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Sound Calibrator



SC-2500picture(SC-2120A sound calibrator)



Ono Sokki provides three types of sound calibrator to meet various needs. SC-2500 is newly developed calibrator using sound pressure feedback control method for a Class 1 sound level meter. SC-2120A is used for calibration of Class 2 sound level meter which is dynamic speaker type.


  • SC−2500

  • CE
    Conforms to IEC 60942:2017 Class 1, ANSI S1.40-2006 (R2011) Class 1, JIS C 1515:2020 class 1
  • Used for calibration of Class 1 and Class 2 Sound level meter
  • Since the SC-2500 uses the sound pressure feedback control method to control fluctuations in sound pressure caused by static pressure, it can generate a stable sound pressure even if the operating environment changes.
  • Cost-effective model


  • SC−2120A

  • Conforms to IEC 60942:2003 Class 2, JIS C 1515:2004 class 2

  • Dynamic speaker type
  • Simple type for quick operation check, cost-effective model

About Sound Calibration

What is a sound calibrator?

It is necessary to ensure that the sound lever meter indicates correct sound level for correct measurement. A sound calibrator that generates predetermined sound pressure is used to check a sound level meter. There are two types of sound calibrator, piston-phone type and speaker type. They generate the sound with different sound pressure level and different frequency. They are classified based on the performance into Class 1, Class 2 etc. and the specifications are determined in the standards (JIS C 1515, IEC 60942).

Important points for using calibrator

There are some important points for the proper use of a sound calibrator.

  • The calibration sound pressure level may be different depending on the type of the microphone. Be sure to check the calibration sound pressure level in the instruction manual before performing calibration. "/C" which is written in the end of the Class description means that the model needs atmospheric pressure correction.
  • A Class 1 Sound Calibrator is recommended for a Class 1 (or type 1) Sound Level Meter and microphone.
  • Periodical calibration of a sound calibrator is necessary to secure its performance. Calibration of once a year is recommended. Please contact us for more details.


Model name SC-2500 SC-2120A
Applicable standards JIS C 1515:2020 Class 1*2
IEC 60942:2017 Class 1
ANSI S1.40-2006 (R2011) Class 1
JIS C 1515:2004 Class 2
IEC 60942:2003 Class 2
Method Dynamic speaker Dynamic speaker
Applicable microphone 1/2-inch microphone
MI-1211/1233/1234/1235/1271, MI-1431/1432/1433
1/4-inch microphone
*SC-0313 adapter attached to MI-3140 1/4-inch preamplifier is required.
1/2-inch microphone
Sound pressure level Nominal sound pressure level : 114 dB
Deviation of sound pressure level:±0.25 dB or less*
Nominal sound pressure level : 94 dB
Deviation of sound pressure level:±0.5 dB or less*
Total distortion 0.5 % or less 0.5 % or less

Nominal frequency :1000 Hz

Frequency deviation* ±0.5 % or less*


Nominal frequency :1000 Hz

Frequency deviation* ±1 % or less*


Operating environment Air temperature : -10 to 50 ℃ (with no condensation)
Static pressure : 65 to 108 kPa
Relative humidity: 25 to 90 % (Excluding a combination of air temperature and humidity that exceeds dew-point temperature of 39 ℃ or higher.)
Power requirement Type AA battery (LR6 or HR6)× 2 9V flat battery (6F22 or 6LR61) × 1
Battery life 4 hours or more continuous operation (when using LR6) 20 hours or more continuous operation (when using 6F22)
Outer dimensions
(not including protruded section)
84 (W) × 53 (H) × 76 (D) mm 52 (W) × 45 (H) × 130 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 200 g (not including battery cells) Approx. 300 g (not including battery cells)
Accessory Instruction manual × 1
Type AA battery (LR6) × 2
Instruction manual × 1
9V flat battery (6F22) × 1

*: The value under the standard environment (standard environmental condition:air temperature: 23 ℃, static pressure: 101.325 kPa, relative humidity: 50 %)

*2: The main body display of sound calibrator will be changed from JISC 1515:2004 Class 1 to JISC 1515:2020 Class 1 from may 2020 onwards.




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