Outer Dimensions-Vehicle related products


Vehicle related products

Fuel Flow Meters

Model Status Feature PDF File size update
DF-0400A   FP Unit (for FM-1500/2500) df0400a_03a_e.pdf 56 kB 2015.05.14
DF-210B Discontinued Flow meter df210b_01a_e.pdf 59 kB 2008.05.21
DF-211B Discontinued Extension Unit (for DF-210B) df211b_01a_e.pdf 49 kB 2008.05.21
DF-2200   On-Board Flow Meter df2200_01a_e.pdf 296 kB 2017.06.30
FD-5110   Fuel Density Meter fd5110_01a_e.pdf 1272 kB 2020.08.18
FM-1500 Discontinued Flow meter fm1500_01a_e.pdf 42 kB 2005.08.22
FM-2500 Discontinued Flow meter fm2500_01b_e.pdf 77 kB 2005.08.22
FM-2500A Discontinued Flow meter fm2500a_04a_e.pdf 115 kB 2015.05.14
FM-3100   Flow meter fm3100_01a_e.pdf 111 kB 2020.08.18
FP-213   Volumetric flow detector fp213_01a_e.pdf 30 kB 2005.08.22
FP-213S   Volumetric flow detector fp213s_01b_e.pdf 34 kB 2005.08.22
FP-2140H   Volumetric flow detector fp214h_02a_e.pdf 243 kB 2005.08.22
FP-215   Volumetric flow detector fp215_01a_e.pdf 50 kB 2005.08.22
FP-2240HA   Volumetric flow detector fp2240ha_03a_e.pdf 69 kB 2005.08.22
FP-2250A   Volumetric flow detector fp2250a_02a_e.pdf 194 kB 2005.08.22
FP-4135   On-Board Volumetric Flow Detector fp4135_01a_e.pdf 185 kB 2017.06.30
FP-4135   On-Board Volumetric Flow Detector fp4135_02a_e.pdf 167 kB 2017.06.30
FP-5130   Volumetric flow detector
fp5130_01a_e.pdf 1199 kB 2021.11.18
FP-5130   Volumetric flow detector
fp5130_02a_e.pdf 1202 kB 2021.11.18
FP-5130   Volumetric flow detector
fp5130_03a_e.pdf 1216 kB 2021.11.18
FP-5130   Volumetric flow detector
fp5130_04a_e.pdf 1211 kB 2021.11.18
FP-5140   Volumetric flow detector
fp5140_01a_e.pdf 1187 kB 2021.11.18
FP-5140   Volumetric flow detector
fp5140_02a_e.pdf 1197 kB 2021.11.18
FP-5140   Volumetric flow detector
fp5140_03a_e.pdf 1206 kB 2021.11.18
FP-5140   Volumetric flow detector
fp5140_04a_e.pdf 1216 kB 2021.11.18
FP-5150   Volumetric flow detector fp5150_01a_e.pdf 61 kB 2021.11.18
FX-1110   Gravity Flow Detector fx1110_01a_e.pdf 46 kB 2005.08.22
FX-1120   Gravity Flow Detector fx1120_01a_e.pdf 44 kB 2005.08.22
FX-1130   Gravity Flow Detector fx1130_01a_e.pdf 43 kB 2005.08.22
FZ-2100   Massflow meter fz2100_01a_e.pdf 125 kB 2005.08.22
FZ-2200   Massflow meter fz2200_01a_e.pdf 122 kB 2005.08.22
MF-034 Discontinued Return processing fuel tank mf034_02a_e.pdf 50 kB 2005.08.22
MF-035 Discontinued Return processing fuel tank mf035_01a_e.pdf 68 kB 2005.08.22
FP-2140S   Fuel flow meter fp2140s_11a_e.pdf 939 kB 2013.01.07


DL-1000/2000 Series Data Logger System (Discontinued)

Model Status Feature PDF File size update
DL-0170 Discontinued Display unit dl017_01b_e.pdf 185 kB 2005.08.22
DL-0150 Discontinued Display and control unit dl0150_23b_e.pdf 265 kB 2005.08.22
DL-0171 Discontinued Remote control box dl0171_02a_e.pdf 25 kB 2005.08.22
DL-1100 Discontinued 8-slot model dl1100_01h_e.pdf 107 kB 2005.08.22
DL-1200 Discontinued 12-slot model dl1200_01h_e.pdf 113 kB 2005.08.22
DL-2100 Discontinued Forward velocity sensor dl2100_01a_e.pdf 53 kB 2005.08.22
DL-2200 Discontinued Lateral velocity sensor dl2200_01a_e.pdf 54 kB 2005.08.22


DL-3000 Series Data Logger System (Discontinued)

Model Status Feature PDF File size update
DL-0380 Discontinued Remote box dl0380_01b_e.pdf 25 kB 2005.08.22
DL-3100 Discontinued 4-slot model dl3100_01c_e.pdf 63 kB 2005.08.22
DL-3200 Discontinued 8-slot model dl3200_01c_e.pdf 290 kB 2005.08.22


Non-contact Speedometer/Odometer Related (Discontinued)

Model Status Feature PDF File size update
DL-0170 Discontinued Display unit dl017_01b_e.pdf 185 kB 2005.08.22
LC-0110 Discontinued Relay box lc011_01a_e.pdf 211 kB 2005.08.22
LC-0110 Discontinued Remote box (for the LC-0110) lc500402d_e.pdf 125 kB 2005.08.22
LC-3110 Discontinued Forward velocity sensor lc311_01a_e.pdf 238 kB 2005.08.22
LC-3210 Discontinued Lateral velocity sensor lc321_01a_e.pdf 237 kB 2005.08.22
LC-0130 Discontinued Mounting fixture for automobile use (for the LC-3110) lc013_01a_e.pdf 242 kB 2005.08.22
LC-5200 Discontinued Non-contact speedometer lc5200_01a_e.pdf 125 kB 2005.08.22
LC-5200 Discontinued External display unit (for the LC-5200) lc5200_02a_e.pdf 103 kB 2005.08.22
LC-5200 Discontinued Remote box (for the LC-5200) lc5200_03a_e.pdf 52 kB 2005.08.22


GPS Speedometer

Model Status Feature PDF File size update
LC-7700 Discontinued GPS Speedometer lc7700_01a_e.pdf 376 kB 2009.09.30
LC-7700 Discontinued Remote box for LC-7700 GPS Speedometer lc7700_02a_e.pdf 160 kB 2009.11.30
LC-8100 Discontinued GPS Speedometer lc8100_01a_e.pdf 293 kB 2012.02.29
Discontinued GPS Speedometer + external input unit lc0810_02a_e.pdf 386 kB 2012.02.29
LC-0080   Display unit for LC8100 GPS Speedometer lc0080_01b_e.pdf 233 kB 2012.04.02
LC-0081   Inertial measurement unit for LC8100 GPS Speedometer lc0081_02a_e.pdf 140 kB 2012.02.29
LC-0081   Mounting fixture for LC8100 GPS Speedometer lc0081_04a_e.pdf 95 kB 2012.02.29
LC-0083   Remote box for LC8100 GPS Speedometer lc0083_03a_e.pdf 196 kB 2012.04.02
LC-0084   Display Unit lc0084_04a_e.pdf 38 kB 2012.10.01
LC-8200 Discontinued GPS Vector Speedometer lc8200_01a_e.pdf 121 kB 2012.10.01
LC-0815   Input Connector Box lc0815_06a_e.pdf 45 kB 2012.11.01
LC-0819   Output Connector Box lc0819_10a_e.pdf 54 kB 2012.11.01
LC-0085   Inertial Measurement Unit lc0085_05a_e.pdf 185 kB 2012.11.01
LC-0087   IMU unit lc0087_07a_e.pdf 91 kB 2016.12.15
LC-0850A   External input/output unit lc0850a_11a_e.pdf 415 kB 2016.12.15
LC-0855   IMU unit lc0855_01a_e.pdf 165 kB 2016.12.15
LC-0856   white-line detecting function lc0856_02a_e.pdf 151 kB 2019.3.29
LC-0873   Wireless communication unit lc0873_01b_e.pdf 180 kB 2019.5.31
LC-8120   GPS Speedometer lc8120_01b_e1.pdf 308 kB 2021.05.27
LC-8220   GPS Vector Speedometer lc8220_01b_e1.pdf 396 kB 2021.05.27
LC-8300 Discontinued Compact & High-sensitive GPS Speedometer lc8300_01a_e.pdf 282 kB 2019.3.29
LC-8310   Compact & High-sensitive GPS Speedometer lc8310_01b_e.pdf 374 kB 22021.05.27


Crank Angle Measurement Equipment (Optical Fiber Type)

Model Status Feature PDF File size update
CP-5200 Discontinued Crank angle measurement detector cp5200_01a_e.pdf 24 kB 2005.08.22
CP-5200 Discontinued Adapter for the CP-5200 1224_513a_e.pdf 22 kB 2005.08.22
CP-5200 Discontinued Mounting fixture for the CP-5200 1223_512a_e.pdf 33 kB 2005.08.22
CP-5110A Discontinued Clunk angle measurement detector cp5110a_01b_e.pdf 287 kB 2010.01.26
CP-5110 Discontinued Crank angle measurement detector cp5110_01a_e.pdf 302 kB 2005.08.22
CP-5120   Slit disk (1P/R, 360P/R) cp5120_06a_e.pdf 77 kB 2005.08.22
CP-5130   Slit disk (1P/R, 720P/R) cp5130_11a_e.pdf 25 kB 2005.08.22
CA-500A Discontinued Amplifier ca500a_01a_e.pdf 34 kB 2005.08.22
CA-6000A Discontinued Amplifier ca6000a_02b_e.pdf 78kB 2008.04.30
CA-6000B   Amplifier ca6000b_03a_e.pdf 150 kB 2009.09.30
CP-0600A   Stopper jig for crank angle measurement detector cp0600a_01a_e.pdf 226 kB 2009.11.30
CP-5720A Discontinued Crank angle measurement detector cp5720a_01a_e.pdf 230 kB 2010.11.01
CP-5730   Crank angle detector (sensor part) cp5730_01b_e.pdf 122 kB 2012.03.19
CP-5110B   Crank angle detector cp5110b_02a_e.pdf 293 kB 2016.06.01
CP-0610   Rotation stop jig
(for crank angle detector)
cp0610_01a_e.pdf 265 kB 2011.08.01


Crank Angle Measurement Equipment (For general use)

Model Status Feature PDF File size update
PP-932/933   Projector/Receiver pp932_10a_e.pdf 21 kB 2005.08.22
PP-011B   Slit disk pp011b_11a_e.pdf 35 kB 2005.08.22
PP-010A   Slit disk pp010a_01a_e.pdf 24 kB 2005.08.22
PA-500 Discontinued Amplifier pa500_01a_e.pdf 27 kB 2005.08.22
PA-500A   Amplifier pa500a_02d_e.pdf 220 kB 2009.08.31


The following is the list of available combinations of crank angle measurement systems. The compressed files below contain the set of outer dimension files for combined systems. After downloading the EXE files below, please double click on them to expand their contents.

Product name/Configuration PDF File size Update
Configuration for the U-shaped crank angle measurement system (720 p/r)
PP933 + PA500 + PP011B
utype720pdf_e.zip 72 kB 2005.08.22
Configuration for the U-shaped crank angle measurement system (360 p/r)
PP932 + PA500 + PP010A
utype360pdf_e.zip 62 kB 2005.08.22


Engine Rotation Detector

Model Status Feature PDF File size update
CP-044   Diesel engine rotation sensor cp044_01a_e.pdf 31 kB 2005.08.22
IP-2800   Gasoline engine rotation detector ip2800_01_e.pdf 28 kB 2005.08.22
IP-3000 Discontinued Ignition pulse detector ip3000_01a_e.pdf 24 kB 2005.08.22
OM-200 Discontinued Gasoline engine rotation detector om200_01a_e.pdf 18 kB 2005.08.22
VP-201   Engine vibration detector vp201_01a_e.pdf 208 kB 2005.08.22
VP-202   Engine vibration detector vp202_01a_e.pdf 220 kB 2005.08.22
VP-1210   Engine vibration detector vp1210_01a_e.pdf 297 kB 2010.01.28
OM-1200   Motor/gasoline engine RPM detector om1200_01b_e2.pdf 339 kB 2009.10.30
IP-3000A   Ignition pulse detector ip3000a_01a_e.pdf 152 kB 2009.11.30
IP-3100   Ignition pulse detector ip3100_01a_e.pdf 179 kB 2009.11.30
FT-0801   Cigarette lighter socket sensor ft0801_e.pdf 85 kB 2010.05.31
OM-0102   Mounting fixture for OM-1200 om0102_01a_e.pdf 110 kB 2013.01.07
OM-1500   Motor/gasoline engine RPM detector om1500_01a_e.pdf 104 kB 2013.01.07
IP-292   Ignition pulse detector ip292_01b_e.pdf 167 kB 2013.06.03
IP-296   Ignition pulse detector ip296_01d_e.pdf 199 kB 2013.08.01


Engine Tachometer/Digital Tachometer/Digital Spark Advance Meter

Model Status Feature PDF File size update
AR-7240 Discontinued Analog engine tachometer ar7240a_02b_e.pdf 49 kB 2005.08.22
  Analog engine tachometer ar7240b_03a_e.pdf 461 kB 2010.12.01
CT-6520 Discontinued Digital engine tachometer ct6520_01a_e.pdf 55 kB 2005.08.22
CT-6520B Discontinued Digital engine tachometer ct6520b_03a_e.pdf 396 kB 2010.12.01
FT-1500 Discontinued Advanced tachometer ft1500_01c_e.pdf 46 kB 2005.08.22
GE-1200 Discontinued Diesel engine tachometer ge1200_01a_e.pdf 34 kB 2005.08.22
GE-1400   Diesel engine tachometer ge1400_01a_e.pdf 257 kB 2006.05.22
HT-6100 Discontinued Digital Hand Tacometer ht6100_01a_e.pdf 463 kB 2006.03.20
SE-1100 Discontinued Digital engine tachometer se1100_01b_e.pdf 34 kB 2005.08.22
SE-1200   Digital engine tachometer se1200_01a_e.pdf 126kB 2008.01.31
SE-2400 Discontinued Digital engine tachometer se2400_01a_e.pdf 51 kB 2005.08.22
SE-2500   Gasoline engine tachometer se2500_01a_e.pdf 438 kB 2006.03.20
SE-1520 Discontinued Digital engine tachometer se1520_01a_e.pdf 75 kB 2005.08.22
SE-1620   Gasoline engine tachometer se1620_01a_e.pdf 88 kB 2006.01.06
HT-6200   Handheld Digital Tachometer ht6200_01a_e.pdf 315 kB 2012.10.01
GE-2500   Diesel engine tachometer ge2500_01a_e.pdf 48 kB 2013.01.07
CT-6700   Digital engine tachometer ct6700_01a_e.pdf 219 kB 2016.07.01


Throttle Controller (Actuator & Amplifier)

Model Status Feature PDF File size update
TC-2210   Throttle controller tc2210_01c_e.pdf 91kB 2012.01.31
TC-2220   Throttle actuator tc2220_01a_e.pdf 218kB 2012.01.31
TC-2221   Throttle actuator tc2221_11a_e.pdf 188kB 2012.01.31
TC-2221   Throttle actuator configuration tc2221_12a_e.pdf 290kB 2012.01.31
TC-2310   Throttle controller tc2310_01b_e.pdf 203kB 2012.01.31


DS-3000 Series Combustion Analysis System

Model Status Feature PDF File size update
DS-3284   4 ch Combustion Analysis System ds3284_01a_e.pdf 227kB 2016.06.01