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High performance Sound Level Meter LA-7000series product video

igh performance Sound Level Meter LA-7000series Features

High performance Sound Level Meter
LA-7000 series

LA-7000 series allows “measuring while listening to sound” in addition to the original features of a sound level meter such as measurement and calculation. By listening to the sound instantly at the measuring place, you can confirm condition of a target, perform sound source probing, and check that the sound is unfailingly being recorded. The LA-7000 series sound level meter is a great help for reliable measurement at measurement place where no mistakes can be allowed.


MI1271/3170 1/2-inch Microphone/ Preamplifier

1/2-inch Microphone/ Preamplifier

MI-1271 is high performance microphone which conforms to IEC 61094-4 Type WS2F. By adopting the titanium vibrating membrane, it realizes long-term stability and wide frequency range of 1 Hz to 20 kHz. It can be used in wide temperature range of -30℃ to +80℃. Even though it is back electrets-type, it is effective for low noise measurement of self noise level 14 dB (A-weighting).


4ch Beam Forming product video

4ch Beam Forming software

BF-3100 4ch Beam Forming software is Sound Source Visualization software using Beam Forming and the calculation method that Ono Sokki has originally developed. Compact and lightweight design using only 4 microphones provides good portability and wide range of measurement area. It is possible to locate the sound source while moving the microphones and changing the frequencies of the analysis, even at a small space.


LV-7000 Product movie

Laser Doppler Surface Velocity Meter
LV-7000 series

LV-7000 series detects speed, uneven speed, distance, length of moving object or rotating object by non-contact detection with high sensitivity and high response. You can install and measure easily in the place where had been difficult in measurement so far.



CT-6700 Product movie

Digital Engine Tachometer

The CT-6700 is a digital engine tachometer to measure revolution speed of gasoline or diesel engines, motors (EV/HEV) equipped on electric vehicles or hybrid electric vehicles or general rotating bodies. This compact tachometer supports 10 kinds of various sensors with different usages and purposes including ignition pulse detector, gasoline and diesel engine rotation detector, and magneto-electric rotation detector. Engine rotation speed has now come to be able to measure by ECU crank signal even when it is difficult to mount a detector on an actual vehicle.



LC-8300 Product movie

GPS Speedometer

he LC-8120 is the GPS-based speedometers which measure speed and distance of moving objects with high accuracy. Support for GLONASS satellite to ensure stable measurement.



LC-8300 Product movie

Compact & High-sensitive GPS Speedometer

LC-8300 compact and high-sensitive GPS speedometer can measure speed, distance and other vehicle-related measurement items for two-wheel vehicles, or construction vehicles etc. by satellite signals of GPS/GLONASS.



FT-7200 Product movie

Advanced Handheld Tachometer

The FT-7200 Advanced Tachometer is an easy-to-use handheld digital tachometer offering high functions and performance. The use of FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) technology enables the FT-7200 to perform frequency analysis of rotation speed by using change of signal in sound, vibration or magnetic flux from rotating machines such as a motor or the like. Selection from 5 kinds of measurement modes allows it to calculate and display rotation speed of any complex waveform signals from a sound level meter or an accelerometer accurately by extracting the exact frequency component.



CF-4700 FFT Comparator Product movie

FFT Comparator

The Amplitude Modulation Component Extraction Function is a preprocessing function to extract the amount of fluctuation of signal size in a specific frequency band. This function is effective for making judgments on abnormal sound or vibration stemming from fluctuations in signal size, and can be used as a preprocessing function for making pass/fail judgments on fuzzy creaks or chattering by a motor-driven device in operation. Also enables measurements such as 'monitoring of bearing vibrations' using the bandpass filter and envelope functions, and 'auditory inspections of vibrations through headphones' using the monitor function which amplifies inaudible vibrations to audible sounds.。






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