FG-1300 & FS-5500

FS-5500/FS-540 opt fiber sensor

The FG-1300 is a non-contact type high-performance amplifier that emits red light from LED to a rotating object, and detects the variation of the reflected red light amount.
This amplifier is used in combination with an exclusive detector FS-5500*/FS-540 Fiber Optic Sensors which has adopted environment resistant design. The glass fibers are covered with flexible stainless steel tube for rotation measurement in limited space.

* FS-5500 slim type Fiber Optic Sensor can measure an object hard to be measured and enables the measurement in the limited space, which cannot be measured with previous models.

Features of FG-1300 Fiber Optic Sensor Amplifier

  • Able to measure high speed rotating object. (up to 10 kHz of maximum response frequency)
  • Red visible light makes it possible to detect the measurement object with thin shaft which is difficult to adjust optical axis position.
  • Can be detected with minimal change of light amount. Detection without reflection mark is also available.
  • Selectable gain/trigger level adjustment depending on a use application; manual adjustment using volume control button or auto adjustment using auto trigger.
  • Provided two measurement distance settings; normal range or adjacent range. Detectable from adjacency to 69 mm max. (when reflection mark used)
  • Unequal interval pulse which is generated in detection without reflection mark can be divided into 1 pulse.

Features of FS-5500 Fiber Optic Sensor

Able to detect small objects
Can be detected the rotation of a small object in a limited space such as 2 mm pitch of zebra tape, turbine blades or small motor etc.

High resolution
Can be used for crank angle detection that high resolution is required, for tracking analysis, and for balancing measurement. Optimal as measuring unit including FFT Analyzer or tachometer.

Environment-resistant design allows measurement under severe or limited conditions.
Since it has slim body and can be used under very low or high temperature (-40 to 250 ℃), it is possible to measure vehicle rotation (engine, shaft, gear, or drive shaft) or measure parts on production line. Even under hard conditions or at limited space, rotation or angle can be measured.

System Configuration

-Wide variety of applications for rotation measurement and analysis.-

Application examples

Presence or absence detection of small parts

FS-5500 can project to a small part at a pinpoint with φ2mm of light emission. Presence or absence of a small part flowing on a production line can easily be detected by measuring reflected light amount and judging the level of it by the threshold function.

Inspection of a missing tablet

FG-1300 checks a missing tablet by projecting light onto the production line and comparing the reflection light amount.

Overview specification

FG-1300 Fiber Optic Sensor Amplifier
Detection method Detects reflected light amount of red visible light

Light source: Red visible light LED
Light receiving element: Phototransistor

Maximum response frequency 10 kHz
Output signal

Analog and pulse

Analog (MONITOR):
Detects reflected light and outputs signal waveform in proportion to the light amount.
     Output voltage range: 0 to 10 V

Pulse (PULSE OUT):
Output as pulse signal which has been shaped the waveform of reflected light and converted to square wave.
     Output voltage range: Lo level 0.5 V or less, Hi level 4.5 V or more

Signal output connector: BNC

Load resistance

10 k Ω (analog, pulse)

Adjustment Function
Gain : Measurement distance can be adjusted by control knob or selection SW.
Threshold level : Can be adjusted manually/automatically by control knob or selection SW.
Range : Measurement distance can be adjusted by selection SW.
Frequency Dividing : Divides the PULSE OUTPUT signal by the range of dividing ratio 1 to 10.
Peak hold time constant : Select from 1 s/10 s by selection SW
For checking sensitivity : LED bar chart type monitor
Others : Display the status by LED indicator
Power supply AC 100 to 240 V (50 Hz/60 Hz)
Operating temperature range 0 to 40 ℃
Operating humidity range 5 to 80 %RH(with no condensation)
Conforming standard CE marking, RoHS
Applicable detector FS-5500/FS-540 Fiber Optic Sensors
Standard Accessory Power cable (AC100 V), instruction manual, rubber feet (4 pieces) X1 sets
Options Stand (FG-0131)
Panel mounting fixture (FG-0132)
Outer dimensions 144 (W) × 72 (H) × 212 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 1 kg
Relationship between amount of reflected light and signal output

FS-540/542/5500 Fiber Optic Sensor
Fiber Optic Sensor specification
(Sold separately)
  FS-540 FS-542 FS-5500
Detection type Optical fiber reflection type
Emitting port diameter at the tip of Fiber φ4 mm φ2 mm
Fiber length 1 m 2 m
Mounting nut M8 M4
Operating temperature range -10 to 250 °C

-40 to 250 °C

<Reference> Gap between the Fiber Optic Sensor and the measurement object

(When the output signal is 1 V.)

FS-540/542 Minimum GAIN Maximum GAIN
Measurement object Mat black painted surface ≒7 mm ≒14 mm
White copying paper 12X12 ≒8 mm ≒15 mm
Reflection mark 12X12 ≒44 mm ≒69 mm


FS-5500 Minimum GAIN Maximum GAIN
Measurement object Zebra tape ≒2 mm ≒20 mm
Reflection mark 12X12 ≒2 mm ≒50 mm

HT-011 Reflection mark(12 mm square x 25 pcs per sheet, 10 sheets/pack )

*The length of fiber cable can be extended. Please contact your nearest distributor or send us an e-mail (overseas@ONO SOKKI.co.jp).