This product is discontinued / Replaced by CF-4700 FFT Comparator
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The CF-4500 FFT comparator can make OK/NG judgment and quality inspection accurately by analyzing the frequency signal of sound or vibration from products or parts on production lines.

Measuring sound or vibration is popular as an effective method for quality control of products having driven section such as a motor. To ensure higher quality, needs for finding and capturing characteristic signals have been increasing as well as sound or vibration level in recent years. As being incorporated our accumulated FFT technology over the years, the CF-4500 enables OK/NG judgment by extracting caused and characteristic frequency component.

The CF-4500 provides three newer functions in addition to [Block comparator function] which can make OK/NG judgment by characteristic frequency level in signals. [Shape comparator function] enables OK/NG judgment by using signal form. [Tracking function] can also make OK/NG judgment even though rotational speed is changing. You can check abnormal sound by your ears with [Band-pass filter & monitor function]. The combinations of these judgment functions greatly help in higher quality improvement and working effectiveness at production site.


  • Up to maximum of 20 blocks can be specified as judgment area in characteristic frequency signal levels. The judgment method can be setup for each block.
  • Three kinds of OK/NG judgment function allow precise inspection of various products. In addition to [Block comparator function], [Shape comparator function] (option) can make OK/NG judgment by signal waveform. [Tracking function] (option) enables OK/NG judgment by capturing changes of specified order level even though rotational speed is changing.
  • Also, an operator can make judgment while checking characteristic abnormal sound by him/her own ears thorough headphones with [Band-pass filter & monitor function] (option).
  • Incorporation of a 6.5-inch color LCD touch panel has enabled easy reading of measuring waveform or judgment result. Moreover you can specify judgment area only by touching and dragging your finger on a screen.
  • As USB interface is equipped with the CF-4500, measurement data or judgment result can be managed in a PC by means of copying those data in USB memory.
  • In view of measurement on production line, the CF-4500 has battery backup function (option) which enables closing the application normally in case of going down a main power or instantaneous power failure.

Block comparator

Block comparator is the function which makes OK/NG judgment whether a focused signal peak value or level goes within the specified conditions in the block area. Block area is specified by the range of fixed frequency and upper/lower-limit of level range (20 blocks max). Five kinds of judgment method (level, peak level, peak max, section over all, and area content rate) can be setup for each block. You can setup judgment block by touching and dragging on a screen or numeric input on a list. A setup block can be moved right to left or up and down by cursor key.

Shape comparator

Using shape comparator function, you can make OK/NG judgment by a shape of signal waveforms. Sometimes it is not easy to judge a subtle difference in signal waveforms of sound or vibration etc. even though frequency analysis is performed. This function allows judgment of subtle difference in waveform by setting up a judgment line along the shape of signal waveform. A judgment line is setup by connecting points which are optionally specified.

(Option: CF-0452 Shape comparator function)

Shape comparator of tracking waveform

For sound or vibration measures of rotating equipments, it is important to measure or analyze which rotational speeds increase sound or vibration and which parts of rotating machine cause sound or vibration. The CF-4500 FFT comparator can follow up a change of rotational speed and extract a component of sound or vibration which is based on rotation, and then make OK/NG judgment by its level or changing situation. LG series or MP-900/9000 series rotational sensors by ONO SOKKI can be connected directly to input signals of rotational speed.

(Option: CF-0451 Tracking function + CF-0452 Shape comparator function)

Band pass filter & monitor function

Abnormal sound from products has been inspected by using stethoscopic probes as a sensitive evaluation. With the CF-4500, you can setup frequency band of abnormal sound over optional specified filter while hearing the abnormal sound through headphones.

(Option: CF-0453 Band pass filter & monitor function)

Overview Specification

Input section

Number of channel

1 channel

Type Single-ended
Connector BNC
Input impedance 100 kΩ
Input coupling AC (0.5 Hz/-3 dB) / DC selectable
(AC is automatically set up when CCLD is used.)
Kind of signal Voltage/CCLD (4 mA +24V: TEDS Ver. 1.0 or later)(* Note)
Voltage range 10 mV rms to 31.6 Vrms, 8 ranges
Dynamic range 90 dB (at 1 Vrm range)

* Note: If a TEDS supported sensor made by other companies is used, TEDS information may not be read depending on the type of a TEDS tip included in a sensor.

1. If you are considering the purchase of a TEDS sensor made by other companies, please consult to the manufacturer or dealer of the TEDS sensor, and perform the operation check.

2. When you want to use a TEDS sensor you already have with the TEDS supported measurement instruments made by Ono Sokki, please perform the operation check with a demonstration product of Ono Sokki. (Please consult your nearest distributor or Ono Sokki sales office nearby.)


Filter section

HPF/LPF filter HPF:1 Hz, 10 Hz(-18 dB/oct)
LPF:1 kHz, 10 kHz(-18 dB/oct)

(HPF:10 Hz/LPF:1 kHz conforms to vibration severity standards.)

Frequency weighting A/C(JIS C 1509-1 Class1, IEC 61672-1 Class 1)

Analysis section

Frequency range 1 Hz to 40 kHz, 19 ranges
Sampling point 512/1024/2048/4096
Real-time frequency range 20 kHz
Processing function Time domain: Time axis waveform
Frequency domain: Power spectrum, Fourier spectrum, 1/1 & 1/3 octave (compound)
Frequency axis waveform processing 1/jω, 1/jω2, ×jω, ×jω2
Averaging Times (1 to 8192 times), or time (0.1 to 100 seconds)
Averaging type  
Frequency domain Summation averaging, Exponential averaging, Peak hold, Max Over All
Time domain
Amplitude domain
Phase spectrum
Summation averaging


Block comparator section

Waveform type Power spectrum, octave (1/1, 1/3), order spectrum
Maximum allowable number of blocks 20
Judgment method Peak Level, Peak Max, OA, POA, area content percentage, Level (Can be specified a judgment method for each block.)
Judgment criteria AND or OR of specified all blocks
Judgment mode Continuous mode, single mode
Automatic data saving function Data is automatically saved all measurement results or only when the comparator result is NG.
Judgment output Overall judgment and individual judgment of up to five specified blocks or shape.

Displaying section

Display 6.5-inch TFT color LCD (640 x 480), touch panel
Waveform display mode Single screen, Dual screen, overwriting
Waveform display function
     Unit of Y axis m/s2, m/s, mm, μm, Pa, dB, V, Vrms (auto unit conversion by differential and integral calculus)
     Y axis scale Rms, 0-p, p-p
     Unit of X axis Hz, ORD, r/min, s(sec)
     X axis scale Default/expand display function
List display 40 points (peak value, harmonic or optionally)
Comparator judgment display List display of comprehensive judgment (OK/NG) or individual judgment for each block

Memory section

Format of screen data DAT, TXT, BMP, TRC
Number of condition memories 50 max
Contents Measurement condition, comparator condition (block or shape setting, judgment condition etc.)

Interface section

Digital I/O 9 kinds of input, 9 kinds of output :open collector (shared common)
Input function
The function can be available by assigning the following functions to each terminal.
  • Control by assigned command (9 kinds max.)
  • Selection from 4 kinds of judgment block
  • Selection from 15 kinds of panel condition
Output signal
Individual judgment output (optionally selectable from five items)
USB USB 2.0 high speed, terminal for USB memory, terminal for mass storage class
For control LAN, RS-232C

General specification

Power requirement 24 VDC or exclusive AC adapter(100 to 240 VAC, sold separately)
power consumption 40 VA(when 24 VDC), 60 VA (AC adapter in used)
Operating temperature rang 0 to 40 ℃(with no condensation)
Outer dimension 149 (H)×220 (W)×250 (D)  mm not including protruded section
Weight Approx, 3.3 kg


CF-0451 Tracking function

Type Constant width / constant ratio
Schedule Rotational speed / time
Maximum analysis order 6.25, 12.5, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800
Processing function Maximum amplitude order, POA, Order Peak, Order Band
External sample / rotational sensor input section BNC or R03-R6F(Please specify at the time of order.)

BNC: Voltage/TTL
R03-R6F: Used for rotational sensor input. (LG-916, MP-981 etc., power supply for rotational sensor input at 12 V, 0.1 A.)

CF-0452 Shape comparator function

Type of waveforms Time-axis waveform, power spectrum, octave (1/1,1/3), order spectrum, tracking plot
Maximum number of standard lines 20 lines
Judgment method Specifying the range between two standard lines
Specifying the level by one standard line

* The specifications of judgment mode, automatic data saving function and judgment output are same as block comparator’s specification.

CF-0453 Band pass filter & monitor function

Specified frequency range HPF, LPF: 50 Hz to 10 kHz(-24 dB/ oct)
Monitor output connector φ3.5 mini jack

CF-0454 Envelope & filter function

Envelope method

1 kHz Low pass filter method

* CF-0454 Envelope & filter function includes functions of CF-0453 Band pass filter & monitor.

CF-0458 Power source backup function

  • Main body of CF-4500 can be stopped in an orderly manner at the time of power line off.
  • Main body can be startup automatically by the setting which has been selected at the time of power line on.

Model name Product name
CF-4500 FFT comparator
CF-0451 Tracking function
CF-0452 Shape comparator function
CF-0453 Band pass filter & monitor function
CF-0454 Envelope & filter function
CF-0458 Power source backup function
CF-0459 Panel protection cover
CF-0702 Stylus pen
  AC adapter (PS-P20018A)
  Power cable for 120 V (VM0600-VM0299A)2 m

* CF-0454 includes CF-0453 band pass filter & monitor function.

* The number of rotational pulse input of CF-0451 tracking function can be selected from BNC or rotational sensor input.




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