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The TS-2800 is a torque meter for phase difference type torque detectors. Can be used with our long-selling torque detectors SS/DD series and high accuracy, high response type TH series. Since all signals are digitally processed, torque measurement can be performed with great stability, reproducibility and linearity.


The TS-2800 can output analog voltage, rotation pulse*, BCD*, and RS-232C as well as displaying measurement values digitally. Compact and space-saving design is enough to fit your measurement system yet the installation space are limited.

*: option


· Can be connected all of phase difference type torque detectors by Ono Sokki.

· Analog output response (time constant) can be selected depending on your application.

· 4th order butterworth low-pass filter can be selected for analyzing frequency of torque ripple. (TH mode, option)

· F.S. voltage of torque output can be selected according to the input range of a recorder or other devices to be connected.

· Output of rotation pulse signal required for rotation tracking analysis of torque ripple

· Easy to read, easy to operate with LCD.


System Configuration


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Measuring torque ripple for each rotation speed of a small motor. (Tracking analysis of rotation speed)

Motor torque varies repeatedly with constant period and constant width due to interlinkage magnetic flux. The difference between the maximum and the minimum torque compared to the average torque is defined torque ripple. Measuring torque ripple arrives at solution for sound and vibration problems, and less ability to control caused by electromotive force.

Checking hinge torque characteristics of OA equipment, cell phones etc.

This example shows how to measure the torque characteristics of hinges used in various products such as electric home appliance (rice cooker or microwave), OA equipment (fax or copy machine) and PCs or cell phones. Measuring torque characteristics is used to control product quality. For example, it is effective in checking whether hinges meet specific requirements and characteristics or not.

• Checking the force required to open and close
• Checking the changes of hinge characteristics after tens of thousands of opening and closing tests


Overview specification

Applicable detector Torque detector Phase difference type torque detector (TH,MD,SS, DD, EZ, DSTP, DP)
Rotation detector Magneto-electric rotation detector (MP-981/9820), optical rotation detector (MD-0100series), SIG2 output signal of torque detector (excluding TH type)
Display Display contents Measurement value: torque, rotation speed
Condition display: sensor mode, measurement ready, torque signal input, rotation signal input, measurement mode, rotation direction
Update time Measurement value: 1s/10s/external
Condition display: 0.5s
Torque measurement Displayed digit number (with polarity) TH type: 4/5-digit (selectable), other than TH type: 4-digit
Measurement unit mN· m, N· m, kN· m
Measurement accuracy Depends on the torque detector connected
Compensation range
of torque factor
0.8000 to 1.2000
N-0*1 compensation 5 points for each direction of CW/CCW
Other functions Zero setting, analog output calibration
Analog output Voltage (Signal commons of torque output and rotation speed output are isolated from main circuit of TS-2800. However, both commons are connected each other.)
Range 0 to ±10V / F.S.
F.S. setting Selectable from 100%, 66.7%, 50%, 33.3%, 25%, 20% (percentage to the torque capacity)
Response TH type: 500ms, 63ms, 16ms, 1.6ms (standard) 0.8ms, 0.4ms, 0.16ms (*2 added optionally)

Other than TH type: 500ms and 63ms (standard) 63ms and 16ms (*3 selectable either of pair optionally)

Low pass filter Available only TH type: 50Hz, 100Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 5kHz (*2 added optionally)
Output accuracy ±0.1 %/F.S. or ±0.2 %/F.S.(depending on the accuracy of detector)
Rotation speed measurement section Number of display digit 5 digits (0 to 99,999 r/min)
Measurement accuracy ±0.02%/F.S ±1 count (10 Hz or more, average every second)
F.S range 200 to 100,000 r/min (Can be set every 1 r/min)
Pulsation range of rotation detector 1 to 9999 P/R (Can be set every 1 P/R)
Analog output Voltage (Signal commons of torque output and rotation speed output are isolated from main circuit of TS-2800. However, both commons are connected each other.)
Output range 0 to 10 V / F.S.
Response TH type:0.16 ms, other than TH type:63 ms
Output accuracy ±0.1 %/F.S. or ±0.2 %/F.S. (when SIG2 is used as rotation signal)
Rotation pulse output *4 Output the pulse signal from rotation sensor terminal
Output level Lo: +0.5 V or less, Hi: +5±0.5 V
External interface Remote control Input item CW/CCW changeover, display/output clear, display/BCD trigger
Output item Trigger output (synchronous updating), measurement ready
Input format Non-voltage contact, or logic input( Lo:0 to 1.4 V, Hi:3 to 5.25 V)
Output format Non-voltage contact output(PhotoMOS relay output)
Applicable connector FK-MC0,5/8-ST-2,5 (Made by Phoenix Contact) provided as standard
RS-232C Readout of measurement value, setting zero value, setting N-0 value, and setting/readout of other functions
Baud rate 9600 bps (fixed)
Applicable cable AX-5022A (2m)
General specification Power supply voltage AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature range 0 to +40 °C
Weight Approx. 2 kg
*1: N-0:rotation dependence at torque zero. It occurs due to detector characteristics, torque loss between torque detector and measurement object etc.
*2 to *4: Available when the option for each function is installed.
TH type: Phase difference method using electromagnetic induction theory

Optional function

TS-0281 High-speed response output function for TH series*2 Refer to (*2) above for the specification.
TS-0282 Time constant change function for DD series*3 Refer to (*3) above for the specification.
TS-0283 BCD output function Output data Torque(with polarity, without decimal point, 5-digit), rotation speed (5-digit), print command
Input data Hold, busy
Output method Positive logic open collector
Input method Non-voltage contact input, or logic input (Lo:1.4 V or less, Hi:3 to 5.25 V)
DX40-50P, or DX30-50P (Made by HIROSE ELECTRIC. CO.LTD)
TS-0284 Rotation pulse output function*4 Refer to (*4) above for the specification.

*2 to *4: Available when the option for each function is installed.




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