What are instruments necessary and precautions for 4-unit connection(FRAME LINK2) ?

The equipment other than a PC, DS-3200 series unit is as follows.
* DS-3100(previous model)is not supported.



  •DS-0392A Unit connection interface

  •DS-0394 Unit connection box





  •DS-0321A  FFT Analysis





  •AX-9035 or AX-9036 Unit connection interface cable(0.75 m or 2m)

  •AX-9041 USB cable(2m)


Recommended USB Hub

  •DS-0393 Unit connection USB Hub(if necessary)

   *Can be connected directly to a PC when a PC has enough USB ports.



Example of multi-channel measurement system using FRME LINK2




Precautions for the use of FRAME LINK2

•DS-3200 series is supported. (DS-3100:previous model is not supported.)

•Unit connection box (DS-0394) is always required for any system using FRAME LINK2.

•Unit connection interface (DS-0392A) should be installed in the DS-3200 series main unit.

•Commercially available USB Hub cannot be used for FRAME LINK2.
  Use the exclusive Hub (DS-0393: unit connection USB Hub).

•License of the DS-0321A (FFT Analysis function)is required. (Cannot be operated only with the DS-0321)

•Can be used by FFT-A Analysis mode. (Does not work on other than FFT-A Analysis mode.)

•Multiple units can be connected directly to a PC when a PC has enough USB ports. 
  (In that case,the DS-0393 is not necessary to use.)

•Unit connection interface cables with different lengths cannot be used together.






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