Bench test support application for FAMS-R5




FAMS-R5 Flexible Automatic Meauring System-Release5

ExFlower is application software for supporting efficiency improvement in the increasingly complex vehicle bench tests.
This software describes test flows in flowchart and therefore makes test customization easier. It is so flexible and expandable application software that it enables advanced automatic driving, such as controlling external devices as well as describing a driving pattern.
This softoware consists of MainFlow Editor and SubFlow Editor. SubFlow Editor creates SubFlow Editor creates a subflow and interrupt flow, each of which is the minimum unit of a flow.
MainFlow Editor creates a main flow by combining the subflows and interrupt flows created with SubFlow Editor.
SubFlow describes detailed test flow, and MainFlow is a major test flow that made in combination those subflows.

*FAMS-R5:Flexible Automatic Measuring System-Release 5
*FAMS (Flexible Automatic Measuring System-Release 5) is a trademark of Ono Sokki.


  • A test Flow can be customized in flow chart.
  • SubFlow Editor and MainFlowEditor consisting the application have clear distinction of each work.
  • Available automation of all tests and control of various external devices

Test plan in flow chart

ExFlower can create a test plan simply by laying out the prepared parts and rearrange those parts with drag and drop operation. Parts for conditional judgment make it possible to automate the operation that a human judgment has been required. This software helps to test in an efficient way.

Test flow design procedure

Create subflow by SubFlow Editor


In SubFlow Editor, it lays out parts and creates an operation subflows in a flowchart.

Interrupt flow is also created, which executes specific processing when the preset condition is satisfied during test execution.

· Flexible test customization in flowchart

· Available automation of tests, control of various external devices

Creation and execution of main flow using MainFlow Editor

Combine sub flows created by SubFlow Editor to create main flow by MainFlow Editor. Then execute the main flow by connecting to the bench system.
The interrupt processing function monitors the preset condition at regular intervals in parallel with main flow execution and, when the condition is true, executes interrupt processing.  
The main flow is stopped during interrupt processing. Upon completion of interrupt processing, the flow restarts from the interrupt processing return position in the subflow.

· Flexible test customization by selecting subflows as you need

· Interrupt processing in case of abnormal case

Cooperation with FAMS-R5

*FAMS-R5:Flexible Automatic Measuning System - Release5
*FAMS(Flexible Automatic Measuring System)is a trademark of ONO SOKKI.




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