This sensor converts mechanical vibrations into electric signals in proportion of vibration acceleration.
You can choose the one that is ideal for your purpose,conditions,applications etc. from wide variety of selection.
Charge amplifier is necessary because it is a charge output type,however, compared to pre-amplifier built-in type, it can be used at higher temperature in general.


  • The seismo-type*1 sensor requires no reference point for measurement
  • Compact and light weight, easy to mount and easy handling
  • Wide dynamic range, micro acceleration measurement available
  • Mechanical strength is suitable for measurement of large acceleration or impact acceleration
  • High resonance frequency makes the measureable frequency range wider. Wide band frequency can be measured without waveform distortion
  • 6 kinds of sensors are provided such as ultra compact type (0.6g), general purpose type, and heat-resistant type.
  • Charge amplifier is required. Can be used in higher-temperature environment compared to a built-in preamplifier type.

*1:Vibration system where M is mass, K is the spring constant, and C is the viscosity resistance.


Tri-axial accelerometer
Features Ultra-compact,
Compact General-purpose
Structure Shear type Shear type Shear type Shear type Shear type Shear type
Model Name NP-2106 NP-2110 NP-2710 NP-2910 NP-2810 NP-2120
Appearance NP-2106 NP-2110 NP-2710 NP-2910 NP-2810 NP-2120
Sensitivity*1 0.035 pC/(m/s2) ±20 % 0.16 pC/(m/s2) ±2dB 0.306 pC/(m/s2) ±10% 0.3 pC/(m/s2) ±20% 1.2 pC/(m/s2) ±2dB 5 pC/(m/s2) ±2dB

580 pF ±20 %

(including cable)

3m 300 pF

(including cable)

485 pF 500 pF±20 % 750 pF±20 % 3350 pF±20 %
Resonant Frequency 60 kHz or more approx. 46kHz approx. 50kHz approx. 63kHz approx. 48kHz approx. 32kHz
Frequency range*2 fc to 1 kHz(±5 %)
fc to 6 kHz(±10 %)
fc to 20 kHz(±3 dB)
fc to 10kHz ±0.5dB fc to 10kHz ±5% fc to 10kHz ±0.5dB fc to 6kHz ±0.5dB fc to 5kHz ±0.5dB
fc to 20kHz ±3dB fc to 20kHz ±3dB fc to 20kHz ±3dB fc to 15kHz ±3dB fc to 12kHz ±3dB
Maximum allowable acceleration (m/s2) 100,000 10,000 22,600 50,000 20,000 8,000
Maximum shock resistance (m/s2) 100,000 100,000 98,100 100,000 30,000 16,000
Operating temperature range ( °C) -50 to +160 -20 to +160 -71 to +260 -20 to +160 -20 to +160 -20 to +140
Insulation resistance 10,000 MΩ or
more (50 VDC)
10,000 MΩ or more 1,000 GΩ or more 10,000 MΩ or more 10,000 MΩ or more 10,000 MΩ or more
Weight (g) 0.2*3 0.6*3 2 2 12 25
Ground/Insulation Case ground Case ground Case ground Case ground Case ground Case ground
case material Titanium Titanium Titanium Titanium SUS303 SUS303
Outer Dimensions*4
φ3.5 × 2.5 H φ6.5 × 3.7H 7.1Hex × 8.4H 7Hex × 10H 12Hex × 16H 14Hex × 23.5H

10-32 coaxial plug

Cable: Directly attached cable (3 m),
Cable diameter Φ 0.8 mm

10-32 coaxial plug
Directly attached(3 m)
Cable diameter Φ1.0mm
5-44 coaxial
M3 coaxial
(micro connector)
10-32 coaxial
10-32 coaxial



- - NP-0160 series
(NP-0162(3 m)
(provided as standard)
NP-0150 series
(NP-0152(3 m) (provided as standard)
NP-0120/0130 series
(sold separately)
NP-0120/0130 series
(sold separately)
Attachement Adhesive Adhesive M3 male screw Adhesive M5 male screw M5 female screw
Accessories Instruction manual,
Calibration chart,
Tool for scooping out
Instruction manual,
Calibration chart
Exclusive cable
NP-0162:3 m
( provided as standard),
Instruction manual, Calibration chart
NP-0152A Exclusive cable (3m), Instruction manual, Calibration chart Exclusive mount base NP-031, Instruction manual, Calibration chart M5 x 0.8 L=4.5 steel stud, Instruction manual, Calibration chart
Outer dimensions
NP-2106 fig NP-2110 fig NP-2710 fig NP-2910 fig NP-2810 fig NP-2120 fig

*1: The sensitivity such as±0.5 dB and ±1 dB represents sensitivity variation for each sensor ( individual difference), not the measurement accuracy. Performing calibration for each sensor according to its respective sensitivity value enables measuremet to be performed under the same conditions and with the same accuracy,irrespective of the sensor type.

*2: The fc value is determined by the time constant with respect to the charge amplifier.

*3: Not including a cable

*4: Not including a cable and connector part.

*5: This conversion cable is required when using the signal cable (NP-0252, NP-0262, NP-0243 for NP-3560B).

* Noise of the NP-2000 series is equivalent to "conversion input noise level" of a charge amplifier used, such as CH-1200A charge amplifier.


Peripheral equipment

Seneitivity Calibrator for Piezoelectric accelerometers
List of signal cable / accessory NP-0081N20
TEDS Adapter


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