Pressure Increase & Reduction unit






Photo (MF-113 Pressure Increase & Reduction Unit)
The MF-113 is used to increase the pressure at the fuel supply side and to reduce the pressure at the detector output side. It is used when the fuel supply pressure is low or when the pressure supplied to the engine is high.

Overview specification

Applicable fluids Gasoline, light oil or kerosene
Maximum flow rate Approx. 100 L/h
Pressure increase adjustment range 50 to 200 kPa
Pressure reduction adjustment range 20 to 70 kPa
Withstand pressure 200 kPa
Joint Horse nipple
R3/8 Internal diameter Φ 6 mm, External diameter Φ 9 mm (for both IN and OUT on the pressure increase and reduction section)
Power requirement 12 VDC, approx. 3 A
Weight Approx. 13 kg
Outer dimensions 305 (W) X 332 (H) X 305 (D) mm




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