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Digital Gauge Counter

Analog output type

Overview of Digital Linear Gauge
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製品写真(DG-4190 デジタルゲージカウンタ) DG-4190 digital gauge counter converts outputs from a linear gauge sensor to dimension or displacement for digital measurement. As providing analog output, measurement result of dimension or displacement can be recorded by connecting with recorder etc.

Compact DIN 72 x 72 sized digital gauge counter provides enhanced calculation functions as standard such as Max/Min/Range measurement, Offset, Factor (multiplier) as well as color comparator.



  • Providing analog output

12 bit D/A conversion method  (0 to ±10V/F.S <F.S. can be specified optionally>), output update time: approx. 25 ms

  • Featuring color comparator display

A comparison result is displayed on a backlit of LCD, indicating green for OK, red for NG. Upper, OK and UPPER comparator settings, semiconductor relay (single make contact output for each), output update time: approx. 25 ms

  • Equipped with calculation function of MAX, MIN, RANGE, OFFSET, FACTOR

Wide range of functions is available to meet various measurement requirements.

  • Compact DIN 72 x 72 seize



Counter section
Display method LCD, 5-digit for numeric and 1 digit for polarity (-)
Display range 0.000 to ±99.999 or 0.00 to ±999.99 (mm)
Applicable sensor GS/BS series linear gauge sensors (excluding HS-3412/3425)
Input signal Rectangular, 90° phase difference
Frequency range DC to 300 kHz (in use of Ono Sokki’s sensor)
Minimum unit 1 μm or 10 μm selectable
Measurement items Countable number of values, Maximum value, Minimum value, Maximum amplitude value
Other functions Offset, Factor
External control signal input PeakHold ON/OFF, Hold input, Reset (Offset) input, Comparator ON/OFF
Analog output section
Conversion method 12 bit D/A method (resolution:±10V/±2048 steps)
Output voltage 0 to ±10 V/F.S. (F.S. can be specified optionally.)
Load resistance 100 kΩ or more
Linearity error ±0.3% of F.S
Output update time Approx. 25 ms
Comparator section
Number of digits setting 5-digit for numeric and 1 digit for polarity (-)
Setting stages 2 stages (Lower, Upper)
Output type Semiconductor relay (single make contact for each)
Maximum contact capacity 25 VDC, 0.1 A
Output update time Approx. 25 ms
Mode function
Offset value Setup range :0.000 to ±99.999, 0.00 to ±999.99
Factor value Setup range :0.001 to 9.999
General specifications
Operating temperature range 0 to 40 °C
Storage temperature range -10 to +55 °C
Operating humidity range 95% RH max (with no condensation)
Power requirement 100 to 240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption Approx. 7 VA
Outer dimensions 72 (W) × 72 (H) × 114 (D) mm
Weight Approx. 300 g
Accessories Panel mounting fixture, Connector for input and output signal
  • AX-2050N power cable(for 100 VAC)
  • AA-8801 to AA-8804 extension cable for sensor

Revised: 2011/02/22


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