The DS-0321 is basic software for frequency analysis. With this software, you can resolve time-axis waveform into each frequency, and observe the level of each component. It fits the purpose of resonance frequency observation or careful observation of sound frequency component.

  1. This software helps to observe the resonance frequency and observe the frequency component of sound with more attention. Easy to use software with on-site measurement with limited time.


·The measurement waveform on the screen starts to move immediately after the activation of software. (Easy to see screen data)

·Various measurement conditions can be changed during checking the real-time measurement screen.

·Only the necessary setting items can be registered according to the needs.




  • In response to your purpose, the measurement result can be displayed in various formats.
  • Easy to see how the amplitude and frequency change.

3D array display(line)

Color map

3D array display(color)

New function

FFT-A mode (DS-0321A)

Multi-channel measurement system up to 128 channels can be temporarily build up by using unit connection function ”FRAME LINK 2. Up to 4 units of the DS-3000 series are able to be connected. Unit connection USB Hub (DS-0393) allows multiple USB connection even if a PC does not have enough USB terminals.

FFT-A mode (DS-0321A)

●Up to 1024 pairs of cross calculation channels can now be registered

  The registration number of cross calculation channels has been increased from 128 to 1024 pairs.


DS-0321A クロス演算チャンネル登録数を拡張

●UNIT-CH information display
Even when you start up the system with two units or more, you can find which signal is input to which channel of unit by the UNIT-CH information display in < Input Condition Setting> dialogue.


Applications for FFT Analysis

(1) Noise and vibration analysis of a refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner etc.
(2) Noise and vibration analysis of a printer, copy [copying] machine.
(3) Vibration analysis of hard disk
(4) Noise and vibration analysis of a vehicle engine or cabin.
(5) Abnormal diagnosis of a bearing
(6) Abnormal diagnosis of a gear
(7) Vibration analysis of a motor, turbine, compressor etc.
(8) Vibration analysis of machine tool
(9) Measurement of rate of rotation variability
(10) Frequency response measurement of a structure by impulse excitation
(11) Vibration feature analysis of a baseball bat, tennis racket, golf club shaft
(12) Actual vibration animation of a vehicle chassis
(13) Frequency response characteristic analysis of a speaker
(14) Noise analysis of ringtone of a mobile computer
(15)Evaluation of flicker in LCD screen



  FFT Analysis-A (DS-0321A) mode FFT Analysis (DS-0321) mode
Number of measurement channels 2 ch to 128 ch 2 ch to 64 ch
Unit connection function FRAME LINK2
From 2 to 4 units
Up to 2 units
FFT Real-time rate 100 kHz range/2 ch, 50 kHz range/4 ch
40 kHz range/16 ch, 20 kHz range/32 ch
20 kHz range/64 ch, 10 kHz range/128 ch
100 kHz range/2 ch, 50 kHz range/4 ch、
40 kHz range/8 ch, 20 kHz range/16 ch、
10 kHz range/32 ch, 5 kHz range/64 ch
Registration number of cross channels 1024  pairs 128 pairs
Analysis frequency range 4 mHz to 40 kHz (at 40 kHz unit)
10 mHz to 100 kHz (at 100 kHz unit)
Number of FFT sampling points *
(Number of spectrum lines)
32 ch 64 points (25 lines), 128 points (50 lines), 256 points (100 lines), 512 points (200 lines), 1024 points (400 lines), 2048 points (800 lines), 4096 points (1600 lines), 8192 points (3200 lines), 16384 points (6400 lines)
Window function Rectangular, Hanning, Flat-top, Force window, Exponential window , User-defined window
Averaging function Time-axis additional average, time-axis exponential average, power spectrum additional average, power spectrum exponential average etc.
Analysis function (time-axis) Time-axis waveform, Auto/cross-correlation function, Impulse response, Cepstrum
Analysis function (frequency-axis)

Power spectrum, Fourier spectrum, Liftered spectrum, Cross spectrum, FRF,

Coherence function, Coherence output power
Analysis function (time-axis statistical processing) Mean value, absolute mean value, rms value, standard deviation, maximum value, minimum value, waveform rate, crest factor, kurtosis, skewness
Analysis screen display Up to 128 screens/1 window (overlapping display in a window available), up to 10 windows (640 screens max.)
Cursor function Search cursor, peak cursor, delta cursor
List function Peak, harmonic (total harmonic, distortion), user-defined list, all list
Calculation function Inverse Fourier transform, frequency differential and integral calculus, Hilbert transform, open and close loop calculation, damping ratio calculation, FRF inverse calculation, four arithmetic operations

* In the online analysis mode, if the number of valid channels exceeds 16 ch, 16384 points cannot be selected as a sampling point.



Operating environment


Microsoft® Windows® 10 version 21H1 SAC Pro(64-bit)
Other editions such as Enterprise, Education, Enterprise 2019 LTSC, etc. need to be discussed individually.
Recommended specification

CPU : Intel® Core™ i5  or higher
Memory : 4 GB
*When FFT-A Analysis mode of FFT Analysis function (DS-0321A) is used
CPU : Intel® Core™ i7 or higher
Memory : 8 GB

OS          : 64-bit

Product list

Model name Product name
DS-0321A FFT Analysis function
DS-0321L FFT Analysis function (offline license)

* Microsoft® Windows® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
* Other product names and model names are trademarks or registered trademarks of each individual company.
  The copy rights are reserved by each individual company.

* DS-0321 mode can be used with DS-0321A license.
* DS-0321 mode or DS-0321A mode offline license is required for the use of DS-0321L license.




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