Sensitivity Calibrator for Piezoelectric Accelerometers



Photo (VX-1100 Acceleration Pickup Calibrator)




Piezoelectric accelerometers are widely used in vibration measurements. In order to obtain correct data, it is necessary to check the operation (sensitivity) of sensor before use.

The VX-1100A is a simple type sensitivity calibrator that is designed for use with piezoelectric accelerometers. This calibrator has functions as exciter, sensor amplifier, and display unit so the sensitivity value can be read directly on the display simply by connecting an accelerometer to the VX-1100A.

The VX-1100A excites an accelerometer with sine wave of 159.2 Hz and 10 m/s2 (rms) so that the output can be used as calibration signal for vibration measurement system.


  • Standalone unit having three functions of an exciter, sensor amplifier and display
  • Can be used for accelerometers of both charge output type and built-in amplifier type.
    Required amplifier can be selected by switching.(2.0 mA, 4.0 mA, or charge amplifier)
  • Digital display allows direct reading of sensitivity.
  • Compact and light weight
  • Long time continuous operation(approx. 8 hours)
  • Accessories necessary for measurement are equipped as standard.
  • Carrying case is provided for easy carrying.

Example of usage


Installation of accelerometers and conversion adapters

*2:Use only for excitation

Parts and functions

VX-1100 各部の名称と機能


Overview Specification

Excitation frequency 159.2 Hz ± 1 %
Excitation acceleration 10 m/s2 *1 (rms) ±3 %
Excitation velocity 10 mm/s (rms) ±4 %
Excitation displacement 10 µm (rms) ± 5 %
Harmonic distortion rate 3 % or less
Display accuracy function Built-in
Sensitivity display range

0.01 to 19.99 mV/(m/s2)

Sensitivity display accuracy ±3 % ±1 digit
Applicable accelerometer weight 110 g or less
Power source for sensor

Constant current selectable: 2.0 mA, 4.0 mA,

Voltage                               : 24 V

General specification
Power requirement Size AA battery ×4
Battery life Approx. 8 hours (When used under the following conditions: mass of detector approx. 25 g, drive current 2.0 mA, alkaline battery cells used)
Operating temperature range +10 ℃ to +40 ℃
Operating humidity range 90 % RH or less (with no condensation)
Weight Approx. 1 kg
Accessory ·Signal cable (50 cm length, C02 BNC-miniature connector)
·Conversion adapter (M5-M3, M5-M6, M5-No.10-32 UNF)
·Flat table (M5-flat)
·Size AA battery cell x 4
·Hard case
·Instrustion manual

*1 When vibrating in a sine wave with excitation acceleration of 10 m/s2 and frequency of 159.2 Hz, the excitation velocity is 10 mm/s and the excitation displacement is 10 μm, all of which are numbers “10”.



● BNC/Miniature conversion adapter (NP-0021) is required depending on sensors. Please contact your nearest distributor or Ono Sokki sales office for details.

● The VX-1100A cannot be used for NP-2106 and 2506.





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