Roller encoders enable line speed and distance measurements



Ideal for linear measurement of moving objects

  • Conforms to RoHS, CE marking
  • Speed measurement:120 P/R, 1200 P/R, Length measurement:200 P/R
  • Easy measurement by only pressing the roller against moving object.
  • Grippy roller which is made of urethane-coating rubber
  • Using with the TM-3100 series enable direct reading of speed measurement.
  • Speed measurement can be performed with 0.01 m/min (1200 P/R).
  • Length measurement can be performed with 1 mm/pulse (200 P/R).

Type For General purpose
Conforms to RoHS, CE marking
Number of output pulses Speed 120, 1200 P/R
Length 200 P/R
Mechanical specification Roller material Aluminum + Polyurethane rubber baked on the roller surface *1
Roller outer circumference 2000-0.2 mm
Roller diameter φ 63.66 mm
Maximum allowable load Radial 20 N
Starting torque 1 mN·m
Moment of inertia 600 g·cm2
weight 0.4 kg
Operating environment Operating temperature range 0 to +50 °C
Maximum humidity 93 % *2
Operating environment
Maximum vibration 19.6 m/s2 *3
Electrical specification Speed measurement range 0 to 600 m/min *6
Measurement unit Speed 1200 P/R:0.01 m/min
120 P/R:0.1 m/min
Length 200 P/R:1 mm
Output waveform 2-phase square wave
Output voltage "Hi":10 V or more "Lo":0.5 V or less
Output format Totem-pole *4
Emitter (RP-0701) *5
Collector (RP-0702) *5
Open collector (RP-0703) *5
Connecting method Connector (RM12BPE-5S)
Power supply (current consumption) DC12 V±5 % (100 mA or less)
Applicable counter RV-3150*/TM series
Applicable cable (option) For TM series:RP-0181 (one-side crimp-on terminal M3)
For RV-3150:RP-0182(one-side open)

*1  Degree of hardness: A90
*2  at 40 ℃, 8 h, no condensation
*3  2h each in X,Y and Z direction
*4  Load resistance: 470 Ω or more
*5  Available as an option
*6  Speed measurement range depends condition of measurement object.

n Accumulated error occurs depending on setup condition, roller slipping, or roller wear etc.
n RV-3150 Reversible counter has correction function. Outer circumference error by roller wear can be corrected




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