Ono Sokki has a full line of measurement instruments ranging from sound and vibration sensors, analyzers for obtained data to secondary processing software. We provide a total solution and applications to meet the most suitable measurement and analysis system that you need.

FFT Analyzer
Portable 2-channel/4-channel FFT Analyzer
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Portable 2-channel FFT Analyzer
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• Compact, lightweight and high mobility portable, 2-channel/4-channel.
• 10.4 type liquid crystal intuitive touch panel operations with a swipe or pinch.
• Noise or vibration-free operation in a fan-less and spindle-less design.
• Offering 120 dB or more dynamic range (at 4096 points or more of FFT frame length, 1kHz or more). The real-time rate is 100 kHz.
• Batteries enable continuous cordless operation of up to 5 hours. (Possible to change the battery during the operation.)
• 100 kHz internal data recording system
• USB mass storage class function (Windows7)
• LAN connecting function (Option)/ Bluetooth connecting function (Option)
• Recorded data can be saved in an internal SD/SDHC memory card or USB memory stick.
• All channels are operating isolation input or CCLD & TEDS.


• Compact and lightweight with 2-channel FFT analyzer.
• 10.4 type liquid crystal intuitive touch panel operations.
• Offering 90 dB dynamic range (at -30 to +30 dBVrms range). The real-time rate is 40 kHz.
• Using dedicated battery enables continuous cordless operation of up to 4 hours.
• Incorporating the data recording function up to 2-channel and 100 kHz.
• Recorded data can be managed or backup in a PC by means of storing those data in CF card or USB memory.
• Enables to manage in a simple way by using voice memo and hand writing memo.
• Operating isolation input or CCLD & TEDS.
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FFT Comparator
FFT Comparator
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• Compact and lightweight with 1-channel FFT analyzer.
• 8.4 type touch-panel color LCD.
• Offering 110 dB dynamic range. The real-time analysis is 40 kHz.
• The Assist Function for setting the judgment block area from the difference between frequency characteristics of OK and NG products.
• The Power Source Backup Function prevents loss of measurement data in case of a main power down. (Option)
• The binary, text and BMP file can be memorizes in the main unit at the same time.
• Memory data or condition memory can be managed or backup in a PC by means of storing those data in USB memory.
• Operating CCLD & TEDS.
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Data Station
DS-3200 series
Sound and Vibration Real-Time Analysis System
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• USB 3.0 interface enables fast data transmission to a PC.
• Available 2 types of input units, 40 kHz range and 100 kHz range.
• Fast real-time rate. Available up to 8-channel for 40 kHz range, 2-channel for 100 kHz.
• High performance of throughput function. Available up to 16-channel for 40 kHz, up to 4-channel for 100 kHz.
• High dynamic range of 110 dB and arithmetic processor of FFT up to 16384 points.
• The number of the channels can increased from 2-channel to 64-channel. (Connecting two 32-channel units using a frame link cable and make it 64-channel.)
• B5 size, compact, about 2.2 kg lightweight unit (2-channel/ 4-channel)
• Integrates several analysis functions into one software which are FFT analyzer, tracking analyzer, octave analyzer to provide communization of procedure.
• "Real-time analysis and recording" system: enables automatic backup data recording and real-time analysis at the same time.
• Unit connecting function "FRAME LINK": Provides flexible building of multi-channel measurement system only by connecting two units of the DS-3000 via a cable and an interface. (Can be increased up to 64-channel.)
• Operating software are 32-bit version of Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Windows® 7.
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Measurement processing software
OC-1300 series
Multi-Function Graph Creating Software
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OS-2000 series
Time-Series Data Analysis Software
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• Creates excellent incorporating graphs and 3D graphs which Excel cannot operate very well.
• You can layout axis freely on a graph by dragging a mouse.
• Easy to create 3D and 4D graph by dragging mouse.
• Improving the work performance with the Excel add-in function.
• Easy to cut out, move or overlap the waveform graph by dragging mouse
• Simultaneous display of different data formats.
• AND/OR searching function with a combination of time-series data section (maximum 10 terms).
• Various analysis function such as statistically processing, scatter graph/ regression analysis, FFT analysis and sound quality evaluation.
• Loading the movie file enables to play the movie together with the sound or vibration analysis.
• To be able to display the abscissa of the graph as a distance or an angle other than a time.
• OS-2000 is the software which can edit or analysis huge amount of time-series data. Enables to display the data without restrictions by the data format or sampling frequency.
Microsoft® Windows® XP (following SP2), Windows® 7
(*Windows XP: Operating only 32-bit version.
Windows 7: 32-bit version application operating for 64-bit.)
Microsoft® Windows® XP (following SP2), Windows Vista®, Windows® 7
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