TQ-2000 series
High-stiffness torque detector



TQ-2000 series is the high-stiffness and high-response detector for measuring the torque variation of an engine or a power train applied to the shaft.


Because of a very high torsional stiffness, fluctuating torque is accurately measured. As the detector is flange type without bearing, it can be connected to a rotating shaft directly. The slim and space-saving design enables easy mounting.


The TQ-2000 series is suitable for the torque test of an EV/HEV drive motor etc. that needs high speed rotation measurement.




TQ-2000 series is used with the TQ-5200 High-response torque converter


  • High stiffness
  • High accuracy (±0.05 % /F.S: frequency output)
  • High rotation speed : up to 22,000 r/min (standard),up to 25,000 r/min (option)
  • Long operating life: Non-contact signal transmission from the rotating section. Causing no wearing of parts and easy maintenance.
  • Slim flange type: Space-saving design
  • Accredited Calibration Laboratory by JCSS (Japan Calibration Service System)

Specification of TQ-2000series(2206/2506)

Model name TQ-2506 TQ-2206
Rated torque 500 N·m 200 N·m
Rotation speed range 0 to 22,000 (0 to 25,000)* r/min  *Available as an option
Torsional stiffness 700 kN· m/rad
270 kN· m/rad
Inertia moment with rotation detecting gear 5.8 x 10-3 kg· m2

3.1 x 10-3 kg· m2

Approximate weight 2.6 kg (rotor with rotation detecting gear)
2.0 kg (rotor with rotation detecting gear)
1.1 kg (stator) 1.1 kg (stator)
Linearity ±0.05 % (Frequency output alone)
±0.05 % (Display value in combination with the TQ-5200)
±0.1 % (Analog output in combination with the TQ-5200)
Limited torque(at rated torque) 200 %
Breaking torque(at rated torque) 400 %
Balance quality grade(ISO 1940) G 2.5
Signal output format Differential pulse output by line driver(Conforms to RS485)
Output at no load(Frequency output) 10 kHz
Output at positive rated torque(Frequency output) 15 kHz
Output at negative rated torque(Frequency output) 5 kHz
Service temperature range +10 °C to +60 °C
Storage temperature range -20 °C to +70 °C
Effect of temperature change per 10°C ±0.05 % or less (span) / ±0.05 % or less (zero)
Applicable rotation detector (option*) Rotation gear/MP-9820· MP-981 or optical slit (360 P/R)
Power supply DC 18 to 30 V
Power consumption 5 W or less
The TQ-5200 Torque Convertor is used with as display unit.
Linearity includes hysteresis.



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