MI series

GK series impulse hammer is an excitation hammer which has a built-in force sensor to measure a natural vibration frequency or perform modal analysis of a mechanical structure.

In addition to the GK-3100 for general purpose usage, the GK-2110 is an ultra compact type weighing of 4.8 g for excitation of small and light-weighted parts. For excitation of large structures such as automobile’s framework structure, the large type of the GK-4110G20 weighing of 1.1 kg is suitable. You can choose any one depending on your requirements.

By mounting an accelerometer on a measurement object and hitting it with impulse hammer, excitation force signals from an impulse hammer and response acceleration signals from an accelerometer are input to an FFT analyzer to enable measurement of the frequency response function (natural frequency). Moreover, you can perform modal analysis of the object by sending the obtained frequency response function data to a PC in which modal analysis software is installed.