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The LG-9200 is a non-contact type optical detector which emits red visible light and detects the reflected light from the rotating shaft. The reflection mark is used for the detection by affixing it on the rotating shaft. It enables detection at an angle. (reflective mark: HT-011 by Ono Sokki)
The LG-9200 has a built-in compact amplifier and outputs the square wave (voltage) after waveform shaping.
With a compact and light weight body, performances are upgraded compared to the previous model LG-916.
(LG-9200 detection distance: up to 40 mm, response speed: up to 40 m/s)


  • Upgraded performances (compared to the previous model LG-916)
  • Detection distance : up to 40 mm
  • Response speed : up to 40 m/s
  • Easy to adjust a position by red visible light and operation indicator
  • Possible to detect from lower speed almost 0 r/min
  • A unified structure of light source, receiver and amplifier (weight : approx. 150 g)
  • Provided a drop-proof connector as standard

By using a reflective mark (HT-011), the LG-9200 is able to measure when the light is applied from across even when an installation space is narrow and the sensor cannot be set in front of the measurement object. Adjustment of the optical axis is easy because the red visible light is used as light source.

Measurement range of the LG-9200

Measurement range of the LG-9200

Measurement example of the LG-9200

Rotation measurement of a Fan

The rotation measurement can be made by simply affixing a reflective mark on a fan blade and applying the visible light from the LG-9200. Analog output of rotation speed and upper/lower limit judgment are possible by using the TM-3100 Digital Tachometer.

Measument example(Rotation measurement of a fan)

Tracking analysis

Diagnosis of a bearing requires oscillating measurement and rotation measurement at the same time. The LG-9200 enables direct connection to FFT Comparator (CF-4500), FFT Analyzer (CF-7200A). Exclusive amplifier for LG-9200 is unnecessary.

Measument example(Tracking analysis)

Rotation measurement of a motor

It measures the rotation simply by affixing a 12mm-quare reflective mark (HT-011 by Ono Sokki) to a rotating shaft of a motor. Displaying the number of rotation and output of the data are possible by using with the digital tachometer (TM-3100 series).

Measument example(Rotation measurement of a motor)

Measument example(Rotation measurement of a motor)

Overview specification

Detection method Light reflection using an optical fiber sensor
Light source Light emitting diode (red visible light)
Detection distance 20 to 40 mm (recommended distance)
*when using 12-mm square reflective mark
Max. response speed 40 m/s (converted by the circumferential speed of a rotating shaft)
Output voltage Rectangular wave (Hi : +5 ±0.5 V, Lo : +0.5 V or less)
Output impedance approx. 1 kΩ
Vibration resistance 19.6 m/s² in each of X, Y and Z direction (1 hour per each). (JISC0911-1960)
Shock resistance 490 m/s² in each of X, Y and Z direction, three times for each of X, Y and Z directions. (JISC0912-1960)
Operating temperature range -10 to +60 °C
Storage temperature range -20 to +80 °C
Operating humidity range 20 to 80 %
Storage humidity range 20 to 80 %
Weight approx. 150 g
Power supply DC 12 V ±2 V
Power consumption 60 mA or less (at 12 V)
Output connector Applicable plug:R04-PB6F (Applicable signal cable : MX-7000/8000 series)
Applicable display TM series, RV-3150, ST-1210
Applicable FV convertor FV-1100, FV-1500, FV-1400**, FV-5300**
Applicable standard CE marking
Outer dimensions 21(W) × 24(H) × 117(L) mm
Accessories Reflective mark × 1 (12 × 12mm, 1 sheet /25 pieces), lock nut × 2, instruction manual × 1
Option HT-011 reflective mark (12 × 12mm, 1 sheet /25 pieces, 10 sheets / 1 pack)


List of signal cable fot tachometer

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