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Creates excellent reports incorporating graphs from huge amount of data

The OC-1300 series makes it possible to create reports smoothly and easily to anyone from huge amount of data. You can layout axis freely on a graph by dragging mouse and create graph easily. Thanks to the improvement of user-interface, the new OC-1300 series achieves efficient processing of more diversified works.

OC-1300 Main desktop

OC-1300 series can perform various processing effectively by achieving user-interface improvement and seamless cooperation with Microsoft Excel. OC-1300 expands the variety of graph expression. The Excel add-ins function allows you to activate the OC-1300 directly in Excel and create various graphs that you were not able to create in Excel, such as multi-axis graph and contour map. Even on the PC which OC-1300 is not installed in, various graphs are accessible by installing OC-1300 Viewer (freely available).






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