Impulse Hammer

GK series

GK series impulse hammer is an excitation hammer which has a built-in force sensor to measure a natural vibration frequency or perform modal analysis of a mechanical structure.

In addition to the GK-3100 for general purpose usage, the GK-2110 is an ultra compact type weighing of 4.8 g for excitation of small and light-weighted parts. For excitation of large structures such as automobile’s framework structure, the large type of the GK-4110G20 weighing of 1.1 kg is suitable. You can choose any one depending on your requirements.

By mounting an accelerometer on a measurement object and hitting it with impulse hammer, excitation force signals from an impulse hammer and response acceleration signals from an accelerometer are input to an FFT analyzer to enable measurement of the frequency response function (natural frequency). Moreover, you can perform modal analysis of the object by sending the obtained frequency response function data to a PC in which modal analysis software is installed.




  • As a light-weighted of 4.8g (when attached with a plastic hammer handle), the GK-2110 enables excitation for noise analysis from a small case of HDD or thin pipe in compressor etc. and its measures.
  • Up to around 20 kHz of excitation is available.
  • 2 kinds of hammer handles are provided as standard to meet your requirements. The hammer with a plastic hammer handle can be used as an excitation for exceptionally-light measurement object. Whereas the hammer with aluminum hammer handle provides a large excitation force.



  • Attaching an extender mass (provided as standard) on the GK-3100 (140 g as standard) weighs a total of 220 g. Only using the GK-3100 gives a wide range of excitation force.
  • Exclusive sensor amplifier is provided as standard.
  • 4 kinds of impact tips are provided as standard. Excitation frequency can be changed according to requirements of your test structures.



  • With the hammer mass of 1.1 kg, analysis of the vibration of the frame which affects the working accuracy and the excitation for the mode analysis of the white body of the automobile are possible.
  • With built-in CCLD preamplifier, direct connection to analyzer is possible.
  • Four types of impact tips are included as standard. It is possible to change the vibration frequency according to the application.

System configuration

CF-9200/9400 DS-3000series

Overview Specifications

  GK-2110 GK-3100 GK-4110G20
Measurement range 220 N 2,200 N 22,000 N
Detection element Crystal Crystal Crystal
Sensitivity 22.5 mV/N 2.3 mV/N 0.23 mV/N
Resonance frequency 100 kHz or more 31 kHz or more 12 kHz or more
Excitation Frequency range (when hard tip in use) Up to 20 kHz Up to 8 kHz Up to 1 kHz
Hammer weight 4.8 g (when attached with a plastic hammer handle) 140 g 1,100 g
Head diameter 6.3 mm 15 mm 51 mm
Tip diameter 2.5 mm 6.4 mm 51 mm
Hammer length 107 mm 203 mm 370 mm
Output connector Aluminum hammer handle (5-44 coaxial connector)
Plastic hammer handle (directly-attached cable, miniature 10-32 connector)
Output signal Voltage output with CCLD compatible Voltage output with CCLD compatible Voltage output with CCLD compatible
Applicable to TEDS (Ver. 1.0)
Output impedance 100 Ω or less 100 Ω or less 100 Ω or less
CCLD power supply 2 to 20 mA,
+18 to +30 VDC
2 to 20 mA,
+18 to +30 VDC
2 to 20 mA,
+18 to +30 VDC
Sensor amplifier

Sold separately: SR-2210

Provided as standard: Power supply unit (sensor amplifier)
Sold separately: SR-2210

Sold separately: SR-2210

Cable Provided as standard: GK-0132 (3 m, for aluminum hammer handle) Provided as standard: Signal cable (3 m)
Sold separately: GK-0122 (3 m)
Sold separately: MX-100 series
    Storage case
    Extender mass*1
    Impact tip (vinyl)
    5-44=10-32 cable (3 m)
    Hammer handle
    (aluminum, plastic)
    Data sheet
Storage case
 Extender mass
 Power supply unit (sensor amplifier)
Cable for hammer (BNC, 3 m)
Cable for signal output (BNC, 0.9 m)
Impact tip set (super soft, soft, medium, hard)
Data sheet
    Storage case Impact tips set
    (super soft, soft, medium, hard) Data sheet
NP-0021 conversion connector is required when GK-2110 is connected to BNC connector.
*Signal cable is not provided as a standard for the GK-4110G20.
*Sensor amplifier is not provided as a standard for the GK-2110 and GK4110G20. SR-2210 2ch sensor amplifier can be used.
*1: Extender mass should be mounted when the hammer with aluminum hammer handle is used.


Cable and Connector

Product name Model name Applicable model
Signal cable (3m) GK-0122 GK-3100/4110G20
Signal cable (3m) GK-0132 GK-2110
Miniature/ BNC conversion connector NP-0021 GK-2110

Options for GK-2110

Product name Model name
Impact caps (5 pieces) GK-0205
Extender mass GK-0211
Plastic hammer handle GK-0221
Aluminum hammer handle GK-0222

Options for GK-3100

Product name Model name
Medium tip GK-0503
Super soft tip GK-0504
Soft tip GK-0505
Hard tip GK-0506

Options for GK-4110G20

Product name Model name
Medium tip GK-0403
Super soft tip GK-0404
Soft tip GK-0405
Hard tip GK-0406

Frequency Response Characteristics according to Tip types







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