Automatic Air Purging Tank






Photo (MF-015 Automatic Air Purging Tank)


If the fuel passing through a flow detector has mixing of air, the flow rate cannot be measured correctly. The MF-015 is an automatic air purging tank that uses a precision float valve. When fluid enters the flow line, the air is automatically purged to the atmosphere.

Overview specification

Applicable fluids Gasoline, light oil or kerosene
Maximum flow rate Approx. 100 L/h
Tank capacity 0.7 L
Withstand pressure 200 kPa
Joint Horse nipple
R1/4 Internal diameter Φ 6 mm, External diameter Φ 9 mm (for both IN and OUT on the pressure increase and reduction unit)
Weight Approx. 1.8 kg
Outer dimensions Φ 93 (W) X 212 (H) mm

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