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Replaced by MI-5420A

3-D Sound Intensity Measuring Probe



Photo (MI-6420 3-D Sound Intensity Measuring Probe)

The MI-6420 three-dimensional sound intensity measuring probe, has four microphones configured as the four apexes of a regular tetrahedron.
With this configuration, the MI-6420 is capable of simultaneous acquisition of data for the three components of X, Y and Z axes of a three-dimensional intensity vector.
When combined with the three-dimensional sound intensity analyzing system featured on the DS-2000 series Data Station, and MI-0620 sound pressure phase calibrator, this instruments also permits display and analysis of a three-dimensional acoustic intensity vector.
The MI-6420 has adaptors as standard equipment for setting microphones at an equal scaling spacing of 60 mm or 20 mm.
These setting adaptors enable the MI-6420 to cover frequencies from 40 Hz to 1.2 kHz (with the 60 mm adaptor), or from 120 Hz to 3.6 kHz (with the 20 mm adapter), with 1 dB error. If 2 dB error is permissible, it is possible to cover frequencies from
40 Hz to 1.7 kHz (with the 60 mm adapter), or 120 Hz to 5.0 kHz (with the 20 mm adapter). microphone, using an adaptor.


  • Simultaneous acquisition of X, Y, and Z component data of three-dimensional acoustic intensity vector
  • Simple and easy-to-handle probe configuration with minimized disturbance to sound field
  • Compared to the uniaxial sound field intensity probe, data acquisition time can be reduced to 1/3


Probe structure Tetrahedron 4-microphone three-dimensional arrangement
Microphone type 1/4-inch diameter, back electret condenser microphone
Sound pressure sensitivity level
(0 dB = 1 V/PA)
-24 dB±3dB
Measuring sound pressure level min. 38 dB (A), 46 dB (F)
max. 110 dB (1 kHz, THD = 3 %)
Temperature coefficient 0.5 dB/10°C (TYP)
Gap between microphones for low frequency 60 mm
for high frequency 20 mm
Measuring frequency range for low frequency 40 kHz to 1.2 kHz (-1 ± 1 dB)
for high frequency 120 kHz to 3.6 kHz (-1 ± 1 dB)
120 kHz to 5.0 kHz (-2 ± 1 dB)
Shortest distance between measuring object and acoustic center for low frequency approx. 40 mm
for high frequency approx. 14 mm
Phase difference between microphones within 0.4 deg. (1 kHz, max., after calibration)
within 0.8 deg. (4 kHz, max., after calibration)
Operating temperature -10 to +40°C
Outer dimensions overall length 525.0 to 560.0 mm
max. width 30.0 to 70.0 mm
max. height 28.0 to 55.0 mm
Weight Approx. 300 g (probe)
Approx. 360 g (including 5 m cable)




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