The PA-330Z receives the square wave signals from the rotary encoder, and converts it to low impedance signals suitable for long distance transmission after wave-shaping and amplifying via photo couplers which provide isolation between input and output.

A 12VDC external power supply is provided for use with the DC powered RP series encoder.

The case is sealed construction which allows closely mounting to the encoder.


Electrical Specification

The number of input phases 3-phase (2-phase square wave (duty: approx. 50 % ) + “zero mark”)
Input resistance 470 Ω
Input waveform L : 0 to 4 V, H : 8 to 12.5 V
Frequency 0 to 50 kHz
Output voltage Hi : 10 V or more, Lo : 0.5 V or less ( 5 kΩ load)
Output resistance Collector resistance 330 Ω
Delay time Approx. 2 µs between input to output
Power requirement AC 100 V approx. 12 VA
Supplied voltage DC 12 V 0.15 A
Withstand voltage Between AC terminal to chassis: AC 1.5 kV
Between input common 1 to output common 2, output common 2 to chassis: DC 500 V
Between input terminal to chassis: DC 250 V
Isolation Between input common 1 to output common 2, between input terminal to chassis: 100 MΩ or more (at 1000 V megohm)
Operating temperature range -5 to +40 °C
Storage temperature range -10 to + 70 °C
Weight Approx. 4 kg

Terminal block

JIS C 2805 applicable to 1.25 to 3 crimp-type terminal

  Modifying item Modified specification Standard specification
1 Open Collector output Maximum rating Collector output
2 Change of power-supply voltage AC 110 V AC 100 V
AC 200 V
AC 220 V
3 Change of input resistance 1.5 kΩ 470 Ω
47 kΩ *
4 Change of output resistance 220 330 Ω (3-phase)

* When using C specification of the RP-1700 Series (collector output/pull-up resistor 470 Ω) ,
it is necessary to modify the input resistance to 47 kΩ.




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