Photo (Motor/gasoline engine RPM detector OM-1500/1200)

The OM-1500/1200 motor/gasoline engine RPM detector is designed for rotation measurement of a gasoline engine and an EV/HEV motor. It detects magnetic flux leakage from the motor itself or the engine’s ignition coil.

This easy to use and durable detector can measure engine rotation by attaching in parallel with the ignition coil. When the EV/HEV motor rotation is measured, attach the OM-1500/1200 perpendicular to the motor rotating shaft.

It is used with the engine tachometer by Ono Sokki (GE-2500, AR-7240B, CT-6520B, HT-6200, SE-1620, FT-2500, FT-7200).


  • One-touch attachment in parallel with the ignition coil (Attach the OM-1500/1200 perpendicular to the rotating shaft of the motor in measuring motor rotation)
  • Excellent in durability, environmental resistance, and rigidity
  • Easy to use

For measuring rotation speed of a gasoline engine

For measuring rotation speed of a motor
(Attaching the sensor perpendicular to the motor rotating shaft)

Overview specification

  OM-1200 OM-1500
Applicable engine 2-and 4-cycle gasoline engines, EV/HEV, Motor
Detection method Electromagnetic induction
Applicable tachometer
AR-7240B Analog engine tachometer
CT-6700 Digital Engine Tachometer
FT-2500 Advanced tachometer
FT-7200 Handheld advanced tachometer
GE-2500 Diesel engine tachometer
HT-6200 Handheld digital tachometer  (external sensor input type)
SE-1620 Gasoline engine tachometer
Operating temperature range

0 to +80 °C

-10 to +100 °C

Cable length

Sold separately (MX-005, MX-010 etc.)

4.9 m

Outer dimensions φ16 × 54 mm (sensor only)
φ16 × 80 mm (when connected to a cable)

φ16 × 30 mm


Approx. 65 g

Approx. 130 g (including a cable)

  • MX-005 signal cable (5 m)
  • MX-010 signal cable (10 m)
  • MX-015 signal cable (15 m)
  • MX-020 signal cable (20 m)
  • OM-0102 mounting fixture for the OM-1200  (with pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet x 1)





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