Photo (MP-981 Magneto-electric rotation detector)



Photo (AP-981 Magneto-electric rotation detector)



The MP-981 is a magneto-type detector using a hall element which is suitable for revolution (r/min) measurement from low speed to high speed.

Magneto-type detectors use an internal hall element, a permanent magnet, DC amplifier, and voltage regulator and respond to flux, so that a rectangular wave form is derivable from much lower speed  all the way though high speed.
In addition, a signal indicator is provided in spite of the detector's compact design, making verification of operation and mounting position possible.

Meanwhile, the AP-981 is the water and acid proof type, which conforms to Class ' of JIS C0920.



· Possible to measure broad speed range from lower speed almost 0 r/min (from 1 Hz) to higher speed

· Signal detection can be monitored checking the indicator on the body

· Water & acid proof (AP-981)


  MP-981 AP-981
Detection method

Hall element

Water/acid proof not provided provided
Measurement range frequency 1 Hz to 20 kHz
revolution *1  1 to 20,000 r/min
Detection gear material strong magnetic
module 0.5 to 3
tooth width 3mm or greater
Output waveform rectangular waveform
Hi : 5V±0.5V
Lo : +0.5V or less
Impedance approx. 330Ω
Power supply 12±2VDC, 20mA
Operating temperature -10 to +70 °C -10 to +70 °C
-10 to +50 °C *2 
Weight approx. 80 g approx. 130 g
*1: In case of a detecting gear with 60 P/R of the gear tooth
*2: with a nitric acid fume concentration of 10%




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