2-Ch Sensor Amplifier




The SR-2210 sensor amplifier accepts constant-current line drive sensors and connects the signal to analyzers and recorders that would not otherwise be compatible with constant-current sensors.

The units connects directly with BNC connectors to ONO's model MI-3111 microphone preamplifiers and NP-3000 series of accelerometers.

With compact, light-weight, battery operation, it can save for preparation of measurement.



  • Two input channels for simultaneous measurement of either sound pressure level and vibration, or input and output source measurement
  • Dual power source: battery or AC adaptor (optional)
  • Providing following weighting: Flat, A and C (filter for measurement of sound pressure level)
  • Stackable for multiple channels

Rear side



Input Section Constant current power supply 2.4 mA / applied voltage : approx. 18V
Number of channels 2
Operating frequency range 1 Hz to 20 kHz  (±0.5 dB) , load impedance 100 kΩ or more
Input impedance 1 MΩ ±0.5 %
Input cutoff frequency Approx. 0.16 Hz
Input voltage range 12.5 dBVrms or less (± 6V)
Gain -10, 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 dB in 10-dB step, selectable, ± 0.2 dB
Frequency weighting A/C/FLAT (conforming standards: IEC 651 Type 1, JIS C 1505-1988)
Output cutoff frequency approx. 0.2 Hz (load impedance : 100kΩ or more)
approx. 0.4 Hz (load impedance : 50kΩ or more.)
Input-converted self noise A -105 dBVrms or less
C -100 dBVrms or less
FLAT -95 dBVrms or less
Input / output connectors BNC
Output Section Output voltage 12.6 dBVrms or less (±6V)
Max. output cable length 30 m
General Power supply Type AA battery x 4
External power supply: PB-7090* AC adaptor (option)
Battery life Approx. 20 hours min. (with alkaline battery)
Operating temperature range -10 to +50°C
Operating humidity range 30 to 90 % RH (with no condensation)
Storage temperature range -20 to +60°C
Storage humidity range 10 to 90 % RH (with no condensation)
Outer dimensions 140 (W) x 40 (H) x 125 (D) mm (not including protruded section)
Weigh Approx. 550 g (with batteries)
Accessories Instruction manual x 1 copy, battery (LR06) x 4 pcs
* Please do not use the PB-7090 connecting with the SR-2200. It becomes cause of failure.

Comparative table of SR-2210 ad SR-2200

  SR-2210 SR-2200
Polar character inside + -
outside - +
External power supply (AC adapter) PB-7090 (option) PB-703 (N etc), TA2081 (option)

Important reminder when connecting the SR-2210/SR-2200 to the AC adpters


* Please use the appropriate AC adapter. Wrong connection might be cause of failure.


Connection cable (both terminals are BNC connector)

Model name Outer dimension Length Operating temperature range
MX-1001 Signal cable for low/ high temperature
1.5 m -30 to +80 °C
MX-1005 5 m
MX-1020 20 m
MX-2001 MX-2000 1.5 m 0 to +60 °C
MX-2005 5 m
MX-2020 20 m




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