Laser Doppler vibrometer with No load and Non-contact


The LV-1800 non-contact type Laser Doppler Vibrometer uses newly designed interference optical system and has achieved improvement of detection sensitivity by 20 dB compared to the conventional models. The built-in positioning camera makes it easy to check the target by laser beam irradiation.

The LV-1800 can perform amplitude velocity measurements in a wide range of fields that are difficult with a contact type vibration sensor; small actuator using piezoelectric element, cell phones and digital camera with MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems), inverter an other devices in an EV/HEV. By using the LV-1800 with FFT Analyzer, it is possible to visualize not just vibration but the state of the vibration. 


  • Integrated sensor and camera
  • Without degradation of the detection sensitivity, you can check targets and the parts irradiated by laser beams displaying on the Windows based PC.
  • Greatly increased detection ability
  • Newly designed interference optical system has achieved improved the detection sensitivity by 20 dB (ten times) compared to the conventional models. Restrictions of targets and detecting environment have been dramatically eased to facilitate sensor installation and setup.

  • Detectable various targets with wide range up to 4 ranges
  • The LV-1800 can detect a wide range of amplitude from 0.05 µm/s* to 10 m/s from high velocity amplitudes of ultrasonic tools and piezoelectric devices to small amplitudes generated by thin film, MEMS, and ceramic capacitors.
    *: When the LV-0800 small velocity range board is mounted.

  • Quick confirmation of the focal position and the detection status
  • The level indicator equipped on the sensor helps quick and reliable setup while checking the focal position or detection status at hand.

  • Small and light-weight sensors with excellent ease of use
  • Level indicator and error indicator are equipped on the sensor so that checking of detection status and setup become easy. As being designed to be separated from laser light source, the sensor is small and light-weight. Without any restrictions, laser beams can be irradiated in all directions.

  • Easy storage and transporting
  • The main unit of the LV-1800 is 33% lighter compared to the conventional model. As the sensor and the cable can be stored in the main body, storage and transportation can be done easily and safely. Storage trunk (option) can store the magnetic stand, illumination unit as well as the main unit.

  • Wide range of options provide utmost solutions
  • As the LV-1800 has wide variety of options, you can find suitable applications depending on requirements. For example, using the LV-1800 with an FFT Analyzer and exclusive software can visualize the behavior and characteristics of a target.

Example of usage

Ultrasonic applied devices

Ultrasonic welding machine, wire bonding machine, ultrasonic cutter,
ultrasonic homogenizer, ultrasonic soldering iron
Ultrasonic microscope, ultrasonic atomizer
Fishfinder, frequency/amplitude measurement of sonar device
Nanoimprinting device, piezoelectric vibrating gyroscopes
Ultrasonic motor, ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic scalpel
Behavior detection of living body (insect etc.)

IT / mediums

Transmission characteristic of optical pickup (CD· DVD· BD etc.)
Vibration measurement of disc surface
Behavior of ink-jet element
Slider & VCM of HDD,HDD, vibration analysis of flying head and other component
Vibrating thin film in cell phone's microphone, receiver or speaker
Vibrating motor
Ultrasonic motor for AF (autofocus) function in camera


Automobiles(including EV / HEV)

Inverter motor, inverter and its component device, smoothing condenser etc
Rotation tracking analysis of engine, transmission
Shock sensor (MEMS)
Internal vibration of light valve
Differential displacement measurement of brake caliper, fuel injector
Vibration of warning sound alarm


Valve movement
Long distance vibration of pipework, blower, motor etc
Laser ultrasonics


Applications of the LV-1800



System Configuration

System Configuration


Laser Doppler Vibrometer Measurement Range


Detection unit

Detection demodulation system Velocity demodulation using optical heterodyne detection
Laser beam Light source He-Ne laser (=approx.633 nm)
Reflected light output Within 1 mW
Laser safety standard Conforming to Laser Class 2
* Please refer to <conforming standard> for more details.
Minimum laser spot diameter Approx. 20 μm or less (φ=1/e2 when the focusing position is 100 mm.)
Approx. 3 μm or less (When the LV-0151B is mounted.) WD=approx. 38.8 mm
Standard lens Variable-focus lens 100 mm to 10 m (∞)
Distance scale 100 mm to 10 m (∞)  *With the coherence length mark
Size of attachment M22 x 0.5 Depth 5.5 mm
Built-in positioning camera
LV-0181 (option)
Installing method Built-in the sensor (Can be installed after delivery. Please contact your nearest distributor for more details.)
Interface USB 2.0
*output from the conversion section USB mini-B connector
Imaging element CMOS color 1/4-inch
Number of pixels More than 300,000 pixels
Image size VGA (640 x 480)
Frame rate 30 frames/second
Minimum imaging range 10 x 7.5 mm (TYP) WD=100 mm (at minimal length)
2.1 x 1.6 mm (TYP) When the LV-0151B objective lens is mounted.
Imaging position An erect image when you see the indicator panel of the sensor head (rotatable).
Exposure Automatic
White balance Automatic
Gain Automatic
Operating environment Windows®7(SP1 or later)/10 Display True Color 24 bit or more
Camera focus Adjusted by the objective lens, confocal with the laser spot
Sensor suspending Screw for sensor suspension Backside x1 M8 depth 8mm *LV-0030 large size magnetic stand can be used.
Side x1
Side x 2 M4 depth 5 mm
Tripod setup Use the LV-0019 camera screw adapter (option)
Demodulation sensitivity monitor Signal level indicator 10-segment LED array display 
* Works with the signal level indicator display on the conversion unit.
ERROR indicator LED display (red)
Signal cable Cable length 3 m The cable is wound up on the cable clamp (rear panel of the conversion unit).
Diameter φ=10.5 mm
Coating Oil-resistant coating
Minimum bend radius R=40 mm or more
Outer dimensions of the detection unit W 53 mm Not including the protruded section
H 52.5 mm
D 152.5 mm
Weight of the detection unit Approx. 750 g
(When the LV-0181 is installed. Not including the cable.)


Conversion unit

Detection velocity Frequency range 0.3 Hz to 3 MHz (fc=-3dB) *common to each velocity range
0.001 m/s/V (option): 0.3 to 200 kHz (fc=-3dB)
Maximum detection velocity 10 m/s o-p (20 m/s p-p)
Minimum velocity resolution 0.3 μm/s or less (when at 0.01 (m/s) /v) 0.05 μm/s or less 8when the LV-0800 is installed.)
Output ±10 V (20 V p-p) *Input impedance: 100 kΩ or more
Polarity of  output voltage + voltage when moving closer to the sensor side
DC offset 20 mV or less
Output impedance 50 Ω
Minimum input impedance 100 Ω
Connector type BNC (C02)
Velocity range 1.0 (m/s)/V 10 m/s 0-p(20 m/sp-p)
0.1 (m/s)/V 1 m/s 0-p(2 m/sp-p)
0.01 (m/s)/V 0.1 m/s 0-p(0.2 m/sp-p)
0.001 (m/s)/V (option) 0.01 m/s 0-p(0.02 m/sp-p)
Over indicator Red LED lights up when the detected velocity exceeds + 5% of upper limit. (5 % Over)
Demodulation sensitivity monitor Signal level indicator 20-segment LED array display
* Works with the signal level indicator display on the detection unit.
MONITOR output 0 to 10 V
Output impedance 50 Ω
Minimum input impedance 100 kΩ or more
Connector type BNC (C02)
ERROR indicator Light up of red LED
High-pass filter (HPF) 100 Hz fc=-3dB
OFF (0.3 Hz)
Low-pass filter (LPF) 50 kHz fc=-3dB
*Not selectable when 0.001 (m/s)/V range is selected.
100 kHz
1 MHz*
OFF (3 MHz)
Image output for positioning (option) Image output Digital
Standard USB2.0
Display Light up of white LED *When the LV-0180 is installed.
Connector type USB mini-B type
Control of laser radiation ON/OFF by the panel switch on front side Function of power-on laser irradiation can be specified at time of order.
Laser beam irradiation indicator *Green LED light up when laser beam is radiated.
Mechanical shutter Contact input The laser beam radiation is stopped at contact open.
Connector type Receptacle:RM12BRB-2S
Storage device Storage of detection unit Stored in the conversion unit
Storage of cable Wound up on the cable clamp (rear panel of the conversion unit).
Outer dimensions W 410 mm Not including protruded section
H 120 mm
D 324 mm
Weight Approx. 8.1 kg (including sensor and cable)
Operating temperature range 0 to 40°C
Operating humidity range 30 to 80 % RH with no condensation
Storage temperature range -10 to +50°C
Input voltage AC100 to 240 V
50/60 Hz
Power consumption 60 VA
Cooling method Natural air cooling (no-vibration cooling)


Conforming standard

FDA 21CFR Part 1040.10/1040.11 (CDRH)
CE marking Low voltage directive EN61010-1:2010
EMC directive EN61326-1:2013 class A Table2
FCC (Part 15B)


Relation between vibrating direction and voltage output

Relation between vibrating direction and voltage output

LPF : 100 kHz ON
At maximum demodulation using a corner cube.
Power spectrum observation by FFT Analyzer
1 kHz range 1 kHz, 2048 lines, averaging of 256 times
* Please refer to the above graph for the each filter characteristics.

Imaging range taken by the LV-0181 (Built-in positioning camera)

Imaging range taken by the LV-0181
                    (Built-in positioning camera)

Relation between operating distance and spot diameter

Relation between operating distance and spot diameter


(The following options are not conformable to CE marking.)

LV-0160 20 MHz Wideband unit

By connecting this unit to the LV-1800, detection of high velocity amplitudes up to 20 MHz is available.
[Usage] High frequency measurement such as ceramic capacitor, piezoelectric device or crystal oscillator


LV-0160 20 MHz Wideband unit

*The modification is required to use the LV-0160 with the LV-1800. Please contact your nearest distributor for more details.

Measurement range :2 mm/s to 5 m/s
Velocity range :2 (m/s)/V
Measurement frequency range :1 Hz to 20 MHz
Velocity signal output :Analog voltage ±2.5 V
(At input impedance 100 kΩ or more)
Output impedance :75 Ω
Power supply :AC 100 V to 240 V (50/60 Hz), 40 VA max.
Operating temperature range :0 to +40°C
Outer dimensions :420 (W)×100 (H)×500 (D) mm
Weight :approx. 7 kg

LV-0181 Built-in positioning camera

The LV-0181 is a high sensitivity digital camera to position thesensor head while checking the image of an object. (A camera module is built in the sensor head). The coaxial and confocal camera, in which the focal point of the laser beams and the focus of images are common, displays the images of detected parts on Windows® based PC through USB 2.0 output. The LV-0181 makes it possible to check small measuring objects and also irradiate laser beams speedily. By combining the LV-0151B (objective lens) and the LV-0185 (illumination unit), amplitude of micro objects such as MEMS can be measured.

LV-0181 Built-in positioning camera


Connector type :USB2.0
(main unit side: mini-B)
Imaging element :CMOS color sensor 1/4 inch
Number of pixels :300,000 pixels or more
Image size :VGA(640×480)
Frame rage :30 frame/second
Range of shooting :10 mm×7.5 mm to (measurement distance 100 mmto)
Function : exposure/gain/white balance(automatic)

LV-0800 Minute velocity range board

The LV-0800 is a minute velocity range board to be installed to the LV-1800. It enables measurements of those which are hard to be detected in standard measurement ranges such as amplitudes of ceramic capacitors, propagation of ultrasonic waves. By adding the LV-0800, it covers the detection of 0.05 μm/s to 10 m/s velocity amplitudes with 4 ranges.


Velocity range :0.001 (m/s)/V (0.01 m/s0-p(MAX))
Velocity resolution :0.05 µm/s *At maximum modulation
Frequency range :0.3 to 200 kHz (fc = -3 dB)

LV-0112 Displacement output board/LV-0111 Acceleration output board

When the LV-0112/0111 is built in the LV-1800, it converts the detected velocity (m/s) into displacement (m) or acceleration (m/s2). Signal is output from an optional connector, and the velocity signal and the displacement/acceleration signal can be obtained simultaneously. Either one of the LV-0112 or the LV-0111 can be installed in the LV-1800.

Common specification

Signal source :Internally receives the velocity signal from the LV-1800
Output voltage :±10 V (MAX)
DC offset :20 mV or less
Maximum amplitude :Ten times of an each setup range (0-p)
Amplitude conversion error :±5% or less
Amplitude output polarity :+ Voltage when moving closer to a sensor side.

Specification of the LV-0112

Setup range of
the LV-1800
Frequency range / Displacement range
1 Hz to 20 kHz 10 Hz to 50 kHz 1 kHz to 200 kHz
1.0(m/s)/V 100 mm/V 1 mm/V 10 µm/V
0.1(m/s)/V 10 mm/V 100 µm/V 1 µm/V
0.01(m/s)/V 1 mm/V 10 µm/V 100 nm/V
0.001(m/s)/V 0.1 mm/V 1 µm/V 10 nm/V

Specification of the LV-0111

Setup range of
the LV-1800
Frequency range / Displacement range
1 Hz to 2 kHz 1 Hz to 20 kHz 100 Hz to 400 kHz
1.0(m/s)/V 103(m/s2)/V 105(m/s2)/V 107(m/s2)/V
0.1(m/s)/V 102(m/s2)/V 104(m/s2)/V 106(m/s2)/V
0.01(m/s)/V 101(m/s2)/V 103(m/s2)/V 105(m/s2)/V

LV-0185 Illumination unit

The LV-0185 is an option which illuminates a target coaxially with laser beams. The White LED and the laser beam illuminate the detecting part in the same working distance, and sharpens the images of the LV-0181. Mounting an objective lens is more effective to focus the light. It facilitates laser irradiation to a minute detecting part and a rear side where light is difficult to be illuminated.


LV-0185 Illumination unit

Applicable objective lens :LV-0150B (5×)/LV-0151B (10×)/ LV-0152B (20×)
Irradiation method :Coaxial epi-illumination by white LED cold-light
Number of pixels :300,000 pixels of more
Cable length :1.5 m (when the exclusive extension cable* in used.)
Light emitting part :Illumination by white LED cold-light
Control :Variable adjustment
Operating temperature range :0 to 40°C
 (with no condensation)
Operating humidity range :30 to 80 %RH
(with no condensation)
Input voltage :AC 100 V to 240 V 50/60 Hz
Consumption voltage :3.5 VA when AC 100 V/
9.0 VA when AC 240 V

Measurement system for vibrating micro object


Mounting the LV-0181 (built-in positioning camera), the LV-0185 (illumination unit) and an objective lens to the LV-1800 enables micro spotting of laser beams and image observation by epi-illumination. It makes laser positioning to microstructures and detection of multipoint parts possible.


Objective lens LV-0150B     

Magnification : 5x
WD : 36.1 mm
Spot diameter : φ4 μm or less
* A conversion adapter is provided as standard

Objective lens LV-0151B     

Magnification : 10x
WD : 38.8 mm
Spot diameter : φ3 μm or less
* A conversion adapter is provided as standard

Objective lens LV-0152B     

Magnification : 20x
WD : 22.5 mm
Spot diameter : φ2.5 μm or less
* A conversion adapter is provided as standard

Magnet stand LV-0030     

The magnet stand is used for sensor positioning. Laser can be irradiated with high angular flexibility with cross clamp. Using it together with the LV-0015 or LV-0016 fine-positioning stage enables fine adjustment of the detecting position.

Needle type beam bending mirror LV-0105     

This mirror has φ4 mm of rod tip diameter, useful for the guide of detection at narrower space. Used by attaching to the tip of the 90-degree beam bending mirror LV-0301.
Tip of the rod diameter:φ=4 mm

90-degree beam bending mirror LV-0301     

Attaching the mirror to the LV-1800 lens enables the laser beams path to bend by 90- degree and rotated 360- degree, so that it can be aimed at small crevices such as behind the chassis.
ip of the rod diameter : φ=10 mm

Fine-positioning XY stage LV-0015     

The XY stage enables precise alignment of the sensor position. Using it together with the LV-0030 magnet stand, fine adjustment in X and Y directions can be performed. Using as a standalone unit, positioning of samples can be performed.
Stage surface:60 x 60 mm
Movable range: ±6.5 mm

Fine-positioning Z stage LV-0016     

The Z stage enables fine alignment of the sensor up/down position. Using it together with the LV-0030 magnet stand, you can easily perform focusing of laser beams and image, and fine adjustment.
Stage surface:60 x 60 mm
Movable range:0 to 13 mm

Steel plate LV-0018A     

You can use this plate as a base on the LV-0030 magnet stand by mounting on the LV-0017A tripod. Fixing the LV-0015/0016 fine-positioning stage directly with screws prevents the stage and sensor from falling.

Camera screw adapter LV-0019     

The adapter for mounting the sensor of the LV-1800 to the platform of the tripod LV-0017A (1/4-inch screw).


Use this tripod to mount a sensor or a stand in a location without surface plate. Better use with the LV-0019 camera screw adapter (for direct mounting of a sensor to the tripod) and the LV-0018A steel plate.

Storage trunk LV-0350     

This storage trunk can store the LV-1800 main unit and other optional products together.

・LV-1800 x 1 / ・LV-0030(+LV-0015/0016) x1 / ・Objective lens x 2 / ・LV-0185 x 1 / ・LV-0018A x 1

Benchtop vibration isolator (auto-leveling type)

solates the sensor from background vibration transmitted from the floor to improve S/N ratio. A regulator with filter is provided as standard.The top plate is made with SUS on which the LV-0030 can be mounted.
Outer dimensions : 500 x 600 x 56 mm
Maximum load weight : 120 kg
Weight : approx. 29 kg
Leveling mechanism :Operated using 0.3 to 0.7 MPa pressurized air or nitrogen gas.

Benchtop vibration isolator (manual-leveling type)

This benchtop vibration isolator does not require compressed air and can be installed anywhere. It isolates the sensor from background vibration transmitted from the floor to improve S/N ratio. The top plate is made with SUS on which the LV-0030 can be mounted.
Outer dimensions : 500 x 600 x 56 mm
Maximum load weight : 120 kg
Weight : approx. 29 kg
Leveling mechanism : Hand pump