Function/ File Export Function
Accessories (AC adapter, battery pack, front panel protection cover, instruction manual)
1/1 and 1/3 real-time octave analysis software


Hardware option

CF-0375 1ch Signal output module
CC-0036A Hard carrying case
*accommodates the main unit of the CF-3650/CF-3850 and accessories.
DS-0395 Remote controller

Software option (pre-installable software)

DS-0221WA FFT Analysis
DS-0222WA Tracking Analysis
DS-0223WA 1/1 and 1/3 Real-time Octave Analysis
DS-0224A 1/N Real-time Octave Analysis   *The DS-0223WA is required.
DS-0227A Field Balancing Software
DS-0243A Octave Tracking Analysis   *The DS-0223WA is required.
DS-0244A Campbell Plot Function   *The DS-0222WA is required.
DS-0250WA Throughput Disk Function
DS-0251A File Export Function (available to WAV, TXT, DADiSP, MATLAV, UFF)
*The DS-0250WA is required.


Comparison table of the CF3600A/3800A and the CF3650/3850


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