This product has been discontinued. DS-0321A will be the successor

General-purpose FFT Analysis Software


2 ch/4 to 8 ch/10 to 32 ch

Replaces with DS-0221 Sereis


Supported Hardware


The DS-0221A series is basic FFT analysis software. Each model has V, W, or X at the end of the model name according to its number of channels. DS-0221VA is for 2-ch, DS-0221WA is for 4 to 8-ch, and DS-0221XA is for 10 to 32-ch. Connecting DS-3000 main unit to PC under operating environment for Windows (Windows XP / VISTA/ 7 ), frequency analysis with high-accuracy (more than 100dB for dynamic range), high-resolution (maximum at 6400 FFT lines) and high-speed (real-time analysis frequency range; 40kHz/4-ch) can be performed. User-friendliness in a unified with Windows-based software enables easy operation such as copy and paste of data.


(1)Analysis section

The model of input units

DS-0362 / 0364
DS-0262A / 0264A (2/4 ch, 40 kHz band input unit)
CF-3650(4 ch) / 3850(8 ch)

Frequency range 4 mHz to 40 kHz (2 to 16-ch)
4 mHz to 20 kHz (18 to 32-ch)
The number of sampling points 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384
The number of spectrum lines 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400
Window function Rectangular, Hanning, Flat-top, Force window, Exponential window ,
User-defined window
FFT calculation 32-bit floating point

(2)Display/Calculation Function

Time domain Time-axis waveform, Auto/cross-correlation function, Impulse response, Orbit (Lissajous), Cepstrum, Time envelope
Amplitude domain Amplitude probability density function/Distribution function
Frequency domain Power spectrum, Linear spectrum, Power spectrum density, Energy spectrum density, Phase spectrum, Fourier spectrum, Liftered spectrum, Cross spectrum, FRF (real), Imaginary, Nyquist diagram, FRF calculation (H1, H2), FRF Equalize, Coherence function, Coherence output power, Coherence blanking, 1/1, 1/3 Octave analysis (Bundle of power spectrum)
Calculation function Inverse Fourier transform, Frequency differential and integral calculus, Hilbert transform, Opening and closing loop calculation, Damping ratio calculation, FRF Reciprocal calculation, Four arithmetic calculation
Other displays List display , 3D display

(3)Input/Output function of data

Data file Binary, TXT (.txt)
Time record memory 128 MB memory : continuous writing of time-sampling data
Analysis condition file Open/Save of arbitrarily measurement condition file
Print function of data Print function by install of printer driver
Copy function of data Pasting data on clipboard at text or bitmap format

Applications for general-purpose FFT analysis


(1) Noise/Vibration analysis for refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner etc.
(2) Noise/Vibration analysis for printer, copy machine etc.
(3) Vibration analysis for hard disk driver
(4) Analysis for automobile vibration or cabin noise
(5) Diagnosis of bearing
(6) Diagnosis of gear
(7) Vibration analysis for motor, turbine, and compressor etc.
(8) Vibration analysis for machine tool
(9) Measurement of rotational fluctuation
(10) Frequency response measurement of structure with impulse excitation
(11) Vibration characteristic analysis for bat, tennis-racket, golf-shaft etc.
(12) Operating deflection shape animation for automotive frame etc.
(13) Frequency characteristic analysis for speaker
(14) Noise analysis for ring alert of mobile phone
(15) Evaluation of flicker in liquid crystal display




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