(FV-1500 高速F/Vコンバ-タ)



FV-1500 High-speed F/V Converter is a frequency-to-voltage (current) converter that converts frequency signal proportional to rotation speed, moving speed, etc. into voltage signal.


The FV-1500 is designed to accommodate the needs of high speed rotation measurement including rotating motors used in HV/EHV production lines etc. It also contributes to measure rising characteristics, very small fluctuation in steady rotation, and transient phenomena of flow speed with fast response.


  • Wide frequency range : 0.2 Hz to 320 kHz
  • High-speed response : 1 cycle + 3.5 µs
  • Rapid deceleration follow-up function enables practical signal output even when the frequency brings about a sharp drop.
  • Automatic center frequency follow-up function can close up transient fluctuation component (option).
  • Provided forward/reverse output by rotation direction recognition using two-phase signal input.
  • Comparator output useful for alarm system(option)

Typical applications

Rising characteristics of motor

Rotation performance of rotating devices

Rotation fluctuation measurement of engines or motors

Rotation performance test by applying excessive load

What is Rapid deceleration follow-up function (Estimating calculation function) ?

Output signal (speed analog) results in gradual reduction to stop when succeeding input signal of rotating device is suddenly decreased. The pulse interval is calculated every signal input. If no-signal period lasts longer than the previous pulse interval, this function enables the rotation output to be in gradual decline.

    Follow-up function ON
    Analog output will be 0 when the no-signal period lasts longer than 1.5 to 16 times of the last signal pulse interval.

    Follow-up function OFF
    Analog output will be 0 after that the minimum measurement frequency (0.2 Hz) is retained from the time input signal is 0 (OFF) for a while.

Overview specification

Input specification

Input connector BNC(C02 type), terminal block
Input format Single-phase, AC/DC/non-voltage selectable(+12 V pull-up for open collector devices)
Two-phase signal with 90° phase difference(DC input only)
Input voltage AC input signal voltage range :0.3 Vp-p to 30 Vp-p
DC input signal voltage range :Lo;+1 V or less, Hi;+4 to 30 V
Filter OFF / 20 kHz / 120 kHz low-pass filter
Input impedance 2.2 kΩ
AC coupling frequency 0.9 Hz approx. -3 dB
Minimum input pulse width 1.5 µs
Input signal detection edge Rising / falling selectable
Input frequency range

0.2 Hz to 320 kHz

For full scale mode output Can be set from 1 to 320000 Hz in increments of 1 Hz
Can be set from 1 to 320000 r/min in increments of 1 r/min
Can be set from 1 to 320000 m/min in increments of 1 m/min
For deviation mode Selectable from the measurement frequency in the range up to 320 kHz
 ±1 %, ±5 %, ±10 %, ±20 %, ±50 %, ±100 % or ±1 to 180,000 (can be set in increment of 1Hz, 1r/min, or 1m/min.)

Signal output specification

Analog output signal

Analog output connector BNC/C02 type(voltage output)or terminal block (phoenix contact:MC1,5/6-STF-3,81)(voltage output)selectable
Conversion time 1 cycle +3.5 µs or less
D/A resolution 16-bit
Filter OFF / 3 Hz / 10 Hz / 1 kHz selectable, low-pass filter
Analog output connector signal
Voltage output 0 to 10 V(Full scale mode output, direction recognition function OFF)
± 5 V(Full scale output mode, direction recognition function ON, deviation output mode, automatic center frequency follow-up mode (option :FV-0151))
± 10 V(Deviation output mode: option FV-0153)
Load resistance 100 kΩ or more
Current output 0 to 16 mA / 4 to 20 mA
0 to 16 mA, load resistance 500 Ω or less (at the time of shipment)
Output DC offset Voltage output:± 10 mV or less
Current output:± 0.01 mA or less
Temperature coefficient Voltage output:± 0.02 %/F.S./℃
Current output:± 0.07 %/F.S./℃
Output impedance 50 Ω or more(voltage output)
Load resisntance Voltage output:100 kΩ or more
Current output:500 Ω or less
Linearity (For full scale mode)
Voltage output DC:± 0.1 %(to 180 kHz) ± 0.2 %(to320 kHz)
AC:± 0.2 %(to 180 kHz) ± 0.4 %(to320 kHz)
Current output DC:± 0.7 %(to 180 kHz) ± 1.4 %(to320 kHz)
AC:± 1.4 %(to 180 kHz) ± 2.8 %(to320 kHz)

Pulse output signal

Pulse output BNC(C02 type)
Output connector voltage: Lo: +1 V or less, Hi:+4.5 V or more
Load resistance:100 kΩ or more
Pulse output (option: FV-0154) Open collector output
Withstand voltage:DC30 V, sink current:50mA or less

Comparator output signal(option: FV-0152)

Comparator output terminal Terminal block (phoenix contact MC1,5/6-STF-3,81)
Output format Semiconductor relay (one make contact) 2ch
Maximum contact capacity DC 30 V/1 A
Contact ON resistance 25 Ω or less
Relay ON: UPPER setup value ≤ measurement value
Relay ON: LOWER setup value > measurement value
Other functions
(provided as standard)
Delay function The delay function performs comparator output when the set value is consecutively exceeded the preset number of times. Can be set in the range from OFF (0) to 100 times.
Hysteresis function Return values of frequency, rotation speed or moving speed can be set in the range from 0 % to 20 % in increments of 1 %.
Hold function This function sets the minimum output time to keep contact ON status in the range from 1 to 1000 ms, in increments of 1 ms.


Moving average OFF / simple moving average 2 to 720 times / exponential moving average 2 to 64 times
Number of pulses 1 to 999999 P/R
Factor 0.0001 to 99999
Multiplying / dividing Multiplying:OFF / 2 / 4 (only when two-phase signal with 90° phase difference) frequency dividing: OFF, 2 to 1000
Condition memory Can be stored up to 10 types of conditions.
Rapid deceleration follow-up function(Estimating calculation) OFF / TYPE1 / TYPE2
Stop estimating calculation time OFF / NUM:1.5 times to 16 times / TIME:1 ms to 4000 ms
Direction recognition OFF / ON (only when two-phase signal with 90° phase difference)
CAL Voltage output ZERO : 0 V, FULL: 10 V
Current output ZERO : 0 mA (4 mA), FULL:16 mA (20 mA)


Display accuracy displayed value* x (±0.01%) ± 1 count or less
(* Count value : The value that a decimal point is ignored. )
Display Fluorescent display tube (display range 69.85 mm × 11.45 mm)
Selectable from four brightness degrees
Display update time 0.5s, 1s
Display unit Hz, r/min, m/min, USER
Status LED display SIG Flashes each time a signal is input
Measurement mode Full scale, deviation, automatic center frequency follow-up function(option: FV-0151)

Sensor power

Sensor power +12 V±1 % 150 mA / +5 V±10 % 150 mA
Selectable by SENSOR/POWER switch on the real panel.

Conforming standard

CE marking Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC EN61010-1:2010
EMC Directive 2004/108/EC EN61326-1:2006 Class A Table 2

General specification

I/O ground Signal ground of V OUT and I OUT are in common.
Signal ground of SIG IN, SIG 1, SIG 2 and sensor power (+12V, +5V) are in common.
The signal input and sensor power ground shall be isolated from the chassis.
The input and output grounds shall be isolated from each other. The withstand voltage between the isolated signal grounds and between chassis shall be up to 42 Vpk.
Power requirement 16 VCD ±10 %
Exclusive AC adapter (100 to 240 VAC)
Power consumption Approx. 36 VA or less
Operating temperature range 0 to 40 ℃
Storage temperature range -10 to 50 ℃
Operating humidity range 5 to 80 %(with no condensation)
Storage humidity range 5 to 85 %(with no condensation)
Outer dimensions 210(W)×44(D)×200(D) mm(excluding protruded section)
weight Approx. 1 kg
Accessory Exclusive AC adaptor (PS-P20023 / VM1391-VM1700 2m) X 1, instruction manual X 1, connector (MC1.5/6-STF-3.81) X 1


Option FV-0151: Automatic center frequency follow-up function
FV-0152: Comparator output function
FV-0153: Deviation scale change function(±10 V)
FV-0154: Open collector output function(pulse output)
FV-0014: Panel mounting fixture

*When measuring the moving speed (m/min) with the combination of the RP-7400 1200 P/R, set the display unit to "USER".




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