Photo (SP-405Z Rotary Encoder)
This encoder was designed as an economy type encoder with ultra compact outer dimensions  and light weight of 100 grams only and can be considerable for OEM requirement as well. Seven output pulse type can be chosen among standard models.

Specifications Summary

Output waveform Incremental two-phase square wave
+ Origin output
Output type Collector output (load resistance 10 kΩ min)
Response frequency 50 kHz
Power supply 5 to 12VDC, 700mA
Number of output pulses
60, 100, 200, 300, 360, 500, 600P/R
Maximum revolution 6000 r/min.
Allowable shaft load Radial: 7N, Thrust: 3N
Operating temperature -10 to +70°C
Vibration resistance*1 49 m/s2
Impact resistance*2 490 m/s2
Outer dimensions 28 mm dia. x 36 mm
*1: 2hrs in each directions
*2: 3 times in each directions, 98m/s2 in the axial direction



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