Photo (TM-3100 series Digital Tachometer)

TM-3100 series is a new model of digital tachometer which responds to changes in diverse measurement objects by adding function in order to match your application.

The each model of TM-3100 series has the most fundamental function in rotational measurement (display of rotation speed, BCD output, analog output or comparator output) and can be customized by adding optional cards.

The fluorescent display tube of TM-3100 series greatly improves stability and readability instead of using LED as old models.


  • Basic model for measurement and display
  • With BCD output of 6-digit display

  • Open collector output for direct connection with a PLC*.

  • Output mode is selectable from normal or request.

*Output can be optionally changed as Voltage output.

  • With analog output (Output signal is selectable from voltage or current.) It can be output and stored to a recorder etc.
  • Adopting D/A conversion allows improving its output refresh time at 10 ms.
  • With comparator function
    Up to three combinations of upper/lower-limit determination can be setup. It is useful for an alarm control.
  • High speed response of relative frequency approx. at 10 ms.
  • Equipped with wide variety of output functions as standard.

  • High response speed at 100 kHz.
  • Able to add more functions by optional cards.
  • The fluorescent display tube greatly improves stability and readability.
  • Applicable to CE marking and improved the tolerance to noise.
  • Applicable to DIN standard.

Table of optional card combination

  Name of optional card
TM-0321 BCD output (Voltage Output) TM-0322
(open collector)
Analog output
Comparator output
DC power operated
TM-3120 ×
◎: Provided as standard ○:: Provided as an option ×Can not be built-in
*TM-0321 or TM-0322 and TM-0350 cannot be assembled in the same system configuration at the same time.
*TM-0321 and TM-0322 cannot be assembled in the same system configuration at the same time.

Outline of specifications

Common specifications

Input section

Input terminal

M3 free terminal screw

Input impedance

10 kΩ or more

Input format

Voltage or non-voltage
Input amplification AC or DC
Applicable detector Electromagnetic/magneto-electric/photoelectric detector, rotary encoder, proximity switch

AC amplifier

  • Signal waveform: Sine or Square wave
  • Signal voltage range: Sine 0.2 to 45 Vrms, square wave: 0.6 V to 63 Vp-p
  • Signal frequency range: 1 Hz to 100 kHz

DC amplifier

  • Signal waveform: Square waveform having a pulse width at 5 μs or more.
  • Signal voltage range: Hi level: +4 to +30 V, Lo level:-1 to +1 V
  • Signal frequency range: 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz

Low pass filter

Selectable from OFF (100 kHz)/100 Hz/20 kHz
Pulse output section
Output voltage Hi level +4.5 V or more
Low level +0.5 V or less
Output logic Negative
Load resistance 100 kΩ or more
Output terminal M3 free terminal screw


Display device Fluorescent display tube (selectable of three-stage brightness, 6-digit display)
Display refresh time Selectable from 0.2 s (factory setting), 0.4 s, 0.5 s, 0.6 s, 0.8 s, 1.0 s to 10 s (in 1.0s step).
Unit of measurement  

Calculation item


Rotation speed r/s, r/min, r/h
Circumferential speed mm/s, m/s, mm/min, m/min
Moving speed mm/s, m/s, mm/min, m/min, km/min, mm/h, m/h, km/h
Period s, min
Times (1/s) 1/s, 1/min, 1/h
Frequency Hz, kHz
Flow ml/s, ml/min, ml/h, l/s, l/min, l/h
Passing time s, min
(Engineering unit)
EU/s, EU/min, EU/h


Number of decimal points Selectable from OFF (factory setting), number of decimal point of 1, 2 and 3 digit
SIG indicator Blink in synchronization with input signal
Error display Backup memory error, board error, input frequency error, display digit error, memory full error, setup value error
Calculation display Rotation speed, circumferential speed, moving speed, period, times(1/s), frequency, flow, passing time
Measurement method Periodic calculation method
Calculation time 10 ms + 1 period time
Measurement accuracy

Display value × (±0.01 %) within ±1 count

*The display value indicates the count value except the decimal point.

Auto zero function The display value becomes zero with no signal input for the setup time in advance.

Selectable from below;
OFF (11 s), 0.5 s, 1.0 s, 2.0 s, 3.0 s, 4.0 s, 5.0 s, 6.0 s, 7.0 s, 8.0 s, 9.0 s, 10.0 s

Rapid deceleration follow-up function If an input signal rapidly decreases and there is no signal input to tachometer approx. 1 second or more, measurement automatically decelerates with this function and then zeroed in approx. 11 seconds later.
Moving average function

Selectable from below:
OFF (factory setting), 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128

*Analog output by TM-3130/0330 is obtained by the processing of
moving average with the calculation at every 10 ms.

Peak-hold function Hold the peak value (maximum, minimum, average) between start and stop status.
Panel condition memory Memorize 4 kinds of measurement conditions.
(The setup conditions can be stored and recalled.)
Power supply for detector
Output voltage 12 VDC ±10 %
Maximum output current 100 mA
General specifications
Power rating

100 to 240 VAC (50 Hz/60 Hz)

*Cable for power supply is sold separately.

Withstand voltage 1500 VAC (1 min)
Insulation resistance 10 MΩ or more (at 500 VDC by megohhom )
Power rating
  • 11 to 19 VA (TM-3110)

  • 13 to 21 VA (TM-3120)

  • 16 to 25 VA (TM-3130)

  • 12 to 21 VA (TM-3140)

(Power rating is 20 to 30 VA when analog, BCD and
comparator output cards are equipped.)

Operating temperature range 0 to +50 °C (with no condensation)
Storage temperature range -10 to +60 °C (with no condensation)
Outer dimensions 96(W) × 48(H) × 148(D) mm
Weight Approx. 310 g
Applicable standards  
CE marking Low Voltage Directive EN61010-1: 2010 (3rd)

Overvoltage Category II/Pollution Degree 2

EMC(Electromagnetic Compatibility)Directive Embedded board type EN61326: 2006


Accessories Panel mounting fixtures x 1 set

BCD output specifications (TM-3120 and TM-0322 optional card)

Output signal

Output form

6-digit parallel output

Output format Open collector
Sink current 32 mA max.
Output withstand voltage 24 V max.

Output logic

Positive logic

Data refresh time 100 ms or less

Input signal (request signal)

Input logic

Negative logic(pulse width:10 μs or more)

Operating edge

Falling edge

Input voltage


Output mode

Mode selector

Selectable from normal or request

BCD output specifications (TM-0321 optional card)

TM-0321 card outputs BCD as voltage output. Operation is same as TM-3120 (BCD-open collector).

Output signal
Output format TTL
Output level Hi level: +3.8 to +5.25 V, Lo level: 0 to +0.4 V

Analog output specifications (TM-3130 and TM-0330 optional card)

Output signal Selectable form voltage or current
Output method 12bit D/A conversion
Output range Voltage range: Selectable from 0 to 10 V, 0 to 5 V, 1 to 5 V
Current range: 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 16 mA
Load resistance Voltage output: 100 kΩ or more
Current output: 500Ω or less
Linearity ±0.3%/F.S.
Output adjustment Voltage output: ±5 %/F.S. or more
Current output:: ±3 %/F.S. or more
Setup accuracy Voltage output: ZERO ±5 %/F.S., FULL ±5 %/F.S.
Current output: ZERO ±3 %/F.S. , FULL ±0.75 %/F.S.
Zero drift ±0.05 %/F.S./ °C
Span drift ±0.05 %/F.S./ °C
Output refresh time Selectable from followings: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 ms, 1 s

Note) Adding TM-0330 optional card enables TM-3110, 3150 and 3140 analog output having same as the above specifications.

Comparator function specifications (TM-3140 and TM-0340 optional card)

Output function UPPER, LOWER, OK, ERROR outputs

*It outputs OK signal when both UPPER and LOWER outputs are OFF.
It outputs ERROR signal when comparator has an abnormal operation.

Setup UPPER setup: 6- digit numeric input The relay is ON when UPPER ≤ displayed value.

LOWER setup: 6-digit numeric input The relay is ON when LOWER > displayed value.

Output format 1-make contact output

*Three kinds of outputs (COMP1, COMP2 and COMP3) are output independently.

UPPER, LOWER, OK, ERROR for each combination of outputs Ex.) COMP1=LOWER, COMP2=UPPER, COMP3=ERROR

Maximum contact capacity 30 VDC/1 A, 250 VAC/1 A
Output refresh time Approx. 10 ms
Reset Reset output level to be contact OFF
Automatic recover

UPPER, LOWER, or OK output
The comparator automatically recovers when the rotation speed falls under the setup level again after that the state of contact is ON at OK/UPPER/LOWER output.

*The rotation speed of recovery can be changed by using hysteresis function. Measurement range: 0 to 20 %, can be setup in 1 % step

Output hold The state of contact ON is hold unless the reset signal is input.
Shot output The time of holding the contact ON (shot time) can be changed. The state will automatically recover after the holding time.

Setup range: 10 to 2000 ms in 10 ms steps

Delay The state will be contact ON when the rotation speed exceeds continuously for the setup time or more in advance.

Setup range: OFF (0) to 1000 ms in 10 ms steps

RS-232C/gate function specifications (TM-0350 optional card)

TM-0350 allows RS-232C communication and gate control. New calculation functions bellow also can be added in order to respond to higher performance of application.

Communication method Serial communication (asynchronous)
Baud rate Selectable from 9600 bps or 19200 bps
Gate function
Control function Start, stop and reset
Calculation function
Rotation change rate Change value against reference value is calculated for each measurement item. (rotation speed, circumferential speed, moving speed, period, passing time, number of times, flow).

*Reference value: Section average value or user setup (1 to 999999 numeric input)

Measurement accuracy: [±0.02 % x maximum section variation±2 counts]/[±0.01 % × reference value±1 count]

*Maximum section variation= |(Maximum or minimum value in measurement section whichever having a larger difference from reference value) - reference value|

Section data memory function Calculate and store the average, maximum, minimum values and section change rate in setup time at every section.

Section time: Selectable from 1 s, 5 s, 10 s, 30 s, 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min, 60 min

Maximum number of sections: 48 sections

Memory mode: Ring buffer mode or memory full mode

*Ring buffer mode: Delete section memory in order of the oldest one and continue to store the latest section data when number of section data exceeds 48.

*Memory full mode: The storing of the data will be completed after the data for 48 sections are stored.

Acceleration calculation function The acceleration data is obtained at every 1 second by the calculation of rotation speed, circumferential speed and moving speed.

Display unit: rad/s2, r/s2, m/s2

Measurement accuracy : ±0.02 % × VDEF±2 counts

*VDEF: Speed difference for 1 second

Reached speed time function Measuring the time duration until the stop command value is reached from the start command value in rotation speed, circumferential speed, and moving speed.

Start command value, stop command value: 0 to 999999 numeric input

DC power operated card specifications (TM-0301 optional card)

TM-0301 is an voltage output optional card which allows using of DC power.

Power voltage 12 to 24 VDC± 5 %
Power consumption TM-3110/3120/3140: 7 VA, TM-3130: 9 VA

*Power rating is approx. 15 VA when analog, BCD and comparator output cards are equipped.

Model Product name
TM-3110 Digital Tachometer (display only)
TM-3120 Digital Tachometer (with BCD output)
TM-3130 Digital Tachometer (with analog output)
TM-3140 Digital Tachometer (with comparator output)
TM-0321 BCD output card (Voltage output)
TM-0322 BCD output card (open collector)
TM-0330 Analog output card
TM-0340 Comparator output card
TM-0350 RS-232C card
TM-0301 Power operated card
AA-8207 BCD cable (3 m)
HT-011 Reflective mark (12-mm square seal)
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