• Basic system consists of three units; management unit, control unit, and measurement unit.
  • Connect the measurement unit in a measurement room and FAMS-R5 in a control room by FAMS High-Speed Link, and then connect sensors directly to the measurement unit in a measurement room. FAMS-R5 greatly improves an experiment environment with its high flexibility such as sensor setting layout etc.

Basic bench configuration of FAMS-R5

FAMS High-speed link

This function connects each unit with high speed transmission of 2.5 Gbps based on StarFabric. Data is shared in a shared memory to synchronize among units.

FAMS MCU (model-based Control Unit)

Control model by MATLAB/Simulink® can be executed in real-time. When the processing load of the model is heavy, processing with multiple units can be executed by distributing the load.

*FAMS-R5:Flexible Automatic Measuning System - Release5
*FAMS(Flexible Automatic Measuring System)is a trademark of ONO SOKKI.


Basic bench configuration of FAMS-R5

Basic bench configuration of FAMS-R5


Application example

Various testing system can be build up based on the FAMS-R5 automatic drive measurement system. (Click below title for more details.)


*FAMS-R5:Flexible Automatic Measuning System - Release5
*FAMS(Flexible Automatic Measuring System)is a trademark of ONO SOKKI.


Bench test support application for FAMS-R5

This is application software to support efficiency improvement in the increasingly complex vehicle bench tests. This software describes test flows in flowchart and therefore makes test customization easier. It is so flexible and expandable application software that it enables advanced automatic driving, such as controlling external devices as well as describing a driving pattern.

Product information


FAMS-R5* Virtual mode

*FAMS-R5 : Flexible Automatic Measuning System - Release5


More efficient and productive system operation
You can build a bench system virtually with one PC, leading to the effective utilization of bench system.
Regardless of the operating condition of the bench, test items of FAMS-R5 such as execution of operation pattern can be reproduced at the office etc.


For more speedy and effective development
FAMS-R5 can connect with a sample model, such as a user-created engine model, on a PC. Test setting, validation and pre-matching of test operations can be performed on the desk, leading to faster development.


Easy setting reproduction through files
Various setting functions and operation patterns that have been set and checked on the desk can be output to a file. The settings are reflected on the bench just by copying the setting file to the bench.


System configuration

Virtual FAMS-R5 system config

Bench system function list

Item Standard/option
Data acquisition and measurement control execution
  FAMS-Win  PC system:Basic configuration
  OS Windows® 7 Professional 64-bit -
OS Windows® 10 Professional 64-bit
Basic data display (monitor display etc.)
  Monitor display
  Analog meter Standard
Bar-graph (vertical·horizontal)
List view
Program setter
Trend graph
Panel meter
Screen saving
Screen delete
Screen information lock
Outer border display during alarm enabled
Grid line
Slide bar (vertical, horizontal)
Numerical value input
Button (momentary)
Switch (alternate)
Alarm system setting/monitoring/display
  Upper/Lower limit alarm setting Standard
External contact alarm
Map alarm
Data freezer
Alarm history
Measurement·control system setting/edit
  Specification setting Standard
Dynamo specification
Control condition
Pen recorder
System maintenance
Application software
  Application based on general-purpose steady testing
  Manual test Standard
Optional steady test (pattern editor)
Application based on general-purpose transient testing
  Optional transient Option
F/H driving
Full-load driving
Mapping driving function
  Mapping for EPA Option
Mapping for ISO
Road load setting control function
  For drive·engine bench Option
Gas emission data processing for legal mode requirement
  Application based on exhauset emission data processing (including document)
  WHSC Option
1199 US04·07·10 (transient)
RMC US07·10 (lamp)
JC08C/JC08H (vehicle mode)
FTP LA4,LA4 (Cold/Hot)(vehicle mode)
FTP HWFET (vehicle mode)
SFTP US06 (vehicle mode)
SFTP SC03 (vehicle mode)
GTR WLTP (vehicle mode)
UDC (EC15)+EUDC (vehicle mode)
10·15 (vehicle mode)
General-purpose pattern
Domestic D13
Application for special processing
    ECU monitor communication function Option
Supports multiple ECU
Optional mapping rewrite function
CAN communication device (*3)
Gas emission analyzer selection function
Micro tunnel selection function
Smoke averaging method selection function
CAMEO communication (TCP) (*4)
Temperature adjusting command panel
Analyzer remote control
MDF exporter
Growth chart
External device interface driver & data handling
  Exhaust emission analyzer
  MEXA-ONE Option
Tunnel equipment
  MDLT-1300 Option
Smoke meter
  AVL-415 Option
Opasi meter
  AVL-439 Option
Micro soot sensor
  AVL-483 Option
Fuel consumption meter
  Pulse integration input (DF, FM) Option
DS series link function (standard specification)
  DS link Option
Measurement·control execution section
  Averaging measurement section
  Maximum measurement CH (1024 ch) Standard
Measurement cycle (1 ms)
Measurement timing setting available
Logger measurement section
  Maximum measurement CH (256 ch) Standard
Measurement cycle (Selectable from 10 ms)
Saving method
(Selection of measurement start day & time or optional file name)
Measurement timing setting available
Transient measurement
  Maximum measurement CH (1024 ch) Option
Measurement cycle (available optionally within 1 ms to 10 s)
Number of collected data steps (depending on HDD capacity of a PC)
Multiple condition recording (setting available)
Number of multiple recordings (setting available)
Data measurement·calculation function
  AI measurement Standard
DA output
DIO measurement
BCD measurement
Integration counter measurement
Periodic counter measurement
Real-time calculation
Moving average processing
Control function
  Transient mode predictive control function Option
Learning result file transfer function
Throttle control Standard
Dynamometer control (AC-DY, DC-DY, EC-DY)
Program driving setting· execution function
  Driving pattern setting Option
Number of setting steps (up to 100,000 steps)
Combination program (up to 999)
Number of command item (up to 32 ch)
Step up condition (up to 10 ch (2 groups))
Step up alarm (max. 32 ch)
Mark signal
Program monitor
Continuous step driving (*1)
Measurement data monitor
  RT sheet Standard
Application interface
  Bench test support application for FAMS-R5 (flow chart control description application)
  connection interface Standard
Control device section
  Control device
  Manual setting driving section
  Digital setting operation function Option
Encoder setting, external digital setting Standard
System & interlock sequence control section
  Controlled by alarm type Standard
Electronic governor control outpu
  Multiple-point setting Option
2ch output
DY control interface
  DY control interface (serial communication) Option
Drive control calculation
Individual control device
  Temperature control device of engine cooling water
  Map, pattern interlocking selection Option
Map control
Circulation flow rate control
Motor valve control
PWM output
Control description (model)
Other control
  Map, pattern interlocking selection Option
Map control
PWM output
Control description(model)
Change controller
  MT Option
AT (straight, gate, sports shift)
MCU(Model calculation processing )
  Model calculation expantion (*2) Option
Control input
Control output
Block output
Executation period
Parameter saving
Model recording
Model parameter management

*1) Continuous step operation is unnecessary because the upper limit is 100,000 steps
*2) Multiple MCUs can be connected by shared memory connection
*3) Can be connected to an external model calculation unit via CAN communication (dSPACE,MCU)
*4) CAMEO Ver 3.6 Simple Protocol Interface


*FAMS-R5:Flexible Automatic Measuning System - Release5
*FAMS(Flexible Automatic Measuring System)is a trademark of ONO SOKKI.
*It may be required to take counsel with network manager of your company to connect this system and the network system in your company.
*MATLAB /Simulink® is  a registered trademark of Mathworks Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
*Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All company names and product names mentioned     are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.




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