Mass-Burette Flow Detector
FX Series Gravity Flow Sensor



For high precision measurement of different fluid flow rates in mass units.

Photo (FX-1120 Mass-Burette Flow Detector)
This is a high precision, highly functional gravity flow meter which is unaffected by temperature-wise specific gravity variations. This gravity flow meter is capable of measuring current and cumulative flow rates instantaneously by mass from the pressure variation obtained from the level variations of the fluid in a precision burette. The fluid level variations are detected by a high precision differential pressure transducer.


  • High accuracy within ±0.2% of the readings.
  • Capable of making direct measurement of flow rates by mass.
  • Wide measurable range and high precision flow rate measurement.
  • Specific gravity corrections due to temperature variations are no longer necessary.
  • Measurement precision unaffected by zero-point drift of the differential pressure transducer.
  • FX-P series detector can measure the weight of constant volume.

Specifications Summary


FX-1110 FX-205P
FX-1120 FX-203P
Measurement Range 0 to 10 g/s
(0 to 36 kg/h)
0 to 25 g/s
(0 to 90 kg/h)
0 to 50 g/s
(0 to 180 kg/h)
Max. Integrated Value
(for one time charging)
200g 500g 1000g
Constant Volume Detection Capacity 100 ml - 250 ml - 500 ml -
Applicable Liquid Gasoline, light-oil, kerosene (*1)
Accuracy ±0.2% of reading value, ±0.01% of full scale (*2)
Resolution 0.001 g/s 0.01 g/s 0.01 g/s
Min. Integration Units 0.01 g 0.1 g
Output Signal 4 to 20 mA DC
Charging Valve 12VDC direct-operated solenoid valve (closed when power is off)
Overflow Protection Valve 12VDC direct-operated solenoid valve (closed when power is off)
Joints (inlet & outlet) Ribbed joint R3/8
ID: 6mm
OD: 9mm
Ribbed joint R1/2
ID: 12mm
OD: 16mm
Ribbed joint R1/2
ID: 12mm
OD: 16mm
Max. Pressure 196 kPa (2 kgf/cm2)
Operating Temp. Range 0 to +40°C (environment & liquid, no condensation) (*3)
Weight approx. 24kg approx. 13kg approx. 26kg approx. 13kg approx. 26kg approx. 13kg

*1 Alcohol and gasohol are available by modification.
*2 When the temperature changes rapidly during measurement, the above accuracy can not be guaranteed.
*3 Vapor may be produced in this temperature range, and may prevent normal measurement.

Signal Cable

Purpose of usage Model name Length Model name of detectors Model name of displays
Fore flow rate FX-0021 5 m FX-1100/1120/1130 FX-0400A(Measurement module installed in the FM-2500A)
FX-0022 10 m
FX-0023 20 m

Model names in red-letter in above table are discontinued models Please consult us for details about CE marking.


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