Product Photo(IP-292/296 Ignition Pulse Detector)




These detectors are electromagnetic induction type detector designed to detect the number of ignition pulses produced in the gasoline engines. The IP-292 pinches a primary cord (low voltage) and the IP-296 pinches a secondary cord (high voltage) of the ignition coil. The compact, light-weight and clip-on design of these detectors offer a simple and easy detection of the number of pulse. Since the detector and its cord are made of heat resistance materials, these models are not affected by the high temperature in the engine room. These detectors are used with the engine tachometers made by Ono Sokki. (AR-7240B, CT-6700, HT-6200, SE-1620, FT-2500 or GE-2500) 


  • Convenient one-touch mounting to an ignition cord
  • Can be used for any number of cycles or cylinders of an engine
  • Easy operation

Measurement method

Illustlation(Measurement method with IP-292)

Illustlation(Measurement method with IP-296)

Overview specification

Applicable engine 2-cycle and 4-cycle gasoline engines
Detection method Electromagnetic induction type
Point of installation IP-292:Primary cord of an ignition coil
IP-296:Secondary cord of an ignition coil (high voltage)
Output signal Pulse signal
Applicable tachometer ■AR-7240B Analog engine tachometer
■CT-6700 Digital Engine Tachometer
■HT-6200 Handheld Digital Tachometer
■SE-1620 Gasoline engine tachometer (IP-292 only)
■FT-2500 Advanced tachometer
■GE-2500 Diesel Engine Tachometer
Signal cable Heat-resistant type signal cable(4.9 m), directly attached cable - BNC plug
Operating temperature range -40 to +120 °C
Storage temperature range -50 to +120 °C
Outer dimensions 102(W) × 48(H) × 30(D) mm
Weight Approx, 280 g




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