Applications of the



Vibration measurement of ultrasonic tool



The amplitude of an object with high velocity of 20 kHz or higher frequency, such as an ultrasonic tipping machine and a bonding machine, can be measured. Based on the amplitude value and frequency analysis, the tipping quality and the equipment maintenance time can be determined.



Vibration measurement in liquid (an ultrasonic cleaning tank)

When laser beams permeate through liquid, amplitude measurement is possible for colors and ranges in which reflection returns from the target. By irradiating laser beams to the bottom and sides of an ultrasonic cleaning tank using a jig, the amplitude and frequency of the bottom can be measured. The amplitude of the target being washed can also be detected in the same manner.
* using jig for laser incidence


Measurement of thin film vibration

The LV-1800 is the most suitable for measurement of thin film velocity. It can measure the velocity of thin films such as diaphragm of cell phone’s microphone, a corn paper of receiver and speaker, and a transparent film like a liquid crystal display film.


Measurement through a glass

The LV-1800 does not detect transparent objects not located at the focal position. Using this characteristic, it can detect the vibration of an object inside a vacuum chamber or a constant temperature bath by irradiating laser through a glass or quarts.


Measurement of microstructures

The standard laser spot diameter of the LV-1800 is approx. φ20µm, and the micro spot diameter of approx. φ3µm can be achieved by mounting an objective lens. With this high spatial resolution, microstructures represented by MEMS, the behavior of small insects, and other objects that could not be detected with the conventional vibration detectors can now be detected.




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